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Watch out, Cayman…Restaurant Club has rented a van!

Most of Cayman’s restaurants are found on the western side of the island since that’s where most of the people live.  But there are definitely a few gems out in the eastern districts. That’s why Restaurant Club packed itself into a rental and braved the 45 minute drive to Tukka.

This Australian Caribbean fusion restaurant is the baby of Chef Ron (of ‘jerk me kangaroo’ fame.)  The club went for Wednesday Walkabout.  The restaurant does a set menu for $40 that gives you several items to choose from.

Rachel and Clark Kent decided to go with the Walkabout menu.  It started with an appetizer trio which included a Caybrew battered crocodile and conch fritter, a lobster and shrimp spring roll with sweet chili sauce and baked brie.  The fritters were a big hit with both Rach and CK, as were the spring rolls.  The brie was a non-event.  I had the lionfish ceviche which was wonderfully seasoned but I found myself wishing there had been a bit more fish in the dish.

Rach and I really digged the palette cleanser

We were pleasantly surprised by the lovely lemon sorbet that followed our appetizers and cleared the path for our main courses.

Fellow clubber, Jackie, was on my left and she chose the ‘mixed grill.’  The very cool presentation included skewers packed with lobster, lamb, shrimp and chicken served with garlic mash and green beans.  Pictured on the right is CK’s grilled Mahi Mahi & prawns with wasabi mash potato and baby sesame bok choy under a mango salsa.  ‘Its good,’ he said.  ‘The Mahi is above average but I could have done with more.’

Rachel selected the braised rib of certified Angus beef and sage scented kangaroo sausage with garlic whipped potatoes and sauteed spinach.  This made Rachel ‘quite happy!’ but admittedly she wasn’t sure she would have been able to tell it was actually kangaroo.  ‘It just tastes like sausage.’

Knowing that lamb is Australia’s national dish (thanks James!) I went with the roasted lamb rack: macadamia crusted with white truffle mash, string beans and port jus. Holy Sheep it was tasty!

And finally, the bit you’ve been waiting for, dessert was (starting in lower left corner) walnut and date pudding, a chocolate and macadamia nut brownie and peach cobbler.  As Rachel put it, ‘complete and utter piggery.’

On pudding – ‘Delicious!’
On brownie – ‘Not over-whemingly sweet, its very good.’
On cobbler – ‘Not really a crumble, but nice.’

Walkabout Wednesday – $40
Lionfish Ceviche – $9
Roast Lamb – $34

All prices in CI.  $1 CI = $1.25 US

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  1. Looking at the gorgeous food and places you all get to eat/go to, I'm totally inspired to start my own restaurant club!

  2. Im so jealous! I want a restaurant club!

  3. This post makes me want to come to Cayman for a visit to this place. The food looks awesome and Im kinda jealous, I want to be in the restaurant club.

  4. I want to join this club… you girls are eating delicious food all the time and making us jealous! 😉 Thanks for sharing delicious photos!

  5. What a feast, you guys know how to have fun!

  6. Note to self: Don't read restaurant review posts whilst hungry and craving sugar! My mouth is now on automatic water setting…

  7. Om my gosh this looks amazing! Great photos!

  8. This looks so much fun – what a great idea hiring a van!! Food looks SO good!

  9. Love the pictures and the adventure! I can almost taste the dishes.

  10. I would love go to this restaurant what fun and nice look all! gloria

  11. I would love to visit the restaurant! All dishes are so beautifully presented.

  12. Sounds like a lovely restaurant! All of the dishes had my mouth watering =)

  13. I love these posts. I am fascinated by menus around the world. Battered Crocodile now that is interesting. Thank you for taking us along

  14. It looks like the girls had a lot of fun:) That is enjoy and eat well;)

  15. Sounds like a fun dining experience!

  16. This restaurant club sounds better every time! The presentation of those dishes are amazing! Your lamb dish sounds wonderful!

  17. Ohhh….I wish I could be in your restaurant club! What a blast! I'm just grateful that we get to visit these restaurants with you….even if I don't get to really taste the walnut and date pudding! I love your posts…always so entertaining! : )

  18. Gosh, your photos makes me want to be part of the holiday right now.. in dream mode now ;), Cheers, Jo

  19. Jealousness 🙂 And here I am trying to get my reading done, haha. Still looking at about 200 pages left for the week. I'd rather be in the Cayman Islands 😉

  20. HAHAHAHA now that is something I am more familiar with mate! 😉 Crocodile, kangaroo, macademia nuts, lamb… all very Aussie! The lamb and the Angus look particularly delicious… even though I would have enjoyed everything! 🙂

  21. Your dinner club looks so fun! Great pictures and that lamb looks pretty good to me!

  22. lovely review and pictures

  23. Oh, I totally want on this party bus! 😀

  24. I absolutely LOVE the restaurant club! I need to get to Cayman at exactly the right time to stalk you, follow the van, and get a table right next to your group…then I can scoot my chair closer and closer….join in on the conversation and hope no one notices that I didn't ride with you!

  25. Oh my goodness, all of this food looks and sounds INCREDIBLE! Can I please have a ride in your restaurant van? Pick me up in MN? 🙂

  26. on pudding, on cobbler…makes me think ” on dasher on dancer on comet on vixen… ( please tell me you get that ?)

    i just made a fish and mango salsa combo from scratch that was phenomenal- recognized the dish on the right – right away!!! I love that Rest. club has a van. I wish I was on that van, I wish I was in paradise!

    cool place though- it is right there on the beach? is the mahi locally caught fresh?

  27. I always feel like I've joined the party when I read your restaurant reviews, PS. You manage to infuse your writing with the atmosphere. I can image the buzz and the chatter and the smells of the delicious dishes you describe. And speaking of buzz… BUZZZZZZZZ!

  28. Now that looks like a great restaurant. So many different kinds of food all in one place!

  29. Another fabulous restaurant! I can't believe such a small place has so many great restaurants!

  30. Who knew Cayman had all these delicious dishes? The desserts look lovely! It seems like a wonderful place to be. Definitely will visit one day!

  31. I would have the the lamb — in a heartbeat! You do have a really good time down there! (And you eat well to boot!)

  32. How amny times can a person say WOW while reading this post. Chef Ron must have been thrilled to have you all paying a visit. You write like it was fantasy land! relly enjoyed it.

  33. Oh wow! I would have to go just for the dessert so I'd have room! The food all looks so pretty and tasty!

  34. What a fantastic spread! Every dish is just gorgeous. This sounds like such a fun event…nothing better than getting a bunch of food-lovers together to pig out with!! 🙂

  35. It all looks absolutely amazing! I must visit soon.

  36. Hiring a minibus to go to a restaurant – thats dedication. From the food I see the effort was worth it. Never heard of kangaroo sausage – I wonder if its available in Australia?:)

  37. The presentation on those plates is amazing. For Australian we've got Outback Steakhouse and that's about it. Even though I LOVE them, they aren't exactly Tukka. BTW I buzzed as soon as I saw “restaurant club rented a van” you guys are fun!

  38. Battered Crocodile fritters, wow, have not tried before. Nice lamb and desserts.

  39. I did not realize that the group was so big. Pretty soon it will be a Cayman convoy on its way to the restaurant.
    Another tasty dining adventure-glad you enjoyed it!

  40. Just once, I want to go to a restaurant and see “kangaroo sausage” on the menu.

  41. Looks amazing. I sure do miss the food in Cayman!!!!


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