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Sensational Salad

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For about 27 of my 29 years, I didn’t eat vegetables.  I didn’t like the taste.  I really didn’t like the texture.  It took my friend Debbie sneaking some into her dishes before I finally started eating vegetables.  Nothing fancy.  She’d hide some mushrooms in the lasagna or cauliflower in the mac ‘n cheese. I’ve come a long way since then and am quite proud of my veg eating habits (still no tomatoes tho!)  I’m now learning that salads can be more than just the Caesar variety.  Cue the best salad ever:  Vegan Creamy Honey Dijon Salad + Omega Croutons by Leanne at Healthful Pursuit.

I was eating the dressing by the spoonful and we’re officially in love with these croutons.
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  1. How far you've come! 😀 Must check out that recipe, thanks for linking up at my salad blog hop 😀

  2. Not a huge fan of veg too! I eat it because my hubs forces me too =P

  3. Oh yummmmmmm.

  4. No veggies?!?!?!? Woah! I'm glad you found a salad you adore!

  5. I need to work on spicing up my salad routine too…this looks like an awesome one! Thanks 🙂

  6. Glad you found a way you like to eat veggies – and fruit, to boot! I love salads with apples…

  7. Those croutons look amazing! I am a huge salad lover….looks delicious.

  8. I love salads. Yours looks simple but definitely a fuss free and delicious one.

  9. Way to go!!! I always had my veggies cooked and the idea of salad and eating relatively bitter greens was far from appealing, but I too learned that I can put a bunch of fruits/veggies that I actually liked and make a salad out of it – Talking of lasagnas, do stop by and see my recipe – hopefully what you see will tempt you to try it out – cheers and happy sunday dear 🙂

  10. Good for you! I did turn a friend of mine from a veggie hater to a veggie-lover now, that was two decades ago! And she keeps reminding me on this each time we have salads! Veggies are beautiful and delicious! Croutons with salads are always a winner!

  11. i love to eat a healthy food….nice salad…and i love the simplicity of this recipe..

  12. Looks like a refreshing salad. And I can not believe you are not eating tomato! It is very hard to understand for me since I finish almost two every day:)

  13. can't beat a good salad

  14. I used to squeeze the veggies into all kinds of dishes to get my kids to eat them. Spaghetti always had shredded carrots and zucchini. Worked every time. Love this salad!


  15. Looks like a great new salad recipe!

  16. So glad you changed you mind about vegetables; this salad really is tempting; so I am keeping this recipe to try out soon.

  17. yuuum… I just made those croutons again and paired them with a lemon based dressing. Really, anything with those croutons works. I like the idea of putting them on a skewer and dipping them in the dressing! Now we're talking!! Thanks for featuring my recipe, Parsley 🙂

  18. I love adding croutons to my salads too :D)! Like you I have never liked salads that much, I mean I like salads but I always need a bit of meat as addition to my salad, how naughty, I know ;)!

  19. I know what you mean about no veggies. A dear friend of mine was the same way as you, even two little children. About the only veggies she ate was corn on the cob, and tomatoes, which is actually considered a fruit.
    Good for you, and your friend is a true friend to introduce you to veggies.
    Yummy salad and croutons!

    BTW-I'm paying forward the awards, to all! You are more than welcome to grab one, or both, and pay it forward if you like:DDD

  20. No veggies? Not even roasted? No tomatoes?! Oh my word…you would never survive in a Macedonian household! haha 🙂 I'm glad you're coming around though… veggies can be good if you find a favorite way to cook them.

  21. Oh that picture is making me crave a salad with my morning coffee!! Yum! I am glad your friend was influential. I have done that for friends of mine too. You just have to see that they are not bad and find the ones you like! Sometimes we just get a thought in our head that won't let go and we need to brave through and try things we think we dislike or are afraid of. I make it a habit force myself to try new things all the time and I often find that I like it. Not just food, things like Zip lines or talking in front of people.

  22. With such a great endorsement, I'll definitely try it!

  23. It really sounds like a wonderful salad. I'm heading to the site as soon as I post here. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Blessings…Mary

  24. I've been over to Healthful Pursuit. Those are some croutons. I would probably skewer the croutons and dip them in the dressing.

  25. I love them anyway I can get them sounds great!

  26. Wow that's a long time without the veggies: well done Debbie! That is a really good friend you've got. 🙂 Looks a deliciously healthy salad and with the extra crunchies in there, just fab!

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