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Taste of Periwinkle & Giveaway

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When I think of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, I think of all things luxury.  The finest of everything, exciting and fun events and the highest level of service. This extends to the resort’s restaurants including Blue by Eric Ripert, Taikun, 7 Prime Cuts & Sunsets and today’s featured Taste of Cayman participant Periwinkle.

According to their website: ‘Periwinkle celebrates the pleasures of simply prepared seafood, homemade pasta, pizza, and quintessential Mediterranean freshness in this al fresco grill overlooking the resorts winding waterways.’ It’s also kid-friendly (bonus!) as it hosts a nightly outdoor movie theater that shows family movies.  That doesn’t mean the food won’t blow you away with its adult sophistication.

Clark Kent and I were invited to lunch to sample some of the best Perwinkle has to offer.

Our meal, designed by the Chef, started with this incredibly tasty Calabaza ravioli.  I’m a died-in-the-wool anti-tomato person, so when I saw this dish I winced a bit. I’m so glad I manned up and gave these sun-dried beauties a chance, because the creamy squash coupled with the zesty pecan and flavor-packed tomato nearly made my pass out from delight.  Yumapalooza!

The ravioli was followed by this unassuming Tuscan White Bean soup with pancetta, bacon and basil.  ‘Tasty indeed!’ said CK.  This soup had an awesome texture and was surprisingly velvety considering there was no cream.  It’s a great faux-winter dish that gives you ‘comfort’ without the ‘heavy.’ Perfect for Cayman.

Two thumbs way up for the third course.  Chef sent us each a personal-sized Rustica Pizza with prosciutto, arugula, parmesan, truffle oil and rosemary-infused cream.  This was a fresh and light pizza that gave my tongue a whirl with some very intense, complex flavors. The challenge of keeping everything on the pizza while you ate it made this officially ‘fun,’ in my book.  A word to the wise: use a knife and fork 🙂

Up next was a special treat.  This veal cheek is prepared sous vide – vacuum packed and cooked in a water bath for 18 hours – and served with homemade gnocchi in a sherry demi-glace. I can see why this is their signature dinner dish.  Despite the cheek being a very strong muscle, the meat was super-tender and the freshly made gnocchi were little pillows of ‘Mmmmm.’  Outstanding.

Our final dish, came in the form of a chocolate sandwich with caramel ice cream. Decadent, luxurious and a little bit naughty.  Everything I want in a Ritz-Carlton experience!

As our Taste of Cayman series continues, our friends at the Cayman Islands Tourism Association have hooked us up with another cool giveaway.  I’ve got Tortuga Rum Cakes from Cayman’s very own Tortuga Rum Company up for grabs for four lucky people.

You know the drill:

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The deadline to enter is December 26th.  Good luck! 

And congratulations to Emily at Cleanliness is Next to Godliness who won last week’s Taste of Cayman giveaway 🙂
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  1. Oh wow, that looks like an amazing meal! I have to say, the dessert makes me swoon.
    And what a cool giveaway!

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  3. 'Like' Taste of Cayman on Facebook

    charity s

    ccboobooy at gmail dot com

  4. All of the food looks wonderful!

    ccboobooy at gmail dot com

  5. where can i find the recipe to the caramel ice cream sandwich? it looks delicious!

  6. Your food looks lovely-of course, but seeing you enjoying seaside gives it an extra something very nice!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Wow I have never felt like melting over pizza with that much greens over! It sounds super delicious 🙂

  8. Ohhhhhhh that veal cheek on gnocchi looks soooooo good! I NEED to go have something to eat right now… it must have been a great meal!!! 🙂

  9. Why are you anti-tomato? And I've never had veal cheek but I'd definitely be down to try it 🙂

  10. I posted the giveaway on Facebook (as My Naturally Frugal Family)

  11. I tweeted the giveaway

  12. I like Taste of Cayman on FB

  13. I follow Taste of Cayman on Twitter

  14. Oh that white bean soup looks fantastic and I think I would have to go straight for the dessert…holy smokes!

  15. I've never seen ravioli look so good 😉

  16. Periwinkle makes my eternal top five list for restaurants in Grand Cayman. Even if you aren't staying at the Ritz on your visit here, you should go have dinner on the dock.

  17. All the dishes look fab but the one I think I would love to try is the cake. I have a sweet tooth.

  18. All of those dishes look delicious! Especially that cake… yummy!

  19. Aren't you the lucky ones?!? That cake sounds amazing! Please pick us!!! And btw congrats on the visit to the Ritz! How posh!

  20. I tweeted your fun giveaway~

  21. I like Taste of Cayman on Facebook~

  22. I follow Taste of Cayman on Twitter~

  23. Wow, what a fabulous meal. I need to put caramel ice cream on my list to make…yum!

  24. Holy cow! Yumapalooza indeed! That looks like an amazing feast…lucky you!

  25. So yummy that creamy white bean soup! Gosh…that caramel ice cream sandwich is killing me.

  26. I LIKE them on FB~ Jen Tink

  27. I've never had rum cake before. I'd love to try these


  28. I dont realy know much about the Cayman Islands. I gotta wikipedia your islands. Your pizza made me drooling, looks all so fantastique. I am in for the giveaway =P

  29. Yum Yum Yum! Jealous of your culinary adventures =).

  30. Love the photos, the food looks so yum esp those caramel sandwich.

  31. I'd be happy with everything in this post. And I would start with the ice cream sandwich. Love caramel.

    I am also offering a Holiday Giveaway at Thibeault's Table.


  32. What a fantastic line up.. that pizza looked perfect! c

  33. Everything looks fabulous! I would really like to try it all.

  34. I didn't know you were an anti-tomatoan! So glad you manned up and gave that gorgeous ravioli a try, though. I've never had cheek before (well, not of the animal variety, anyway) but this one atop the gnocci sure does look yummilicious!

    PS. I was a big fan of CK's facial fuzz…what happened?? :'(

  35. Girl, you eat the best food down there. Jealous!

  36. I “like” taste of cayman on facebook, too! Thanks!

  37. Tweeted!

  38. I already follow Taste of Cayman on Twitter!

  39. Love, Love these cakes! When I was on cruise I TOTALLY forgot to get one! Thanks SO much for the giveaway!

  40. The white bean soup looks delicious! I could go for a bowl now.

  41. I am so envious that you get to enjoy such a fabulous meal! Every dish looks amazing!

  42. Everything looks delicious! Even the name Periwinkle sounds as pretty as the flower! Drooling over the caramel ice cream sandwich!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

  43. I don't care for rum cake, but I would love some of that caramel ice cream sandwich! 🙂

  44. What a cool place, and I love that they show outdoor movies 🙂 The food looks pretty fantastic as well 🙂

  45. You KNOW how I've been feeling about desserts lately, and THAT CARAMEL ICE CREAM SANDWICH LOOKS INCREDIBLE!

    You're anti-tomato? We might have to re-evaluate our friendship. Kidding! I still love you. 🙂

    Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!!

  46. Wow, that veal cheek and pizza rustica look awesome! I am envious of all the great restaurants you have down there!

  47. That chocolate sandwich with caramel ice cream looks decadent, great way to end the meal, followed by that rum cake. Lucky you:)

  48. Slurp, the mouth watering escalates as you scroll down the post! I want it all! Thanks for sharing! Mrs. Herb Garden

  49. I'm sooo jealous of this meal. From start to finish, it looks wonderful. And that ice cream sandwich…oh my word. GET IN MAH BELLY!

  50. What a great meal! It reminds me of restaraunt in the resort we stayed in in the Florida Keys. Beautiful food!

  51. Yum, yum, those ravioli look incredible! I am so jealous.

  52. Like Taste of Cayman on facebook

  53. Following Taste of Cayman on twitter @lyndzz

  54. What a tastefully good time you must of had. I love squash ravioli with pecans. We can get Calabaza here cut in smaller pieces so you have to buy the whole large squash! I feel the same way about tomatoes. Love that you manned up and it was so flavorful. The nice thing about Tuscan bean soup is the creamy texture…I only use a touch of cream in mine.

    The pizza sounds delightful, and the dessert…perfect! Looking forward to seeing more!

  55. Done tweeted!

  56. Following facebook now.

  57. following twitter of taste of cayman now.

  58. It's a kid-friendly and this delicious food? PERFECT! Food looks delicious and I miss having really good pasta after being in Taiwan for almost 2 weeks. I'd love to win this giveaway to have taste of Cayman!

  59. I like Taste of Cayman!

  60. I've had those rum cakes before and they are amazing. Couple of bites and the buzz was there!

  61. I get the distinct impression you are very well known there-to the point that the chefs are told, Carsley is coming to eat so you better bring out the best! Love the thumbs up picture. All this food does look like it would taste amazing. Oh and the cakes in the giveaway are addictive-but definitely an addiction I could handle. Great post!

  62. What a treat that must have been; love the name; Periwinkle. Wishing and Clark Kent all the best during the holiday season; enjoy!
    I don't think pot roast will be on your menu.

  63. My mother always loved going to the Cayman Islands. I used to make Bacardi Rum Cake, as I grew up in Bermuda! The food sounds divine!

  64. Lovely food you have tasted though I am not so into pizza but that ravioli and desserts is so tempting for me.

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