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Whatever Floats Your Boat

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It’s hot.  We all know it.  We’re all looking for ways to beat the heat.  I’ll tell you what…The Brave Tart has my vote for the number one way to cool down in this saharan heatwave.  Check out her Aperol & creamsicle float. We also made one with pineapple flavored rum and fanta. I mean, it is Cayman 🙂

Fun in the sun, baby.
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  1. Never heard of Aperol, but I think I want to float with it, over and over again.

  2. One will not be enough for me!

  3. Drooling over your drink and photo!

  4. hmmmm so delicious- this was honestly the first thing I read this morning when I was drinking my coffee before work and I wanted it immediately . ha

  5. Reminded me of my COCO LOCO when I was there~ love it!

  6. That is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I can't imagine anything more fun that pineapple rum and fanta! :-}

  7. I drooled over Bravetart's version, and now I'm drooling over yours! Especially because you have that amazing setting behind it =)

  8. I LOVE Fanta…anything with Fanta in it is amazing!

  9. An awesome drink and a very cool picture!

  10. It does sound hot! What better way to cool down than with such a beautiful, tasty drink. Lovely photo where it focuses mainly on the drink but still conjures up images of heat and summer and cooling down with a nice cold drink.

  11. The colour alone is super enticing…*drool*

  12. Well it might be hot, but with this view and drink, I'm there!!!!! SF has been too cool this summer. I'd just hop on the airplane to visit you – I wish!

  13. Oh I am imagining sitting on this coast with that fantastic drink.Nevermind couple of months I will be posting same pics:)

  14. Exactly…whatever floats the boat :)) I need one of those constantly in SC!!

  15. My boat is floatinggggg. Hey Im trying to conquer Stumble Upon so if you see me on there, hellppppp 🙂

  16. What a beautiful view to enjoy such a great drink!

  17. Aperol has been popping up everywhere lately! I'm loving it in champagne with an orange slice… I'll be trying it with rum next though!

  18. I love my Aperol (after all, I am Italian right??), but that pineapple flavoured rum and fanta sounds even better! Do you really have a pineapple flavoured rum there?? I MUST come… rum is my favourite liqueur and this one sounds amazing!

  19. Oh – I want the drink AND the view! It just LOOKS like vacation….thanks and Buzzed!

  20. This sounds so good! Going to check it out now. It's too beautiful!

  21. lovely picture beautiful

  22. This looks so relaxing…I need the sun now at the chilly Melbourne!

  23. I like your idea of fun in the sun. Hope you are getting your tan on.

  24. Creamsicle floats were my favorite kind of float as a kid!

  25. Wow. That looks and sounds delicious!

  26. the view…the drink….I'm pretty sure that I hear the Caymans calling my name. uh huh…

  27. Consider my boat floated. The only way to improve that view is to stick a tasty drink in the eye-line. MMMM.

  28. So I want to sip on this yummy drink while enjoying that beautiful view. Wow!

  29. Fun in a glass!

  30. Looks dreamy and delicious, wish I was there!!

  31. Looks good!

  32. how refreshing!!!! oh to be in the caymans right now….

  33. What a fantastic refurbishment of a childhood classic! Photographed with a background such as the above is just too great for words!

  34. Sure, I'll take one…thank you!

  35. Oh my! I would love to slurp into this! Looks so delicious and refreshing!!!

  36. Ah the perfect cocktail! Along with the perfect view 😉 Love this!

  37. Yes, I will give her the number one vote too and its also great for killer hot weather over here at Malaysia. Even the air-cond does not do any good.

  38. This post just makes me feel good. Glad that it's still summer 🙂

  39. I want to be in a boat with Aperol & creamsicle float:)

  40. What a delicious drink-looks like pure sunshine in a glass-yum!

  41. This is the second drink I've seen calling for Aperol in the past week or so. I must take myself on a mission to find some. Love the photo. Looks cool rather than hot.


  42. I need that view. Now. 😉

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