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Stylish Sushi…Say That 3 Times Fast

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I’m going to embarrass myself by saying this:  I only had sushi for the first time last month.


Yes, yes.  I know.  I’ve been missing out on a major ‘party in the mouth’ but I’ve struggled with texture problems my whole life.  I still to this day can’t eat a tomato without getting a shiver.

I’m going to dedicate an entire post to the restaurant where I first tasted this delicious delight but its not this one.  Today we will focus on one of Cayman’s newest restaurants, Karma.  The pan-Asian style restaurant is the center of hip right now, occupying the corner pocket of the pink mall (that’s West Shore Centre for the tourists.)  The instant you walk in the door you know you’re in for a real treat as you see the restaurant’s two sushi ninjas slicing and dicing their way through toro, hamachi and kobe.  The bar is decked out with trendy white sofas and pink backlighting.  The question is, will the food live up to the cool?

After taking a quick look at the drink menu, my friend Rachel and I settled on two Tokyo Teas and then dove into the dinner menu.  Starters included coconut frazzled jumbo prawns, korean bbq spare ribs and sashimi pizza.  We settled on some edamame with sesame oil and sea salt and malay chicken satay.

I’d like to pause here to praise the portion sizes at this restaurant.  Cayman generally follows the Texas philosophy of ‘the more you have on the plate the better’.  This is not the case at Karma.  We had two lovely chicken skewers and enough edamame to whet the appetite without filling us up before the main course.  That being said, Rachel went with the ‘Special’ which turned out to be like 12 pounds of fish.

Okay, maybe it was only one pound but big is big.  Big doesn’t necessarily mean better, right (at least with food)?  Well in this case it did.  Rachel – a size zero – devoured the snapper and all its tasty goodness.  Well done.

With such an exciting ‘big plate’ menu – wild Scottish cedar plank salmon with paprika and brown sugar, duck breast with Chinese 5 spice and plum wine reduction, 14 oz. rib steak with bleu cheese butter emulsion – and an equally thrilling noodle selection, I settled on the Nigiri sushi.  It was served with a soy glaze and wasabi.  I could pick from six types of fish.  I went with maguro and smoked salmon.

So very good.  And very fresh.  It was only my second go at sushi, so it was the ‘make or break’ moment.  I was a little nervous about ordering it at Karma because if it hadn’t been as good as the first restaurant, sushi and I were destined for Splitsville.  But I’ll definitely be going back for a third date.

Dessert was intimating.  It was getting late and the place was quickly filling up.  We had trouble hearing the dessert menu as our server shouted over the babble.  Rachel heard ‘ice cream’ and went for it.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream;  awesomeness in a martini glass.

Toyko Tea: $8.50
Edamame: $4
Chicken Satay: $6
Snapper: $29
Nigiri Sushi: $12

All prices in CI

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  1. Glad your second venture into sushi didn't disappoint. Here's to many more meals of raw fish.

  2. Fun Fact: There's a pan-Asian Indo-Chinese fusion restaurant called 'Karma' in State College, PA. COINCIDENCE? Probably.

    Sushi is a good thing, though I can't help but feel it must be even better from, say, an island nation, rather than some mountainous, land-locked state. Just a thought.

  3. According to my mom and Dr. Oz, you have a sensitive palete which explains your problems with texture. That's about all I know about it, if you want more you'll have to check out Dr. Oz.

    Except for the fish head on a plate, it all sounds really good 🙂

  4. What I so would have gotten the Sashimi Pizza..Yummmm. Thanks for the review. Looks fabulous!!


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