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Whiskey In The Jar…er…Coffee Glass

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I bet you didn’t know that one of the coolest things about the Cayman Islands is the crazy amount of world culture.  Despite being only 70 square miles, Cayman is home to over 120 different nationalities.  Pretty neato, huh?  With this ethnic bonanza comes the obvious perk for a food perv…access to traditional recipes made by real…people…who aren’t, y’know, from the US.

Cue Norma.  She’s from Ireland.  She uses that as an excuse to not go salsa dancing with me.  ‘I’m Irish.  I jig.’  Norma also makes one mean Irish Coffee. She has been nice enough to share the recipe and technique with me for worldwide distribution on TDD.

Irish Coffee by Norma

You’ll need Irish whiskey, white or brown sugar, hot coffee, a small carton of whipping cream, an Irish Coffee glass (yes, they do exist) or if you haven’t got one of those, you can use a wine glass, but choose one with a relatively wide rim, and two metal teaspoons.

  • Beat cream in a bowl to a consistency that’s no longer runny, but a little thick – just to the point where it’s softly peaked. If you beat it too much, the cream becomes too heavy and will sink. You can add a little white castor or icing sugar to the cream while you’re beating it if you’d like it sweeter, but don’t go overboard.

  • Scald the glass with boiling water, but make sure you’ve placed a metal spoon in the glass so the heat does not crack the glass.

  • Add a teaspoon of sugar, or more if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

  • Add a shot glass measure of Irish whiskey – depending on how strong you want it , add more or less.

  • Pour in the coffee, leaving a space of about half an inch at the top of the glass. (You can also use instant coffee by putting the coffee granules in with the sugar and whiskey and add hot water.) Again, make sure you’ve got a spoon in the glass to conduct the heat when you pour in hot water or hot coffee. Stir the mixture until the sugar dissolves.

  • With your first teaspoon, scoop out a spoonful cream from your bowl. With the second spoon, dip just the tip of the second spoon into the coffee and whiskey mixture. Slowly let the cream from the first spoon slide down the back of the second spoon into the glass. If it doesn’t slide, you’ve beaten the cream too much. The spoon in the glass helps to prevent the cream from sinking into the liquid. Repeat until the cream is evenly distributed and reaches the top of the glass.

  • Make more. Sláinte! (That’s “Cheers” in Gaelic, although it literally means “health”.)
Tip: Don’t ever use the cream from a squirty can of artificial cream.

Warning: drinking Irish Coffee may cause uncontrollable silliness.

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  1. OOps I forgot to add this

    “Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat”~Alex Levin

  2. Thank you for sharing this on my little link up

  3. My Irish heritage is prompting me to make this NOW. What a delight to find a “tutorial” on authentic Irish Coffee — please thank your friend — and thank YOU for bringing this to the picnic! (I'm visiting from there, too.) 🙂

  4. Drinking Irish Coffee in the Cayman Island has to be a wonderful experience. I am lucky enough to work and live in NYC and i know all about ethnic bonanza isn't it wonderful

  5. Never knew the Caymans were that culturally diverse. Would be fun to eat/drink across the islands. Happy to start in Ireland. : }

  6. I may have to make these while skiing this weekend. Yum!

  7. Fun, but I really don't understand why you would want to mess up your perfectly good Irish whiskey that way! 'Spose it's all a matter of ones taste.
    I watched Julie and Julia yesterday, you might just enjoy it, it's a “foodie's delight”. Gotta run, time for my morning coffee……or whiskey…..or both. Love the JAR idea!

  8. I will happily consume anything referred to as an “ethnic bonanza”.

  9. Yes, you can. But why would you want to???? The whiskey will counteract any caffeine effects!

  10. Can I make this with decaf coffee ?!?!? 🙂

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