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Soup-er Giveaway

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What’s better than eating loads of incredibly tasty soup?  How about slurping down loads of incredibly tasty soup for a good cause!
For the third year in a row, Big Brothers Big Sisters has helped foodies in Cayman pre-game for the big Super Bowl showdown by hosting the “Soup-er Bowl” at the Camana Bay Arts & Recreation Center.  This year, 23 restaurants competed for the coveted Best Soup in Cayman title.
Soups, chowders, chilis, bisques; hot, cold; sweet, savory, spicy, VERY SPICY. We decided to attack it in a orderly fashion, so after picking the route, we set off for Thai Orchid. Our first stop set the bar pretty high with their Tom Yum Goong.  ‘Yum’ was an appropriate word for this spicy soup.
The first dazzler of the day came from Calypso Grill in the form of Roasted Breadfruit chowder.  It was served with dried plantain chips and it was a perfect combo.  Breadfruit is a staple side dish here and it was nice to see it be the center of attention for a change.
Occupying a corner space in the recreation center was the booth – complete with red carpet – for 7 at the Ritz-Carlton with its ‘Famous Maine Lobster Bisque En Croute.  A pretty presentation for an unexciting soup.
Across the way was the booth for one of my favorite restaurants in Cayman, Bacchus.  Their feature soup was Satinasutro – Asian Tomato Fusion.  It was served with a drop of pesto and a yummy mozzarella ball.  I’m a sucker for tomato soup already, but throw in cheese and I have to refrain from knocking down the booth lady and swiping the goods.
As we made our way around the stalls, we were treated to gumbo, clam chowder and a super tasty butternut squash soup (my husband, Clark Kent, disagrees with that review) before making it to last year’s winner, Guy Harvey’s Island Grill where Chef Romeo was serving his award winning Lobster Veloute.
Loved it.
Another spectacular soup came from Rackam’s. It was a bland-sounding chicken and vegetable soup, but thou shalt not judge food (including soup) by the name. One person first loaded the little jello shot cup with about a zillion different types of veggies – including this knotted tiger lily – then someone else topped it off with a lovely coconut infused chicken soup.
The Big Boss (like Bruce Lee-style) of the event, and my number one choice for Cayman’s Best Soup, came from Chef Matthias at Deckers with his roundhouse sensation ‘Chilled Banana Soup laced with Bermuda Goslings Rum.’

It was so good I forgot to take a picture, even when I went back for seconds. When asked, Mats told me he serves this soup with plantain chips making for a sweet and savory pairing.  I’m looking forward to heading to Deckers for the full monty.

Now, here’s the bit ya’ll have been trudging through this blog for – the swag.  I’ve got a $50 gift certificate for Thai Orchard up for grabs.

To enter for the draw:

1) please leave me your favorite soup recipe as a comment.

2) re-Tweet or repost this on Twitter or Facebook to share the Thai Orchid love.

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  1. Thank you for supporting the 2011 BBBS Soup-er Bowl!

    Here are the results for your readers:
    1st Place – Bacchus with “Satinasutro – Asian Tomato Fusion”
    2nd Place – Solana by Marriott with “Gumbo”
    3rd Place – Thai Orchid with “Tom Yum Goong”
    Most Unique Soup award – Deckers' “Chilled Banana Soup laced with Bermuda Gosling Rum”.

    Looks like your taste buds were right on the mark! More fabulous soups will be available at our event next year so save the date: 4th February 2012! All funds raised will be used to match and support children and adults in caring mentoring relationships. Thank you for helping us make a BIG difference in the life of a child.

    The staff of Big Brothers Big Sisters – Cayman Islands or(345)945-6315

    (Kumara is NZ speak for sweet potato.)

    2 gloves garlic
    tspoon ground or mince ginger
    1 onion
    4 tbspoons butter
    pound of kumara/sweet potato (3 big ones?)
    tspoon curry powder
    1 cup of vege or chicken stock
    3 cups of milk
    salt and pepper

    Sautee onion, garlic, ginger and curry in butter until onion clear. Chuck in chopped Kumara and cook for couple of mins, dont overdo. Add stock and cover and cook for around 10 mins. Puree soup in blender, then begin to thin with milk in pan, keep going until consistency suits. Serve with a tbspoon of cream or coconut cream through it in a bowl and garnish with scallions or herbs. MMMmmmm

    Kiwi Tucker! 😉


  3. Sounds fabulous!

    ok so here goes my secret soup dish…..

    Leek and Potato Soup

    Veggie Oxo

    Heat butter
    Add leeks and onions – cook until soft
    add potatoes cubed
    add oxo cube – dissolved in water
    slowly simmer until potato soft and to desired consistancy.
    add salt and pepper to taste.



  4. What to say???? What a terrific idea and it certainly looked delicious! Next year you will have to instruct each booth not to serve you until you have snapped a pic!!! Keep up the good work, I'll be the one shopping for cheap tix to come visit! Yum indeed! 🙂

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