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Taste of Michael’s Genuine

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Taste of Cayman gives local restaurants an opportunity to show off their best munchies for the massive crowds that cram the streets of Camana Bay every year.  So far, there are more than 35 participants lined up for the 2012 event.  We’ll begin the new Taste of Cayman Restaurant Review series with a joint that’s no stranger to The Deep Dish: Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink.

I’ve taken you to MG’s Farm-to-Table event here & here and the recipe for that glorious Banana Toffee Panini from a few weeks ago came from their kitchen. Today, TDD reviews some of the other goodies Michael’s Genuine in Grand Cayman has to offer and a little bit of the magic you can expect at next year’s booth.

Clark Kent and I were invited to lunch and told to order whatever we wanted.  I nearly fell over.  EXCITE!  We started with some marinated olives that were packed with flavor.  Great variety and an awesome compliment to our second appetizer.

The homemade organic ricotta and local mango jam crostini were ‘outstanding’ in CK’s assessment. This was a dish of lovely, fluffy goodness and the jam was out of control delicious.  Normally, CK doesn’t go in for mango, so I didn’t think I would have to share with him.  I was wrong. Thankfully, I had a fork to keep his greedy fingers at bay.

We also ordered the Soup of the Day; a Turkey and Vegetable soup.  We don’t have much of a winter in Cayman. This soup did a fantastic job of giving you a warm, comfort-food feel while staying light enough for 80 degree temperatures.  There may have been some slurping 😉

We also split a butter lettuce salad with oranges, hazelnuts, avocados and shallots in a hazelnut vinaigrette.  This salad is wonderfully fresh and tastes like summer.  The hazelnuts give it an awesome texture too. Seriously fun to eat.

CK was giddy with excitement when our server brought out his lionfish sandwich. Cayman has lionfish overpopulation and as a way to deal with it, the fish has started popping up on local restaurant menus. MG actually does a Lionfish Safari where you can go on a dive, help round up some lionfish and have them cooked up for you when you return. This bad fish makes for good eating. CK loved the dish!

For my main course, I went with the slow roasted Niman Ranch Pork pizza with black mission figs, grilled onions, fontina cheese and fresh arugula.  Do I need to describe how the fig, fontana and pork combination made me do the eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head thing?

No meal is complete without dessert! CK had the lemon pot de creme with house made ricotta cannoli and lemon confit, while I went with the award-winning strawberry and basil panna cotta.  At first bite, my tongue didn’t really know what was going on, but that second spoonful led me right to the land of YUM.  I can see why this dessert has turned some heads!  And CK’s dish was ‘a lovely combination of sweet and tart.’  An excellent ending to an incredible experience 🙂

Marinated Olives – $4
Crostini – $6
Soup – $6
Salad – $11
Lionfish Sandwich – $14
Pizza – $15
Panna Cotta – $9
Pot de Creme – $9

All prices in CI.  CI $1 = $1.25 US


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  1. I'm loving the look of the mango/ricotta crostini, I would defintiely be all over that appetizer if I saw it on the menu. The pork pizza is a close second as far as “want” factor if we're just going by my stomach 🙂 Great review!

  2. You could order whatever you wanted? I would've ordered the whole menu, but I'm embarrassing like that! Everything looks gorgeous and normally I would fawn over desserts, but this time that Lionfish sandwich has my heart beating unreasonably fast. Again, thanks for making us green-eyed with this fab review!

  3. What a fantastic review! YOur photos are picture perfect!

  4. I thought my favorite was the pork pizza, until I eyed the desserts. Everything looks so fresh!

  5. I want to go to there!!! =) MG looks BALLER!

  6. Love all the dishes and desserts featured…especially the marinated olives and the gigantic crostini with the ricotta and mango jam! Soup looks yummy too, and so does everything else!

  7. Mmm… love to try the ricotta and mango jam crostini!

  8. I feel that cannoli is a dessert item that gets left off the menu at too many restaurants these days. Glad Michael's is bringing it back.

  9. Can I send my Christmas wish list to you? Santa has consistently failed to deliver, I think you can.
    On a separate note I used to live in a tropical country and fruits were not used much in cooking, and use of veges, cassava etc was rather uncreative. Seeing what you are doing I wish I was back there to experiment

  10. Wowzas, this all looks incredible!!

  11. I noticed how colorful each dish is – they are all prepared very nicely and quite appetizing! When there are lots of meals like this, I unconsciously start to choose which one is my favorite (do you do that?). I really couldn't pick. Lionfish sandwich is something new and I'm curious but soup looks wonderful too. And dessert… oh boy. I need to eat both. Thanks for making me hungry~~~! 😉

  12. Terrific dishes here, yum!

  13. Now that is a meal!! I am not sure where to start!

  14. The food all looks great and I'd love a sample now! YUM!

  15. Everything looks amazing, but I can't stop looking at those olives, yum!

  16. All of the food looks so good. if only i could be there to try them all!

  17. I am loving the mango crostini and the pork fun!!

  18. awesome dishes.

  19. You're about to send me over the edge girlie! Everything looks amazing, and the olive police would probably drag me away in cuffs for swiping olives from all the patrons.

  20. When I come there for my next cruise can you be my tour guide… I dont want to miss this Ricotta mango omg!

  21. Oh-OOOhhhh… those crostini sound AMAZING!!! And both the dessert look so so good… I would love to try that strawberry and basil panna cotta! And the lionfish too… hehehe 🙂

  22. Wow – everything sounds amazing! I love the idea of the ricotta and mango crostini and the panna cotta! I'm drooling over here!

  23. WOW, This sounds so much fun!!!!
    The food look good really good…
    Lucky you my dear.

  24. Wow! Everything looks so good, especially the ricotta and jam crostini. Mmmmm.

  25. I would be all over the pizza and crostini! Delicious!

  26. WOW, lionfish sandwich? I've never really heard of it before, but I bet it tasted gorgeous:) What a lovely spread for lunch..yumz:D

  27. Special invitation to lunch?! Jealous! Everything looks so good! Bet you had a fabulous time!

  28. EVERY single thing in this post looks amazing. Olives, crostini, salad, soup, pizza…oh my goodness! I would have pigged out beyond belief!

  29. Your posts always make me want to search for flight tickets to CI. And I did today, I guess I will save up some money! 🙂

  30. That appetizer looks so good!

  31. Wow, how fun this must have bee…the food looks amazing!

  32. What a fun meal! Everything looks amazing, and I think I'd be rolling my eyes into the back of my head after eating that pizza too!

  33. Those crostini look amazing–I've heard of Michael's Genuine. Isn't there one in Florida too?

  34. Hehe! I can just imagine CK would have to be pretty quick with you defending the mango with a fork! I've just had dinner but my tummy is rumbling again reading about all those gorgeous dishes. Fab photos, PS!

  35. I love the sound of the 'Lionfish' sandwich – much better than my miserable fish-finger sandwiches.

  36. Have I mentioned that you live in a food paradise!?

  37. Oh my! What great food!

  38. OMG I just love Michaels Genuine!! Its a great place. All of the food you had looks wonderful!

  39. Everything looks mouth watering and would need a little taste.

  40. All the dishes look fabulous! Absolutely delicious!

  41. What a feast for the eyes and the belly! wow!

  42. I so envy you right now!! Everything looks sooo good. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  43. I will go for the turkey and veg soup, butter lettuce salad and a small bit of the desserts. Must been a great experience having all these food.

  44. Oh, my gosh! What a feast! And can you send some of that 80º weather up north????

  45. Love it: out of control delicious. Lucky you! I would have certainly been out of control if told I could eat anything I liked. This all looks so amazing.

  46. Loved the pizza. The crostini with mango looks so yummy, I'd love to try this!! Parsley Sage, thanks for such wonderful post!

  47. That pizza makes me swoon. I love the figs with the savory/salty. YUM!

  48. I have to say, everything looks delicious, but I'd die to try those cottage cheese mango jam crostinis – what a gorgeous dish that you'd never find on the mainland! Beautiful. 🙂

  49. The food looks wonderful, and so fresh…even the slow roasted pork pizza looks fresh! I heard they were starting to see lionfish on menus, how does it taste?

  50. How popular you are to get a special invitation to lunch there! No wonder you have been looking forward to the Taste of Cayman event. All the food does look delicious, I would have had to sample all of them-yum! Great post-I am looking forward to seeing what is next in store for your two!


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