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Taste of Seven

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To wrap up this year’s Taste of Cayman series, The Deep Dish headed to Seven at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman.  Chef Jordan dazzled us and the judges at Taste of Cayman last year, winning best dish with his pumpkin ravioli so we were very excited to see what he had in store for us at his new restaurant.

Seven is a prohibition-style, all-American steakhouse and Bourbon Bar that features drink and meat pairings that will knock your socks right off.  Let’s check out some the yummies!

Brioche at Seven

I wouldn’t normally take the time to mention the starter bread but I’d been hearing talk about this pineapple coconut brioche all over town.  And it earned the gossip.  They serve this brioche with butter and a salmon rillettes which was a bonus!

Pumpkin Soup at Seven

Chef sent out this local pumpkin bisque with apple, vanilla and roasted pumpkin seeds next.  Besides tasting spectacular, it had a super fun texture component thanks to the seeds and chopped apple.  It was also very light so we could be greedy without spoiling our appetites.

Cracked Conch at Seven

This was followed by a cage free egg with prosciutto Americano, asparagus and frisee lettuce in a black truffle vinaigrette and some cracked conch served with a scotch bonnet aioli and cucumber relish.  CK loved this fresh take cracked conch and thought the relish was a great added feature. The egg dish was brilliant, especially the vinaigrette!

Pork Belly at Seven

Take a look at that!  It’s the show stopper.  It’s also the dish to beat at Saturday’s Taste of Cayman.  That’s Niman Ranch jerk pork belly braised in maple syrup and dried figs on Jamaican cole slaw. GOOD LORD!  Crispy. Gorgeous.  Mapley. Heaven.

NY Strip at Seven

It was also a great teaser for the main course: 35 Day Dry Aged New York strip in Seven’s signature BBQ rub made with brown sugar and paprika.  Instead of sauces, Seven offers their steaks with three rubs.  Love this idea!  Way more flavor, way less distraction.  This was a killer dish.  And don’t worry, if 14 oz isn’t big enough for you…Seven offers the 35 oz Tomahawk steak!


Our steak came with two super yummy dishes. CK especially enjoyed the lobster and truffle twice baked potato. I barely shared the truffle mac n’cheese with broccoli.  Truffle lover’s paradise.

Cayman Lime Pie at Seven

No dinner is complete without dessert.  In this case, Cayman Lime Pie with a fresh berry compote and roasted marshmallow ice cream.  Two words: Oh my.

A massive thanks to the team at Seven and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association for an incredible dinner and another great Taste of Cayman experience.  This year’s Taste of Cayman is January 26th at Camana Bay!



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  1. Thanks for that, Carsley. Was desperately needing a dose of your sunshine and you’ve hit the spot with these dishes here. You got me started already on that pineapple, coconut brioche – with salmon? Wow. I want it all – I want it now… pretty please!

  2. Dude I saw a tomahawk steak recently and it was HUGE! All of your pics look droolalicious..

  3. Wow, that all looks amazing! Brioche with salmon rillettes? Swoon.

  4. Every photo is as delicious as the next 😀


  5. Oh my goodness, jerk pork belly?! Fantastic! As always, I leave here salivating. Hope all is well down in tropical paradise. 🙂

  6. What an inspired and delicious sounding meal.

  7. Wow. The plating alone makes this place look impressive.

  8. oh my word, everything looks amazing, but oh that pork belly. DROOL.

  9. Pineapple Coconut Brioche?! OMG! I’ll just eat that as my meal, thankyouverymuch.

  10. Everything looks amazing but I’m stuck on the pineapple coconut brioche – I want some of that!

  11. I love 7!

  12. This place looks and sounds amazing. Now I want steak for lunch…

  13. Truly a 5-star menu!

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