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It’s Restaurant Club time again and this month we headed to the Ritz-Carlton to check out Taikun.

‘Taikun fuses the finest grade of sushi with authentic ingredients, sophisticated presentation and legendary Ritz-Carlton service.’  How exciting!  First point of order: I’m digging the menu at Taikun.  Short, sweet and to the point.

We started with some edamame and miso soup. It was a struggle to share…yum!

The group had just about every maki, sashimi and nigiri sushi combination possible.  Makis included the Golden Scallop (crab cucumber, Japanese Mayo with Yuzo Tobico,) the Philadelphia (smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, wasabi tobiko, kiwi sauce) and the sweet yam tempura with avocado.  The sushi and sashimi featured Tako, Yellow Fin Tuna, Red Snapper, Tiger Prawn, Octopus and Wagyu beef just to name a few.

The fish was absolutely melt-in-your-mouthable and everything else was lovely. Discussion essentially stopped as soon as the food appeared. That’s usually a pretty good tell on the quality of the dishes.

One of the coolest things at Taikun is the fresh wasabi that’s prepared tableside.  It was outstanding.

As was dessert. We had the assorted Mocchi ice cream, coconut creme brulee and a classic favorite, vanilla ice cream.  I adored the Mocchi ice cream but some of the other ladies had problems with the consistency.

The food was all spectacular and the only negative thing that can be said was the service.  We did wait quite a while between courses. In the case of the first and the second, more than 45 minutes.  Of course, we didn’t mind so much because of the great company!


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  1. Restaurant Club sounds like such a fun group to be a part of! I definitely can't resist a good sushi joint =)

  2. They give you fresh wasabi, now that's pretty authentic! He grated for you right? I now know that I don't need to miss Japanese food when I'm in Cayman. 😉

  3. everything looks spectacular! i'd love to see how wasabi is made, that sounds interesting.

  4. What a fun idea. I want to be in a restaurant club! I think the food looks amazing, especially the fresh wasabi

  5. Great review and I'd like this club better than a book one!

  6. Great restaurant review, of the Ritz-Carlton. Seems quite similar as ours in S. Florida. We visit our local one for brunch, at least once a year…just have not take photos of the food.

    (my family forbids me to take photos in a crowded place like that…LOL)
    Happy Thanksgiving in the Cayman Islands!

  7. I have a hunch that tourism has seen a boost thanks to your blog! Your club looks so much fun – who cares about the long service? The dinner looked rather splendid…

  8. All of it looks sooo good. I'm sure it was even better when shared with friends. Sweet Yam Tempura is one of my favorites. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  9. That fresh wasabi is good wasabi, certainly!

  10. great review!! everything looks amazing!!

  11. What a fantastic review! Everything looks so appealing and tasty; even the dessert. I know what you mean abaout slow service; it can be very annoying.

  12. Oh YUM.
    A Restaurant Club, I love it!!

  13. that sushi looks incredible…happy thanksgiving to u !

  14. I love Japanese food! Although they can be quite costly, but it is a treat that we indulge in once in a while! Everything looks delicious! Yum!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, CK and Mrs Herb Garden!
    Have fun!

  15. As always fabulous review , gorgeous food and you have such great friends too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. I like your “Restaurant Club”
    We always get sushi at Thai Orchid.

  17. Bahhh, I wish I had a restaurant club to go to 🙁 Ummm wheres Clark??

  18. We love the Ritz as well and it's our annual family treat to ourselves to stay at a Ritz and enjoy their amazing food. The sushi looks fantastic and it looks like you had a great time.

  19. That sushi looks incredible. We are addicted to our local japanese restaurant which serves the most amazing duck and breaded chicken sushi. Your photos are great.

  20. What a fun outing to look forward to each month! I do not like seafood, especially when it is raw. But the pictures make it all look so enticing!

  21. Oh, everything looks so amazing! It's times like these that being allergic to seafood is painful! I would have loved each and every bite! Thanks for sharing and the pics are terrific!

  22. That spread is gorgeous! I love a smaller menu too, it means that everything on it is good. Looks like a great place!

  23. Such fun! I think I need to start a restaurant club…but I don't think our local establishments can ever beat the ones you feature! And now I'm craving sushi 🙂

  24. Wow this is awesome. I love that you have foodie friends to hang with. There doesn't seem to be any foodies here locally. Maybe I should move near you.

  25. Okay, I need to not read your restaurant reviews when I am starving. Because now I am also drooling.

  26. Wow, that really is a long time between courses! But since the food made up for it, it's ok … we get some fresh seafood here on the East Coast but I can only imagine how fresh the sushi is where you are. Yum!!

  27. I guess I need to move to the Cayman Islands to get an invitation to Restaurant Club, huh?? Still think this is such a fabulous idea. When I have some spare time on my hands (ha!) I will put something like this together here in cold MN. We have nothing better to do in the winter! 🙂
    All of that sushi looks fabulous! I always need to start with edamame, too, and I don't like sharing. 🙂

  28. i like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out it's for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies. It’s still in beta version, but would love for you to start adding some photos and help get it going.

  29. I'm such a fool for sushi…it looks wonderful in these photos! I could eat it all the time!

  30. Mmm, looks delicious! I need a restaurant club, stat! 😉

  31. I ate there while I was in Grand Cayman! Great atmosphere. I love that you have a restaurant club. We have a book club… which is really wine club… 🙂

  32. It sounds to me like you have more than your fair share of good restaurants over there on Cayman, PS. Sounds like a great night out, despite the tardy service. I suppose great food is worth the wait? The desserts look incredible!

  33. Wow! Everything looks great! Looks like you had a great time! 🙂

  34. Wow everything looks amazing!! Can I join in on the fun next time??? 🙂

  35. x

  36. Awesome array of seafood sushi! The food must have been delicious because you were a patient group when it came to the service. Glad you enjoyed the night out in spite of that. Great review!

  37. Wow. I must go there when I come to Cayman to raid your kitchen.

  38. Fresh wasabi! How cool! It's SO hard to find! … As usual, LOVED this review!

  39. What a great review and awesome pics. The sushi looked outstanding. Too bad about the service. Was it crowded that night? You ladies look lovely and I'm glad you had a great time! : )

  40. That Jap beans must been heavenly as we order this all the time when we are at Jap restaurants. Sushi rolls are not my fav as I prefer the sashimi cuts. That desserts are something new, wonder whether I can find the same at the Jap restaurants over here.

  41. I want to move to Cayman too! What a fun ladies night!

  42. BTW, I am glad you enjoyed the roasted sausage and squash dish. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  43. A girls' night out…how fun! Everything looks delicious! Too bad about the service but I am sure the company more than made up for it 🙂

  44. Pictures look amazing, Cayman seems to have a great selection of restaurants

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