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Taste of Rum Point

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Grand Cayman is 70 square miles.   It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to get from West Bay to North Side…unless you’re on a boat 🙂

North Side is home to Rum Point, where the Rum Point Restaurant and the Rum Point Wreck Bar & Grill are found.  Today, the Taste of Cayman series takes us that way for sun, sand and some world famous mudslides.

Inspired by local artist Jan Barwick, Rum Point Restaurant is decked out as a colorful, festive and beautiful underwater seascape instantly setting it apart from other local restaurants.

CK is confused!

If you step outside, you see clear blue water and white sands.  Out here, you’ll find the Wreck Bar & Grill where Clark Kent and I grabbed a quick (and delicious) Sunday lunch.

Since its winter – ahem – we started with this lovely conch chowder that was a yummy as it was vibrant! Conch is a popular local menu item and it was awesome to see it chowder-ed up.  With temperatures hovering around 82, this was a great pseudo-winter dish.

One of the most popular items on the menu is the Fish and Chips with home made coleslaw.  The slaw was gone the instant CK peeped it. ‘Very good!’  The swai was super yummy and I was loving the batter. Crispy without being heavy.  Gotta mention the outstanding french fries, too!  Totally naughty. Totally yum.

Look at it.  That is one juicy, flavor-packed, perfectly cooked burger right there, my friends.  This dish was the show-stopper for me.  Loved this burger.  So much so, I think it is officially in the running for best Cayman burger.  Especially when you smear it with Rum Point’s creamy jerk mayo.

There was zero debate about dessert.  When you’re at Rum Point, you have a mudslide.  The restaurant picked up ‘Best Drink’ for this bad boy at the 2011 Taste of Cayman and it features a perfect balance of Absolut Vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s and ice.  Oh boy.

Finally, one must end the meal with a Rum Point Sunset.  With three rums listed as ingredients, this drink will cure what ails you.  As we were told after taking our first sniff, ‘if you drink enough RP Sunsets, you won’t be able to see the sun set.’

By the way, congrats to Ann at Cooking Healthy For Me who picked up an Island Taste care package and to Tina and Kiri at Flourtrader and Healthy Foodie Travels who each won a Sticky Toffee Cake during last week’s giveaway bonanza.

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  1. oh my, i think i'm a little tipsy at the same time stuffed while looking at your posts haha. but most of all i think i like the jerk burger best.

  2. I didn't realize Cayman was such a compact little place! Very interesting.

    As I scrolled down the food items on this post, I could be heard saying (yes, out loud), “Oh yes, love that. Oh wait, I LOVE that. Mmm, yes, a jerk burger! AND A RUM DRINK.”

    Mouth watering big time!!

  3. Oh my goodness your food travels are drool-worthy. MMM! TASTY TRAVELS are the wayyyy to go!

  4. Hellllooooo jerk burger with jerk mayo. I would be all over that. In fact, you should totally put together an approximation of it and post a recipe so I know what to do 🙂

  5. wow lovely looking food

  6. Sounds like Heaven to me – I'm going to make my own mudslide!
    mary x

  7. You eat the best food… is Cayman just one big “Taste Of” event?! I need to get on a plane… please pass the mudslide!

  8. Clear blue water and white sands… that's all I needed to hear to warm me up – I will hang on to that thought all week ;). The conch chowder is awesome! (I think the first presentation I ever did in school was on a conch that parents brought home from Fla – they were never lucky enough to travel to the Caman Islands ;)).

  9. Looks like a a nice place. Cute design and the food looks very tempting. I am getting an appetite for the jerk burger right now. Its nice to live near the beach, right? 😉

  10. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting 82 degrees and winter together when I am going to work in 30 degrees and reading this! 🙂
    I actually need one of those sunsets and the mudslides on Friday. Everything looks very delicious.

  11. Good morning! I sent out my mailing address again this morning. Let me know if you still are having issues receiving it or have any questions!

  12. Heh. I like the sound of the jerk burger.

  13. I went to Grand Cayman about 25 years ago … I would love to return (soon). I remember eating a conch chowder that was amazing … I remember it being white … is that the case or is my memory deceiving me?

  14. Okay, that jerk burger has me sold because I LOVE jerk seasoning!

  15. Love, love the sea scape decor. And, I'm sorry, did you say jerk mayonnaise? Two giant thumbs up for that!

  16. Note to self: do not read The Deep Dish before bed! I am now craving fish and chips and a big juicy burger!

  17. That is an amazing-looking burger. I'll take one with cheese and those fab fries, please!

  18. I am sooooo jealous right now! How do you not gain weight?

  19. I'm feeling a little tipsy just thinking about all that rum! The mudslide and the Rum Point Sunset look incredible, and so does the food. What a wonderful place to enjoy a lunch!

  20. I always feel so warm & summery when I visit your aesthetically pleasing blog 🙂

  21. So jealous! Please have another rum drink for me!!

  22. Wow, this looks delicious! That jerk burger and the mudslide? Oh my! Though I'd be very tempted to try the conch chowder, I've never had a chance to try conch!
    And I am still giddy and exploring the sticky toffee cake bakery page! 😉

  23. YaY! Thank you SO Much! I have to say – I LOVE this restaurant! When I get back to Cayman – I gotta see this restaurant!

  24. I like the map — so many nooks and crannies to explore! (And food… and cocktails…) Thanks for sharing your outing — good times!

  25. I miss Rum Point and it's wonderful mud slides!!! Great post 🙂

  26. Girl you are really living the life, your lunch was fabulous! Just by the name, “rum point” does sound like a place not to miss when you are in the Caymans!
    Thank you so much for the sweet giveaway! I just sent you my address via email. Enjoy the day!

  27. Another one to bring back memories; I had never heard of conch until we went to Grand Cayman. Of course the sunsets on 7 mile beach are hard to beat. Wish I could go back.

  28. What I'd give to be back in the Caribbean. You're o e lucky gal. That burger does look wonderful.

    Congrats to those that won the cake. That also looks fantastic. I hope we hear about it on their blogs.

  29. jerk burger and a mudslide – omg I'm drooling here! What a cute place!

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