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Rebel Without A Clue

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So when I was 16, I had this genius idea to pierce my tongue.  I was cool.  I was hip.  I was no longer able to eat spaghetti!  If I’d have known when I let them jam a metal rod through my tongue that it would severely limit the range of food I could consume, I wouldn’t have done it.  Of course, it was too late by the time I had my revelation.  Le sigh.  After two spaghetti-less years, I finally abandoned my tongue ring on the bathroom sink.  Never fear. My parents weren’t relieved for long.  I got a tattoo about 2 weeks later….cause I’m a rebel.  You know who else is a rebel? Angie from Angie’s Recipes.  She’s a cooking rebel. A few weeks ago she wow’d me with her Spaghetti Nests.

Satisfy your inner naughty.  You know you want to.

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  1. Enjoyed this post! Thanks for the laugh! The spaghetti nests look great. I am not a fan of the run of the mill spaghetti so this works great for me.

  2. Love the bus-sketti nests!! My granddaughter would love them. I never had the nerve to get a piercing but got my tat 15 yrs ago.

  3. Huh, I've always wanted a tongue ring but now that I know spaghetti is out of the question – that idea is!

    PS. Im 24 and got my tattoo at 22 and never told my dad. He just found out like a week ago and flipped out…>.> so much for being an adult.

  4. 2 yrs of spaghetti fasting…. tough too tough!
    Any way spaghetti nest looks delicious!!:)

  5. I could not go that long without spaghetti! The noodle nests look yummy!

  6. Um, I thought I was a cool rebel when I got my belly button pierced…I was all of 17 years old and ready to “party like a college girl!!” 🙂

    Love those nests! Angie has some ammmmmazing food on her blog!

  7. Yeah, I wasn't exactly thrilled with my nose piercing either … only I did that when I was 30. My excuse? Fear of aging. lol. I let that close up and am very happy with my tattoo as well! I totally remember these noodle nests, they rule.

  8. LMFAO! Satisfy your inner naughty! Don't you love the way the definition of “naughty” changes with age! The 16 year old Parsley Sage wouldn't have ever imagined defining naughty as noodle nests! 😀

  9. I love your stories! I think everyone has a little bit of a rebel inside of them. These sound so good too, thanks for sharing!

  10. As far as I'm concerne…any young girl with natural red hair like you is a “rebel” LOL my younger sister was like you when she was 16…now, totally mellowed out!
    Your spaghetti nest is so tempting, inviting, and oh, so yummy.
    Angie really is so inspiring with all her gorgoeous dishes, and desserts! Such a great shout out to her!

  11. I love these nests! I'm also curious why you can't eat spaghetti with a tongue ring? Does the pasta get all tangled up?

  12. You are so funny. I'm glad you have mellowed a lot through the years…from tongue piercing to making spaghetti nests. I just might be able to copy what you do.

  13. Okay, you need to explain this one to me…why can't you eat spaghetti? When I was younger, I got a nose ring, a belly button ring and a tattoo. I no longer have the nose or belly ring, but the tattoo is here for good!
    I love these nests, both yours and Angies.

  14. Those things we do during our younger age is sometimes unexplainable. The way your cooking is presented is so divine, beautiful with lovely colors.

  15. Too funny…the things we do when we're young!!! Trying to get my kids through this stage 🙂 Anyway, I, too, saw this great recipe on Angie's blog…it sure looks yummy here, too!

  16. Ok now I wonder where did you put your tattoo…

  17. I am so GLAD that you have tried the recipe! ;-)) You have made my day! Thank you so much for the shout-out.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  18. Seen this in Angie's blog. Looks delicious then and it looks delicious now!

  19. Those spaghetti nest are wowing me. So happy you got rid of that tongue thing.I was a teenager in the sixties; my naughty thing was my crush on Elvis that my mom hated.

  20. Spaghetti Nest – I just love the naughtiness in the sound.. Love it.

  21. Lovely idea.Looks nice on a plate.I was rebel too.But just not very brave one
    I had a tatoo of a beautifull buterfly on my my parents couldn't see it ,but always a shorter shirt to wear when out of the house for all others to see;)

  22. LOL Mrs Herb Garden gets my vote.

    When my daughter did all those rebel things I said, “one day you'll grow up and wish you hadn't done all those things.”

    Then one day when she was about 35 she said exactly that. The tattoos were cute when she was 18. 🙂 Thankfully she's not alone and many of her generation will point and laugh at the folly of their youth.

    The psketty nests are cool.

  23. LOL! Was that anonymous comment your mom???! Love it!!! She let your secret out!
    Well… as a mom, I'm glad you took the tongue “thing” out! I'm ok with the shamrock though.
    And these little nests??? Yep, I”m ok with those too! NIcely done!

  24. Angie IS a food rebel…I love this post! What a great peek into the wild you! I got my first (and only) tattoo when I was 45. My sisters and I all have the same tattoo and TO THIS DAY I feel so bold and daring! No one can see it but me, but I know it's there!

  25. So funny! Your nests look delicious – I think I will make them for my 16 year old who is always threatening/begging for piercings!
    Mary x

  26. Love it! “Satisfy your naughty”…hilarious!

  27. Just at this moment, I wish I were a bird…*sitting on the edible nest*

  28. Rebel indeed I was always a coward…LOL
    These are so cool they are open o so many variations I really look forward to doing something with this

  29. I laughed all the way through the post 🙂 Can't believe you've got your tongue pierced… sounds quite painful.. and two years limiting food???? I would have quit after two day 🙂

  30. OMG are you serious, you rebel you? I can’t believe you got your tongue pierced! It sounds really painful. And what hurts more is not being able to eat pasta! Getting a tat does sound little less painful, but still bbbbrrrr. Must be my fear of needles. Cute pasta nest btw.

  31. YUMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!looks delicious! I CANNOT BELIEVE you did not eat pasta for 2 whole years!!!! ahhhhh I would get rid of everything in my diet just to eat pasta! Glad you are back on the bandwagon 🙂

    We just started following your blog!!


    Amy & Tiff

  32. Two spaghetti-less years! I don't think I could ever do that – I love my pasta too much :P. Love the idea of the nests – so cute!

  33. Ouchy…a tongue ring. I always think of people who pierce their tongues when I bite my tongue accidentally and want to cry 🙂

  34. hahaha. I love it. No pierced tongue for me, I'll stick to my lip piercing though watermelon on the rind and Carmel apples are a little difficult to maneuver, i find my ways. I couldn't go two years with out spaghetti. i think i got Italian somehow by working with them for 3 1/2 years i just can't live without pasta anymore.

    from one rebel to another awesome.

  35. Oh yes, fried spaghetti with bacon. This is at the same stage as the tongue piercing. To move to the tattoo stage maybe top the spaghetti with brown butter sauce:)

  36. Mmmm these nests are way too good for the birdies! I too had the same peircing problem only mine was my nipple, yes I thought it'd be cool and it was certainly a conversation starter but it seemed to be right on the same level as any logo which happened to be on my shirts…ouch and scratchy can I say! I moved on and entred the tattoo phase of my life, which just seems to keep going and going but I like it way better.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  37. Sounds like Mrs Herb Garden got the last laugh on her rebel daughter! No spaghetti for two years – what a disaster. However these spaghetti nests make up for lost time. Coming to a plate near me very soon!

  38. These look fantastic!! What a great idea!

  39. WOW! How did you go without spaghetti for 2 years?! I'd have serious withdrawals haha 🙂 I love the idea of this spaghetti nest, too cute!

  40. Love the nest idea! I'm too chicken to pierce my tongue or get any body ink. The most rebellious thing I did was pierce my navel (that no one sees).

  41. No tongue piercing or body art for me. I'm chicken!! I do, however, envy you your shopping! I have not set foot in a Walmart for at least a decade. I don't like their control over book publishing (if it won't sell at Walmart it doesn't get published by the “biggies) or their politics. I'd rather pay full price. I do shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Other than ethnic grocery stores, we don't have “mom and pop” stores.


  42. You know… rebels always get paid back when they have kids! Like the nests you posted, nice summery lunch.
    Have a great weekend and don't forget your appointment at the tattoo parlor.

  43. I love this post. So well written and YUM. I got my tongue pierced too at 16!!! My grandpa made me take it out. I wanted 2 years to get a tattoo though. Nothing he could do about that one. Whoops 🙂

  44. I have to laugh! You've got to clarify your tatoo for everyone, you big brave rebel! (it's a tiny shamrock) I remember how angry I was that you would deliberately mutilate yourself after sitting in every other emergency room with you with a broken something or other! I guess we're even now after your Nurse Ratchett duties this summer! The “sketti” nests look great, are they carbonara? Mrs. Herb Garden

  45. Spaghetti nests? I love the sound of this! I almost pierced my tongue long ago, and I'm glad I never did. I opted for a tattoo instead, which I am much happier with. 🙂

  46. I'll be finding Angie's spaghetti nests. They look delightful. (How did I miss 'em?) Glad you can eat 'sketti again. (I was quite relieved when my daughter was told her tongue couldn't handle the piercing. If I had thought about spaghetti, I would have saved her the disappointment.)
    What's the tatoo?

  47. You rebel you! ;D These nests look great, such a nice different way to present spaghetti. I'm sorry I missed that “cooking rebel” Angie make these. I guess I have to make up for it and make them this weekend!

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