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Taste of Solana

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Killer view, huh?

‘Gourmet cuisine and oceanfront dining with spectacular views’ is the tagline for this week’s featured Taste of Cayman participant. Visitors to Solana on Seven Mile Beach at the Marriott Grand Cayman Resort get to enjoy this white-sand, blue-seas snapshot as they take their taste buds on an equally exciting adventure.

This is the first time TDD has reviewed Solana and I’ve found that when it doubt, let the Chef work it out.  My friend Prathna and I headed over for lunch and asked Chef Anthony to choose our menu. Prathna – being the high maintenance diner that she is – pointed out that she’s a vegetarian and fish was not an option to give Chef a bit of a challenge 🙂

Solana delivered right from the get-go with this lovely spinach salad with avocado and blue cheese.  It was drizzled with a fantastic raspberry dressing that heightened the yum factor.

I was treated to this beautiful tuna tartare with wasabi-ginger crisps, dolphin (not the Flipper kind) caviar, sweet pickled carrot and a wasabi mayo. I loved the presentation!  This tuna was caught just hours before and words cannot describe how much a difference you can taste when the fish is that fresh.  Outstanding.

For my main, Chef sent out this equally fresh local snapper which was pan-seared with seasonal veggies and topped with mango salsa.  I felt so virtuous eating this super healthy dish and y’all know me and mangoes. So, so good.

For Prathna, Chef provided her with a dish that was a vegetarian take on Solana’s West Indies Chicken Curry with rice, mango chutney and naan. She thought the curry lovely, not too creamy and mild. She described it as being ‘very authentic’.  There were lots of ‘mmmmms’ while she was eating.

Oh man.  Just looking at these pictures makes me drool a little.  Solana was in the process of breaking in a new pastry-chef while we were there so these lovely desserts were actually created by local restaurant Treats.  I love seeing a team up like this.  I also can’t wait to see some of Solana’s new pastry chef’s yummy sweets at this year’s Taste of Cayman!

And congrats to Ilke at Ilke’s Kitchen who has picked up the Michael’s Genuine Food cookbook graciously provided by the folks over at Michael’s Genuine Grand Cayman and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association!

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  1. I'm dying over that snapper, it looks crazy amazing! Plus I'm a huge fan of mango salsa

  2. yum! that spinach salad looks so fresh and bursting with goodies!

  3. I love his style – all the dishes are so beautiful! They look very vibrant and they make us enjoy with eyes first before tasting them. Happy New Year!

  4. I'm wondering if I should come along with you for the next meal you go for because everything looks stunning. Look at that shot with the chocolate oozing out. Divine.

  5. Delicious…. Everything looks really good.
    Those key lime pie and choco lava are making me drool.

    A very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones dear.

  6. Everything looks amazing! Happy New Year!

  7. beautiful!
    happy new year! looking for your posts.

  8. There's such a festive, yet calming atmosphere in this (and the preceding) posts… aaahhhh. A foodie's delight, and then some. Thanks for your photos and thoughts — delightful!

  9. Happy New Year Parsley Sage! Killer view indeed… love the spinach salad with pretty, edible flowers (I wish! – 26 C here in Ottawa today :)) – the key lime pie is positively dreamy…

  10. Everything is so colorful and tempting…plus that view 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  11. Is that a salad or a bowl of skittles – its so bright and colourful. I would do anything for that lava cake right now.

  12. That is a seriously killer view. Now you're just taunting me, seeing as it is minus one here. That veggie curry looks amazing!

  13. That spinach salad looks amazingly good!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Once again, I am stunned by the quality of the restaurants you have in such a teeny little country! And if I can be so bold, your food photography is getting better and better.

  15. Each course looks phenomenal, but when there's chocolate lava cake, I am done in for. I'd love to go! You really, really make it hard for me to resist hopping on a plane and leaving dreary, wintry Cleveland behind…

  16. I did a Tuna Tartare for Christmas Eve .. the one above looks fabulous!

  17. Thanks for taking me as your guest dear! Was fabulous and the edible flowers were gorgeous as was the amazing curry. Perfect portion of carbs too, not too much! The deserts were OUTSTANDING! I made the mistake of saying they were my favourite thing, only to instantly remember that they had been bought in!!!

  18. What a vibrant post! Everything look so fresh… I feel like I'm on vacation 🙂

  19. I never knew the Mariott restaurant had a name! I go there quite often too!

  20. looking outside my window and seeing frost on the ground i so wish i could enjoy a cocktail at the Solana restaurant.
    Wake up time! LOL

  21. Dude… I'm always so jealous of how awesome your pictures turn out and well, the beautiful locale that you live in! Happy New Year, my dear 🙂

  22. Everything looks wonderful. Nice photos.

  23. Everything looks absolutely amazing! I can't have it, but I'm absolutely drooling over the tuna tartare! Spectacular view and your photos are stunning! I'm thrilled with this series you're doing, Parsley…I can only imagine how much fun it is for you!

  24. With that view…I could sit at that restaurant for days! You had a spectacular meal there. Kudos to the chef who chose it for you. Love tuna tartare…but I love snapper even more. And don't even get me started on those desserts! I love living vicariously through you! : )

  25. I am so jealous that your salad had flower petals in it! 😀 And that veggie curry! OH MY WORD! I've REALLY got to get down there! You make it look so awesome!

  26. You eat better than anyone I know! that veggie curry sounds amazing. And the desserts… OMG. Despite the fact that it can be found anywhere, chocolate lava is my weakness.

  27. You certainly know how to make someone green with envy – perfect spot – perfect food!
    mary x

  28. Great food and a great view, nothing can beat that. Also cool that Chef was up to the vegetarian challenge and your friend enjoyed her meal!

  29. Such beautiful and colorful plates of food,
    jealous much

  30. The view would have me salivating right away — before the food! And it all looks great to me. I'd have to try the tuna tartare first though.

  31. the desserts looks so divine!

  32. Everything here is Picture Perfect. I remember the 7 mile beach so well; spectacular view.

  33. Fresh tuna? I'm so jealous!

  34. The restaurant looks amazing and the food there are all very delicious!

  35. I am getting jealous of you. Even the vegetarians can have such a feast.The spinach salad with rose petals look so pretty.

  36. The ambience is superb, I mean facing the beach with the clear blue waters. How lucky that you tasted the tuna that was caught just hours ago and made into a wonderful dish. Wow! chicken curry with rice and mango chutney are perfect pairing because we too have a liking for such food. We also cook curries with mangoes added inside, somewhat the sour sweet taste of mangoes blends with the curry ingredients. I am not that into desserts but that avocado salad you bet is what I would love to try out.

  37. Looks fantastic, and I know it tastes so much better when looking at a view like that! Love the difference of super fresh fish, nothing better!

  38. Oh my, I want to start with the desserts and work my way backwards to the apps! YUM! Mrs. Herb Garden!

  39. Solana/Nirvana!

  40. looks amazing happy new year

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