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Taste of Bamboo & Giveaway

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You know you’re in for a treat when they set the bar on fire 🙂
This week, Taste of Cayman introduces you to Bamboo, which is making its first appearance on The Deep Dish.

According to their website, ‘Bamboo is well known for it’s contemporary Japanese cuisine, specialty martini’s and great service. Chef Wonhee Park gives the menu a contemporary twist.’  My friend Lucy from the Cayman Islands Tourism Association joined me for dinner and a sample of we can expect from Bamboo at next year’s Taste of Cayman.

For starters, we were treated to some super-tasty edamame and Luce was coerced into having this lovely Dragon Martini.  It’s one of those dangerously delicious drinks that could very easily lead you into a night filled with friend-making, adventure-having, and bar-dancing antics if you’re not careful.  Not that I would do anything like that.  Ahem.

We took our time with the menu and settled on this Zensai mini sampler which included Yamakake (tuna, avocado, yam, ikura) salmon sashimi, scallop marinated in tosazu and a tuna roll with kimizu.  All of it fresh and delicious!

Check out this awesome Tuna Tartare with tomato, onion, cucumber, ponzu and kimizu sauce!  This new menu item was exploding with flavor and the egg sauce on top was totally slurpable. It was clearly Luce’s favorite of the evening as she devoured this dish. Seriously. We’re lucky the plate survived.

We also treated ourselves to some Yakitori chicken and mushroom skewers. They were as yummy as they look.  Perfectly cooked and seasoned, they were a timely departure from the seafood spree.

Not wanting the cows to feel left out, we made sure to order some beef tenderloin tataki with daikon, leek and lime. Epic success! This dish was amazing.  I loved the spicy sauce.  There was a exciting compliment between the beef and daikon as well that guaranteed we’d clear this plate in record time.

Can you believe we’re just getting to the main course?  We went a little nuts but everything sounded and looked so good we couldn’t help ourselves!  Included in our sushi and sashimi platter was marlin, ika/squid, maguro/tuna, hamachi/yellowtail, sake/salmon and tako/octopus while the rolls were Hosomaki (tuna & cucumber maki.)  Normally, I’m not too keen on rolls because I find the seaweed is sometimes a little too ‘fishy’ tasting for me, but not so at Bamboo.  These were the best I’ve had on island.

For dessert, we split this fascinating tofu and cream cheese dish.  Despite my initial reservations, I quite liked it!  This dessert is light and interesting and would blow people away at your dinner party.  *Note to self: beg Bamboo for the recipe.

After dinner, we relocated to the bar where things heated up.  Literally.  This post-dinner apple shot was so yummy!  Gotta love the fun factor too.  The flame-factor continued with this crazy tower of blazing booze featuring Sambuca, Baileys and nerves of steel. I usually don’t go in for fire right next to my head, but in this case I think it was worth it 🙂

As our Taste of Cayman series continues, our friends at the Cayman Islands Tourism Association have hooked us up with another cool giveaway. I’ve got a copy of Michael’s Genuine Food: Down-to-Earth Cooking For People Who Love to Eat up for grabs for one lucky person.

You know the drill:

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The deadline to enter is January 2nd.  Good luck! 

And congratulations to Sandra at Sweet Sensations, Kitchen Flavors, Cucina 49 and Food Jaunts who won last week’s Taste of Cayman giveaway 🙂

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  1. Wow this place sounds awesome! Love the “fiery” bar =)

  2. What an amazing meal!!! Happy holidays, and thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Hi
    It's been my pleasure to read and drool your amazing recipes thoughts the year, can't wait to see what you have in store for 2012.
    Happy New Year!

  4. That is one crazy tower of booze! jealous!

  5. Amazing Japanese Menu. I love the yatakori. Nice Post!

    Wishing you a very Happy 2012!

  6. Yes that is what I need, one more cookbook :))

    Everything looks tasty. I love salty edamame. I order them at the restaurants but never been able to find good enough frozen ones to steam at home, they turn rubbery immediately.

    Happy Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  7. Only you could make edamame look sexy! lol. Great review! 😀

  8. Oh no, sorry! Im catching up on blog posts, and I posted on the wrong one of yours! For this one, though – what an amazing sampler menu! I'd love to dine at Bamboo!

  9. Mmmm, I really want to try making pumpkin ravioli! Ive had them only once, but fell in love. Perfect recipe!

  10. Love that first shot of the bar, and you weren't even on it. Although you'd have to have worn a fireproof suit to have danced on there! The food at Bamboo looks amazing, but what would be even more amazing is a shot of ALL 3 redheads in the Caymans in the same frame together!

  11. This one is interesting, bamboo is associated more with Chinese than Japanese I think, but they sell Japanese cuisine, and Park (chefs name) is Korean.
    Oh, I see you un-quit your drinking, thats great, I fully support such moves:)

  12. Korean chefs making Japanese food. It's more common than one might think. 🙂

  13. I loved this review. Who doesn't love Japanese food? I had sashimi once and loved the taste! Loved this post, Parsley Sage!

  14. What the commenters don't know is that Carsley and Lucy are two of three red-headed women in the Cayman Islands. A picture of them both together is quite rare.

  15. What a beautiful presentation; I would love to taste it all. Quite more up scale that what we find in our little town. Wishing you a great 2012.

  16. You temptress! What a place and great post to lift the spirits. Speaking of spirits, they sound wicked. Where were the last photos dancing on the bar? Seriously, this looks fabulous. That Dragon Martini is THE cocktail for 2012 for the Year of the Dragon! Cheers to you and hoping to make it to Cayman one of these days.

  17. We're considering moving to Cayman Island after reading this 🙂

  18. Already following Taste of Cayman on Facebook.

  19. Already following Taste of Cayman on Twitter.

  20. Ohhh contemporary Japanese food! Everything looks delicious and pretty. 🙂 I learned some food styling technique from your photos (lol). Looks like a lot of dishes use authentic Japanese ingredients that most people probably don't understand by reading the ingredients. I wish to visit here one day!

  21. We also normally go for the Japanese beans but at first didn't know how it is suppose to be eaten. On the other hand, we are not much into the rolls as we prefer the raw ones dipped into the soy sauce and wasabi. That dragon martini sure looks great and yes, I enjoy a drink here and there and would like to taste it.

  22. i'd love to win, email is in my profile.

  23. That flame-factor photo looks so awesome! You are so feisty 😀

    Happy New Year, sweetie 🙂

  24. Tweet Sent! Best of luck to everyone – the cookbook looks awesome!

  25. I'm already following Taste of Cayman on Facebook!

  26. Another GREAT review (and loved the link – Ahem!). Everything looked delicious and the Taste of Cayman looks like a GRAND time! Thanks!

  27. That apple shot is awesome!! What a blast! The edamame caught my eye too and my husband would be voting for the sushi. Love it!

  28. Ahyes, I've partaken in many of those bar dancing antics 😉 All the food looks fab!

  29. Wow! What a fun place for dinner! Your sampler of sushi and sashimi looks fabulous, especially the tuna! And I am all over an establishment that boasts a specialty martini! (I was wondering why you were drinking them with straws!!!). Great post despite the fact that there were no pictures of you dancing on the bar! ;- }

  30. That dragon martini sounds most intriguing. All the food (and fun!) looks just great. Lucky gal!

  31. Love the fiery bar–everything looks amazing, but I am particularly attracted to the beef tataki.

  32. Once again, INCREDIBLE array of food. It's like you live in a paradise…OH WAIT, you do! 🙂

    Your comment on my blog about putting the cookies up to your eyes all night….that is so me! Totally something I would find funny. 🙂 Thanks for the giggle.

  33. Love this restaurant series! Glad to see the Cayman Islands have more than just off-shore banks. =D

  34. That Tuna Tartare looks so amazing. I am starving now and it is 10am.

  35. Superb but what is in the dragon martini!? I love martini.. c

  36. Ooh! the sashimi platter and the tofu dessert looks tasty. You know before I was scared to taste sushi.I thought it is everything raw. When I tasted the salmon and crab sashimi. I feel there is nothing like it.

  37. OMG awesome Japanese which is famous for its tasty and colorful food.

  38. Okay that's it, I need to move down by you immediately!!

  39. That sushi is absolutely beautiful!

  40. Wow, that bar on fire looks so cool!

  41. Wow, that bar on fire looks so cool!

  42. I want to go to bamboo! The food sounds so amazing and interessting and looks phenomenal even the drinks. I wish there was a way to beam there right now. I am in for the give away by the way. =D

  43. Oh my everything is so pretty! I'm in awe of the detail work! So glad you had such a wonderful evening! A flaming bar will be hard to top. Mrs. Herb Garden

  44. Another tasty dining experience-Bamboo does look like it has quite a bit to offer its patrons-yum! Ha-love the picture of you slurping down at that amazing tower. Smart of you to pull your hair back-would not want it to catch on fire! Thanks for sharing and cheers my friend.

  45. Wow, I'm practically drooling over the meal! Everything look so good, and lovely presentation too! I'm eyeing the squid on the Sushi platter! It is our favourite! Japanese food is one of my family's favourite, something we treat ourselves to when there's a reason for a celebration!
    And I'm one of the winner for the giveaway! I love rum in baked goods! This is super exciting! Thank you so much!!
    Happy New Year to you and CK! And Mrs. HG too!

  46. Makes me long for my days when I did a few shifts at Bamboo, crazy times

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