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45th Annual Agriculture Show

Posted | 35 comments

Fresh produce, local arts and crafts, traditional musical performances, piggies! It’s time for the 45th Annual Agriculture Show! As...

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Mango Chicken

Posted | 51 comments

I hope everybody in the U.S. had a very happy Thanksgiving!  I may have ‘gobbled’ a few times yesterday as I sat at my desk...

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By Breadfruit Alone

Posted | 52 comments

‘One man alone cannot eat a breadfruit.’ Sounds like some philosophical mumbo-jumbo, huh?  Well, its not.  It means that the...

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Posted | 61 comments

The Cimboco – built by Captain Rayal Brazley & Dr. Roy McTaggart – was launched in May, 1927. For 20 years she was...

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Heavy Petting

Posted | 50 comments

Doesn’t that look good?  We’ll get to that…but first! About a year ago, Clark Kent and I were adopted. This mother and...

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