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Tuna Tartare

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I’m pleased to report that today’s recipe is this stunning tuna tartare from Tuesday’s Taste of Cayman post featuring Solana.

Gosh that’s pretty.

Sorry.  I was having a food-memory moment there.  Tummy says ‘RAWR!’

Tuna Tartare by Chef Anthony LePape 
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You will need:

4 0z Tuna diced small (Solana uses local Yellow Fin)
1 oz of shallots chopped
1 oz of chives
2 tbsp of olive oil
1 sliced of pickled carrot
Salt & pepper
Micro herbs salad
3 ea rice crackers
Wasabi powder
1 tbsp mayo
1 0z of bow fin caviar
  • In a bowl mix the tuna, chives shallots olive oil salt pepper, reserve in the fridge
  • Make the wasabi mayo (combining wasabi powder and mayo)
  • On the plate place the pickled carrot, drizzle of mayo, place a mold ring on top and fill it in with the tartare
  • Add crackers the mixed herbs salad, add the caviar on to the wasabi mayo

Bon appetit!

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  1. What a beautiful presentation. Whoever said we eat first with our eyes must have seen this dish.

  2. Gorgeous. I love how simple the chef kept it – the flavor of the tuna must have been out of this world

  3. Oh yum! That tartare looks outstanding =)

  4. The presentation is PERFECT. So pretty! And it looks delicious. My tummy is rawr-ing too!

  5. OK, in the interests of full disclosure neither of us was ever much on the tartare, sashimi school of foods. Until, that is, Adam found himself at one of those dinners where you HAVE to eat what's in front of you… and it was tuna tartare. Gritting teeth and offering a short prayer he took a mouthful, and what do you know? It was delicious! sometimes we are forced into finding out what's good and good for us! Now at least one of us is a great fan. Thinking enviously of you through the chilly fog up here!

  6. Tuna-licious! I can manage the idea of a fish tartare – love scallop tartare. Haven't talked myself into steak tartare yet but will definitely try this tuna recipe. Can practically taste the wasabi already! A belated 2012 to you and CK and looking forward to reading about the further foodie adventures of Parsley Sage and crew, Hx

  7. Tuna and wasabi is a stunning combination ~ my husband is curling his toes… 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Agree! This is a beauatiful tuna tartar! I tried making this once at home but obviously aesthetically it was challenging… I like how he decorated and it looks very appetizing!

  9. you're having so much fun with the festival! I'm so jealous!

  10. Can't wait to try … my recipe is different so I will add this to my repertoire 🙂

  11. Oh my that does look pretty! Love the pictures!

  12. Such a pretty dish! Tuna tartare is one of my faves, but I haven't made it myself. Must change that! The snapper in your precious post look divine, sounds like a great place!

  13. Yes, GOSH, that's pretty. And I LOVE how you get the hook up and get to go into all of these kitchens! I want to be you when I grow up. LOL 😀

  14. I absolutely adore tuna tartare, but haven't made it myself. It's time to remedy that!

  15. Wonderful!!!!!!
    I love your photos! they are always awsome.

  16. How beautiful is THAT?! Almost too pretty to eat… (almost!) Loved seeing the play-by-play photos of this dish coming together. Thanks!

  17. Mmmmm I love good, fresh tuna tartare! This looks outstanding. I love the shots in the kitchen!

  18. Delicious! Not only is the flavor combination incredible, the plating is beautiful! Thanks for sharing….my tummy says rawr, too!

  19. Oh my goodness! I could totally see myself gorging on these beauties =)

  20. You have had something that I have been wanting to try for quite some time. This is not a common dish and I am sure it tasted awesome. Quality tuna is the key to it I am sure-I am so ready to get to the ocean after seeing this. Delicious dish-thanks for releasing this recipe from Chef Anthony!

  21. I think wasabi mayo makes everyone better. This is spectacularly plated with that orange swatch.

  22. Yum! Looks delicious!

  23. looks great and sweet he shared the recipe

  24. I'm jealous, what a great experience. WANT!

  25. o man..that's more than just pretty…that's sexy and elegant!

  26. delicious looking presentation looks wonderful

  27. Wonderful and yes, we also love tuna at home though at times finding the fresh ones are so hard to come by and you know most of the time, I am using the canned tuna. Its sure a big difference between the fresh and canned ones. I somehow don't like the taste of caviar and I know this is so strange because many will drool over this. With the couple of times I have tasted caviar in Japanese restaurants, I still cannot digest and its my hubby who enjoys it all the time. So, I am wondering if I can do away with the caviar and how much of difference will this make to the recipe.

  28. I've never had or made a tartare dish, but I'd be willing to have this one be my first try at both. Wow, it's gorgeous and looks delicious.

  29. I meant GREAT post of course.

  30. This something I have alwasy wanted to taste; this one looks fantastic! Another breat post.


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