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Well, July’s Restaurant Club has come and gone and I’m already looking forward to the August meeting.  Fun times were had by all Friday night as the group headed to Ragazzi in Buckingham Square along West Bay Road. I was last there three years ago so Clark Kent, Rachel and I were thrilled to have a reason to reacquaint ourselves with their Italian menu.

The starter menu was wide and varied, almost overwhelming if you’re like me and have trouble making a decision.  I finally settled on the Antipasto Misto platter with proscuitto, bresaola, salami, speck and mortadella (anyone else thinking of Archeo Cook’s fatback laced beauty?) Fellow clubber Carolyn went with the caprese (upper left) while Rachel chose the blue crab spring rolls.  I snarfed mine although I was forced to share a bit with Clark Kent (grudgingly).  Rachel and the other ladies who had the same starter were disappointed in the apparent lack of crab in their crab rolls. The club president, Ashleigh, had the duck salad (pictured below, on left.) ‘So much variety and flavor,’ she exclaimed. ‘Its fantastic!’

Moving on to the entree’s, CK had the special: grilled swordfish. The verdict? ‘Outstanding.’

Seeing as it was an Italian joint, how could I not go with the four cheese gnocchi with pistachios?  You’re absolutely right.  I had to have it.  It was amazing.  I dunno how they do it but their gnocchi has a texture reminiscent of marshmallows.  More pillowy than dumplingy. Rach had the immense grilled chicken pizza with bell pepper, potato and roasted garlic. ‘It has a good tomato to cheese ratio…which makes me feel classy.’  Heh.  Adorable.

Next to the pizza is Marie’s seafood trio which was ‘really flavorful’ and Selicia’s zuppa di pesce with lobster, jumbo shrimp, scallops, mussels and snapper steamed in a tomato-basil broth.  It looked terrifyingly big to me!

Dessert was: port wine for CK and Rachel, banana cream pie for Selicia and Marie and Sicilian cannoli with ricotta cheese and vanilla ice cream for me. Holy yum.

Antipasto Misto – $11.95
Caprese – $9.95
Blue Crab Spring Rolls – $9.95
Duck Salad – $11.95
Grilled Swordfish – $27.00
Gnocchi – $16.96
Chicken Pizza – $15.50
Banana Cream Pie – $7.50
Canolli – $7.50

All prices in CI.  $1 CI = $1.25 US

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  1. Looks like everyone is having such a good time; mostly women and one lucky guy!

  2. Lovin your reviews!

  3. The grilled swordfish sounds amazing!

  4. I've just gotten a yearning for swordfish and it's not even breakfast time. Sounds like another fantastic meal enjoyed in great company!

  5. I love your restaurant club posts 🙂 Gnocchi with pistachios sounds amazing!!!

  6. gnocchi with pistachios… Please! Thank you 😀

  7. Wow, the food looks amazing there! Yum!

  8. This is looking amazing………love n enjoy, sonia !

  9. Just a quick note from me to let you know that I love your blog so much I am sharing these awards with you! They are on my blog so come and get them!

  10. Everything looks delicious…that misto platter got my attention, and the gnocchi, well, that is something I need to dig into!

  11. so jealous of your rclub reviews!! the anitpasto is my fav, looks super yummy!! and sweets are always welcomed!!

  12. Gnocchi and pistachios, two of my favorite things. Yum! Knocked it out of the park again. Mrs. Herb Garden

  13. These menu items all look good I particularly like the presentation of the antipasto platter.

  14. Oh wow! What a spread! I would definitely go for cannoli first 🙂
    By the way, CK can handle all the chatter from all the women at the table by himself? 🙂 he seems to be the only guy! My husband woul have ducked out at the first minute 🙂

  15. I can't even decide what I like most!
    Thanx for sharing

  16. Among all, I will go for the starter, I simply love it.

  17. Great having time with people taht share love for food.All other nice things follow from there;)

  18. Ohhh… I think I would have chosen your same dishes my dear!!! And those gnocchi look perfect! Maybe they were ricotta gnocchi? Those are usually more “velvety” than potato gnocchi (and my favourite)! Great review! Now I am hungry!!!! <3

  19. What a gorgeous spread you all had! But I think you got the best meal of the night…antipasto…gnocchi….and cannoli! Mama Mia! (those desserts….groan!) : )

  20. I want to live in the middle of that Antipasto Misto plate! YUM!

  21. What a feast, all look delicious!

  22. Great pictures! What a fun night!

  23. It all looks delicious!

  24. Yummie! Everything looks so good, specially the gnocchi…topped with a creamy sauce. I love the pictures of the dishes.
    Hope you have a fantastic week ahead 🙂

  25. Love the name “ragazzi” = buddies for the name of the Italian restaurant. Love the appetizers, main course and the yummy desserts. What a fabulous restaurant, and great review!

  26. It all looks good, but give me some of the duck salad please!!!

  27. Love your restaurant reviews. Everything on the menu calls my name.

  28. I'm drooling (as usual) the swordfish just sent me over the top!

  29. oh wow you have so many neat places to eat where you are love it wish my town was better

  30. I'm hungry after looking at these dish! The Antipasto looks great and I can finish the whole plate of the Marie's seafood trio by myself with a good bread… YUMMY. I need to join this club!

  31. So much good food! And good company as well =) You've changed your profile pics! So cute.

  32. Food looks divine. I wouldn't know which one to order. Seafood most probably. What a fun club!

  33. OMG I want to join a restaurant club!!!!!!

  34. It all looks so good! It sounds like such fun too, can I join? 😀

  35. This all looks and sounds incredible, as always. Can I invite myself to your restaurant club gathering next month? 🙂

  36. They all look amazing but the seafood broth is my choice! I love the apps being erved on the block too.
    I think I need to move there just to help Mr Kent with the men-women ratio's….

  37. now I'm craving cannoli!

  38. All of the food looks amazing and I am sure that everyone enjoyed it. No wonder it only takes a few hours after your dining experience for you to be looking forward to another!

  39. Your gnocchi has me drooling!!

  40. Your amazing photos just made me so hungry!

  41. I love the restaurant reviews! It looks like such a fun time with a great group! ….and you know I love Italian food!

  42. I'm a fool for cured meats. Is it wrong to order plates of antipasto for every course?

  43. The gnocchi looks good, I have not tried any before! Would really love to. Everything looks delicious. What a happy gathering, and a thorn among the roses, again? 🙂

  44. Thanks for the anti-douche comment on my cupcake tutorial. It made me chuckle 🙂

    I tasted swordfish skewers in Mauritius in 1999 and fell in love. But alas, I have never seen them available in South Africa.

    The pistachio gnocchi sounds AWEsome in no uncertain terms!

  45. I'm with Cassie….yes, please on the gnocchi with pistachios! Once again, I'm even more convinced that I have to visit. My hubby viewed this with me and he's on the same page. Now, we just need to put some $$ in the “Cayman” account and start packing. 🙂

  46. Now I feel like having some gnocchi. I had some recently but they can be addictive!

  47. Drooling again! Gnocchi with pistachios? Yes, please, that sounds heavenly!

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