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Taste of The Brasserie & Giveaway!

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45 Days until Taste of Cayman!  Boy, it is sneaking right up on us.

The last time I went to The Brasserie was with Restaurant Club in June so I was thrilled to find out The Deep Dish was heading back for the Taste of Cayman series.  This artisan restaurant boasts an impressive menu and has a number of special events during the week.  Wednesday night is reserved for Burgers ‘n Beers, Thursdays feature Cayman soft tacos & live music while Fridays offer Pizza ‘n Pinot.  Clark Kent and I stopped in for Monday’s Secret Pleasure.

‘Every Monday, let The Brasserie take you on a journey.  Escape with a different three-course menu each week, always accompanied by an exquisite wine.’

Let’s get started, shall we?

The evening’s amuse bouche was this beautiful yellowfin tuna escovitch.  The tuna was caught that same day on The Brasserie’s own fishing boat, guaranteeing a super fresh experience. This was an excellent take on a Caymanian classic.

How gorgeous is this soup?  It tastes as dramatic as it looks.  I’m a huge fan of beets but I’m the first to admit that sometimes they can be a little too…earthy?  We’ll go with ‘earthy.’  This chilled garden beet soup was mild and flavorful and not a bit dirt…um…earthy.  Couple that with a sneaky ninja ingredient (hard boiled egg) and this vegan dish is a luxurious smash hit.

My favorite dish of the evening was this lamb flank.  It was perfectly cooked with simple seasoning that really showcased the quality of the components.  It was served with a white truffle aioli that made my head spin.  The meat was so tender and mouth-meltable, I did not want to share with CK.

For his main course, CK chose the Brasserie Catch with warm quinoa salad, orange segments, almonds and red watercress.  Again, Chef let the food do the talking.  The fish was light and delicious and rocked this great fruity flavor thanks to the show-stopping side dish.  The salad was OUT OF CONTROL.  Trust me.  The caps locks is essential when describing it.

I chose the duo of pork: roasted pork loin and belly with roasted parsnip polenta, rainbow chard and a rosemary garden sauce.  Did I mention that The Brasserie has its own garden?  Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. The parsnip polenta was wonderful and was an ideal pairing with the pork, where again the natural flavor was featured.  Brilliant.

Dessert was Valrhona white chocolate mousse & chocolate cake with a chocolate and garden peppermint ice cream sandwich that packed a zesty peppermint punch!  The cakes was moist and light and the mousse was lovely!

As you can see, in addition to the food tasting good it was stunningly presented as well.  Your eyes got as tasty treats as your tummy did.  I fully believe that pretty food tastes better 🙂

Monday’s Secret Pleasure at The Brasserie
Three courses + 1 bottle of wine: $75 per couple

All prices in CI.  CI $1 = US $1.25

Now! How about some free Taste of Cayman goodies?  The folks at the Caymans Islands Tourism Association have the hookup!

2 Large 2012 ToC t-shirts

You know the drill:

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The deadline to enter is December 19th.  Good luck!
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  1. I have never been more amazed this is perfection!

  2. That was one outstanding meal, everything looked amazing.

  3. I would be all over the lamb or pork dish. I love pork belly

  4. I like Taste of Cayman on FB

  5. I shared the link on FB (as My Naturally Frugal Family)

  6. I tweeted the giveaway (@rachelkyle0402)

  7. Oh that food looks fantastic…and of course you can't beat the location 🙂

  8. The other day I was looking at pamphlet of west jet. They have shown a sneak peak of Cayman Island's Powdery beaches, Romantic vistas and Exquisite dining. Wow! that place seems good , An adventure of a Lifetime. I can see the dining from your pictures.That Beet soup and the chocolate mousse looks stunning.

  9. Love the color of that beet soup! I bet it was sweet!
    Can you convince them to give away two tickets to the Islands next time? :))

  10. I am still tramatised by an 'earthy' beet soup I had about 15 years ago. Perhaps you can convince the restaurant to share this unearthy version with you. It does look gorgeous… so I'd approach with caution and give it another try. I'd need no persuading to try the parsnip polenta or that fabulous dessert!

  11. What a fun place that must be; everything looks mouth watering and so original. love that you can have these lovely spots in your are. Enjoy!

  12. i just followed The Taste of Cayman on Twitter…

  13. I was just reading about that in Food and Wine Magazine this morning… I so want to go!

  14. This line “a sneaky ninja ingredient” made me laugh out loud! This meal looks out of this world…I want that beet soup immediately!

  15. Beautiful, gorgeous meal! Fresh tuna! Everything looks delicious! Wonder when I'll get the chance to experience the Taste of Cayman?? 🙂

  16. That beet soup could not look more elegant.

    So glad you enjoy Kuby's in Dallas, their food IS amazing!

  17. Looks very delicious only I am bit sceptical towards the Bett soup but hey beet is extra healthy right?

  18. A fun meal to enjoy and yes that cold beet soup….wow what a colorful dish to relish! Enjoyed your post as always!

  19. So happy you posted!!! I love your taste posts. You have me SO dreaming of a Cayman vacation, you really need to be working for the travel bureau!!!

  20. Looks like a great meal, every dish sounds excellent!

  21. The duo of pork makes me drool!

  22. That's so fun that you get a new menu each Monday! Keeps life interesting, eh?

  23. What a fabulous restaurant! I love the look of the tuna dish….mmmmmmmmm. I'd need more than than bitty spoonful 🙂 And your dessert looks incredible, too! And what a fun giveaway…maybe if I close my eyes and turn up the heat, I can pretend to be in the Caymans~

  24. Wow, look at all that incredible food…wonderful place!

  25. Wow, this looks amazing! You had me at the beet soup 🙂

  26. Wow! another great restaurant review…with gorgeous and yummy foods! $75.00 pr couple for all that food, wine, and dessert! Not too “shabby”
    What a deal! Great giveaway too!

  27. What a great giveaway and great foods. Yumm!

  28. Yum, yum. Braised lamb looks amazing! I am always looking for new lamb ideas.

  29. I know I say this every time – but I sooo envy your collection of close by awesome restaurants. I can look in every direction an only spot chains… and not even good ones!
    Lamb, tuna, pork… its like heaven….

  30. Following on Twitter!

  31. It ALL looks delicious! Even the beet soup (and I'm not a huge fan of the B word either). How many times do I have to read your blog and yearn to be on your island with you?! 🙂

  32. Giving you some twitter love =).

  33. Totally awesome! I don't like beets. Earthy is putting it mildly!

  34. Another great review! Everything looks so good! 🙂

  35. goodness me, the lamb is so tempting and looks so delicious, sure my hubby will simply love it and what more with the wonderful dessert, so perfectly done with the plating.

  36. ….and I've liked their facebook page! Thanks again and good luck to everyone!

  37. Tweeted! (@AnnHolly)

  38. I'm following Taste of Cayman on twitter!

  39. Another great restaurant review! Thanks so much! (the pork duo sounds SO delicious! What a treat)

  40. Oh my goodness, I'm drooling! This looks so delicious! Can't wait to try it!

  41. Duo of pork? Yes, please!

  42. Everything looks stunning! I want some!! I thought you were giving away a trip down to join you for the Taste of Cayman!! 😉 Haha! but the shirts are nice 🙂

  43. the dessert looks yummy! I love anything with chocolate!

  44. Okay that soup just blew my mind. Wow!

  45. The soup is beautiful!

  46. Yes it appears to be working now. Your blog name linked right to your blog now.

    Happy Holiday!

  47. This looks like an outstanding meal. Nothing like Caribbean food.

    By the way I saw you tried to post on my blog but for some reason it didn't actually post it only showed up as an email to me. When I clicked on the hi lighted Parsley Sage it said it was dangerous and wouldn't take me to your blog. Not sure what's going on but thought you'd like to know.

  48. Wow! What a beautiful meal you both had! I love beets, but only in small doses….it's the earthy thing for sure! But I would have chowed down on that tuna escovitch and the pork duo! Your pictures are just amazing! Great post!

  49. That is some seriously beautiful food. The color on that beet soup is astonishing.

  50. Wow all the dishes look stunning, have a blast in delicious Cayman!

  51. Wow, what a spread!

  52. I would have been all over that duo of pork too! Everything looks wonderful. As usual, I drool over Cayman. 🙂

  53. Yuuu-uuum! Nice way to spend a Monday!

  54. That beat soup is beautiful…I bet it's delicious. These photos make me want to take a vacation to the Caymen Islands!

  55. Oooh my, everything looks absolutely delicious! The color of the beet soup is amazing, and the white chocolate mousse… mmmm!

  56. The Mondays Secret Pleasure is an brilliant way to bring in the people on a slow day! All the daily events sound pretty cool. I can definitely see why you were excited to get back to this place-the array of food is awesome.
    Very creative giveaway, we all could use some Island swag! Have a great day

  57. Wowowo!!! All the dishes look stunning and mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing.

  58. Thanks for sharing your Monday's Secret Pleasure, and I'm so relieved that it's to do with food… That fantastic-looking beet soup with the sneaky egg really has me panting. Wow!

  59. Wow, all of that food is simply STUNNING! I don't know which dish I would like to try most is all looks so good!


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