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Takes the Cake

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Do you have a steamer?  I do.  Mine’s made of bamboo and I love it with all my heart.  That’s because it makes all kinds of yummy treats.  Most recently, it made me this lovely steamed cake with sugar cane juice and mango inspired by Cuisine Paradise’s steamed pandan cake with sweet potato.
 I may have snuggled my steamer after…
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  1. You really seem to be able to get the coolest ingredients where you live! I want to try sugar cane juice (and apparently, now I want to try pandan juice too…even just because it's green!)

  2. I don't have a steamer but your photo tells me I REALLY SHOULD

  3. I never steamed a cake before. This must be delicious and love the mangos:)

  4. I don't have a steamer. Now I have a new kitchen toy to research!

  5. Thanks for making me apriciate my steamer more. I need to use it more often and make all kinds of delicious treats like your beautiful steamed cake!

  6. I don't have a bamboo steamer. Usually I steam my dishes in a wok, over boiling water.

  7. That's so cool… I don't have one though 🙁 It is now on my birthday wish list!

  8. ummmmm just to let you know that i'm eating again, well kind of – so any amzing things you make like this again MUST be sent my way immidiately! Thanks xx

  9. How cute!!! I've never had a steamed cake!

  10. Yum. These steamed cakes look lovely. I am a huge sweet potato fan so I would love to try this.

  11. Guess it's time to get a steamer.

  12. Looks so airy and light! I would have hugged mine too! 🙂

  13. never heard of steamed cake either. I need to go and take a look at that recipe !

  14. i loooove sweets 🙂 that looks good

  15. I have not had steamed cakes for a while, yours looks really good…!! I've never tried steamed cakes with sweet potatoes though, have to try it one day…:)!

  16. steamed cakes are amazing! yummy.

  17. Steamed cake? I've never heard of it. Why haven't I heard of it??!! Looks delicious!

  18. gorgeous Peggy, its very common at Malaysia and we have so many with different flavors and taste.

  19. Wow, this recipe is very interesting!!!! I'll make it soon.

    Ow…I'm a new follower now.

    Kisses from Brazil.


  20. I don't blame you – I would have snuggled with it, too.

  21. I do have a steamer!! that steamed cake looks delicious!

  22. Havent tried a steamed cake, done one in a crock pot though, this looks wonderful!

  23. I have a bamboo steamer that I don't use nearly enough! Might have to bust it out this weekend =)

  24. I have never had pandan, but I think I may have wanted to snuggle your steamer after tasting that delicious creation!

  25. Yum! I love steamed veggies, love the picture too!

  26. I remember making steamed puddings years but never thought of a steamed cake. Another use for my bamboo steamer. Your steamer is in much better shape than mine.

  27. I have a steamer basket, one of the metal ones, but I suppose that wouldn't work very well for these! I've never made steamed cakes…I need to remedy this situation soon!

  28. That's a lovely cake! I have a steamer but not a bamboo steamer, I should really get one!

  29. I just love them.. will try them soon. They look absolutely perfect..

  30. I love steamed cakes! I have both a bamboo and an electric steamer…should have used them oftener.
    The steamed cake looks so lovely!

  31. So beautiful! I have an electric steamer and I've always been intrigued by a bamboo steamer….

  32. Looks so good! Now I'm going to have to buy a steamer!

  33. It looks sooo good! I must admit I do not have a steamer, shame on me! I will have to get a bamboo one soon as I'd love to try and make this delicious cake! Buzzed!

  34. Awww you made the steamed cake! Until Ellena asked me how to make Japanese steam cake, I never even tried making it. Since then I've tried making it a couple of times. I should try with sweet potatoes next time. Your steam cake looks delicious!

  35. We had a bamboo steamer, it was beautiful and a great prop , too. Then we got a new puppy. Need we say more? This cake is probably a good reason to go get another one, don't you think?

  36. This is the coolest idea! I have never steamed cake but oh wow!!! ♥- K

  37. The steamed cakes look great! Have a fantastic weekend!

  38. I have never made a steamed cake but, have enjoyed them. They are light airy and delicious. Very nice!!!


  39. My mom loves her steamer… so much so that she bought me one, one of those electric kind, that is HUGE and takes up nearly and entire shelf in the cabinet and I've yet to use it. I've never heard of steaming a cake… maybe you will be my inspiration to use the steamer!

  40. I may need to smuggle my Mom's bamboo steamer back home with me after my trip to visit her in NY in a few weeks. I never heard of steaming a cake. I'm intrigued.

  41. Wow! I would have never though that I could make a cake in my steamer. How exciting! My steamer and I don't snuggle, but then again we have never made a cake together.

  42. I don't have a steamer, but you made me want one with this cake!

  43. I have always wondered about the texture of a steamed cake and this recipe looks pretty enticing. I must be missing out by not making sweet treats with my steamer. Thanks for sharing these tasty gems!

  44. Never made a steamed cake….looks so delicious and perfect.

  45. I used to have a three-tier bamboo steamer years ago, and I finally got rid of it a long time ago…did not get much use out of it, and now I'm sorry that I no longer have the amazing steamer.
    Your steamed cake with the side steamed sweet potatoes look so “islandy” and so yummy!

  46. Steamed cakes have great texture, I should make them more often. Cane juice – thats what I want now

  47. Nice and healthy steamed cake ….love it!

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