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The Whole Enchilada

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Cayman has two Mexican restaurants.  When I first moved here from Texas, there was only one.  Mind-blowing!  ‘What do you mean there’s no Ninfas?  Abuelos? Chipotles?’  Sigh.  Luckily, the blog world is filled with lovely Mexican recipes that I can whip up at home.  For instance, how about Connie’s Chicken Enchiladas from a great guest post over at In Katrina’s Kitchen?

The answer to my shiver-inducing Mexican food withdrawal.

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  1. Only two Mexican restaurants? I'd die! The ocean and beaches would help, I suppose. 🙂 I'm a huge lover of everything Mexican, and I absolutely must try this one..

  2. What a beautiful site, I am a little afraid to look at it all, as the food is amazing and the pictures – they are making my mouth water. I really want to try the enchiladas they look scrumptious. Thank you.

  3. my heart is aching for mexican food, horrible!! lol, great recipe


  4. Those enchiladas look so inviting, and totally yummy! Would love to try to make this. I'll check out the recipe, at Katrina's!

  5. I can definitely relate to the Mexican food withdrawal being here in France, although we've had a few decent spots open up recently in Paris. It's not the same as having a ton of great spots to choose from whenever you have a craving, but I guess I'll take it! Your enchiladas look great!

  6. Looks fantastic! I'm nervous about making and posting my Mexican food attempts because several of my secretaries are Mexican and can cook like nobody's business. Great post!

  7. I wish we have more Mexican restaurants in the UK. Love the flavours!

  8. You definitely going through a withdrawl phase from Mexican food. Funny how we never think about missing certain foods until they are nowhere to be found. Rebecca is right, however-can't find it in a restaurant, make it at home. Thanks for posting buzzed it.

  9. I never tried this..its new to me…..Thanks for introducing this recipe..

  10. Enchiladas always fascinated me, but I never tried them at home. But your post is compelling me to try this one because it looks so delectable!

  11. Hi There, What a delicious post! Absolutely mouth-watery enchiladas 🙂

    Have a great day,


  12. that often happens with Indian for us and cook it at home 😉

  13. I would so love a veggie version of this! Looking awesome!

  14. I love mexican food, so this would be more than a pleasure to try in my house! Looks great!

  15. I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food, but there are a few things that I do love… like that enchilada… that looks crazy good!

  16. Looks great!

  17. Love enchiladas!!! Must try this!

  18. I just checked Connie's Chicken Enchiladas recipe, looks great. Well I suppose Cayman now has 3 Mexican restaurants, one for private dining only:)

  19. They look awesome… This is def a must ad to the cook book 🙂

  20. I definitely have to try this because my enchiladas never come out looking too apetizing. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I had to laugh with your shiver-inducing withdrawal comment…lol. Too cute!

    Maria @ A Platter of Figs

  21. Very little Mexican food to be had in Ireland too so thanks for introducing me to Connie's Chicken Enchiladas. Will pay Katrina's Kitchen a visit to get the recipe.

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