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Pie For Parrots

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It was a weekend full of pies in our household.  You all know I don’t bake (well, I try) so these pies were of the frozen variety.  A couple of my friends are opening a new restaurant in Cayman and one of them asked me to whip up a couple of key lime pies for the occasion.  While cruising through the aisles at the grocery store for my limes, I spotted a very attractive papaya that was flirting with me an aisle over.  It instantly made it into the cart.  And when I see a papaya, I instantly think Cayman Parrots.

I’ve mentioned before that Clark Kent and I volunteer with Cayman Wildlife Rescue.  Every few weeks, we drive out to Savannah to clean the cages, change out the toys, provide showering services (see above) and lavish with treats the six rescued Cayman Parrots that are currently in recovery.  They love papayas!  If they could eat it in pie, they would 🙂

Papaya Pie
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You will need:
1 Papaya (make sure its sweet)
1 cup condensed milk
3 cups cool whip
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 graham cracker pie crust

  • Slice you papaya open and remove the seeds and strings.
  • Scoop out the fruit
  • Blend the fruit or mash it up with a fork if you’re more ambitious than I am
  • In a bowl, mix papaya, whipped cream, condensed milk and lemon juice
  • Pour into a ready-made graham cracker pie crust (I know, I know…but remember, I’m a terrible baker!)
  • Freeze for at least 6 hours
  • Serve with a dollop of whipped cream.
  • Think on what a cool word ‘dollop’ is while taking a bite of this lovely, easy pie 🙂
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  1. What a gorgeous and flavorful pie! I would have never thought to make one with papaya… It looks so delicious, fresh and perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG! Papaya pie, that's so original! We have papaya like every week. I should consider making pie the next time.

  3. Papaya pie is something that I have never tried, I have never even thought it existed, but I would loooooove to get a slice of it! I'm so curious about the taste.

  4. What an amazing idea. Adore papaya and can imagine it's lovely in a pie. Looking after these gorgeous parrots sounds like a lot of fun. What beauties. Clark Kent? 😉

  5. Wow, What a lovely blog. I must say I'm jealous of your parrot showering – not many chances to do that here!

    I've never made a frozen pie before either – especially not one made with papaya – but I might try this summer if I can find anything decent in teh supermarkets. I'll let you know how I get on!

  6. Never had, or made papaya pie before…now's the right time with such a fabulous recipe, and photo of it of this yummy, creamy pie!
    A keeper, for sure!
    I finally posted the award again, to pay it forward. Did another “shout out” to you:DDD

  7. Parsley Sage you knocked that one way out of the park! Way to go! So proud! Pink Lemonade is so passe', going Papaya from now on! Love from Mexico. Mrs. Herb Garden

  8. OMG!!! I love papaya!! I have been juicing them every morning!! great recipe!! bookmarked!!

  9. ooh that looks like pumpkin or sweet potato pie but lighter, almost like sherbet pie or something, more summer-y! totally “cayman”. 🙂 loved the story behind this post too! makes me want to volunteer at a wildlife center!

  10. I love papaya! Thank you for sharing!

  11. “dollop” is a fun word! And hello! I'm so making this! I've never bought a papaya. Shame on me! ♥- Katrina

  12. Wow Lois Lane 🙂 – that is a 'super' pie! I'm sure those parrots would scoff this gorgeous dessert if they got the chance.

  13. Bet you're not as bad of a baker as you *think* you are. Papayas remind me of when I lived in Barbados for 6 months…boy, that was a lovely time in my life! When I come to visit the caymans, you are making this pie for me!

  14. Yum! This papaya pie looks scrumptious. I've never tried it in a pie so I'm excited!

  15. What a vibrant color, I would love to serve this fresh looking pie to my guests, very nice!

  16. Food at the grocery store flirts with you, too? I thought it was just me! 🙂 This pie looks delicious! Of course, it would taste more delicious in Cayman, I'm sure! Can I come live with you? Please? Have I told you about the 20-foot pile of snow that sits across from the building I work in? Oh, and that it is May 6th??

  17. Wow, this looks lovely. Have not tried papaya pie before! I can just imagine how delicious this is!

  18. Papaya pies? That's new! I usually eat it fresh and have never cooked/ baked with papaya.

  19. That sounds so yummy!

    Except for the whole bird part…we know how I feel about the birds…

  20. Mmmm papaya! This looks so good and I love the color! I love that the papaya was flirting with you 😉

  21. What a terrific cause you volunteer for. This is a lovely, easy pie. Right up my alley. Like you, I'm not much of a baker!


  22. What a refreshing, tropical pie! Now if we could only get some tropical weather here in the midwest!

  23. This looks delicious and quite out of the ordinary! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  24. That is an interesting tropical pie- I love the idea of using papaya. Awesome.


  25. Looking at the texture of the pie, it looks like papaya ice-cream! cool!

  26. I love the idea of a papaya pie… it looks terrific.

  27. What a cool idea, papaya pie!! I don't usually like papaya, but this looks really really yummy :D)

  28. so simple and so yummy! I have to try this recipe, just need to get a nice Hawaiian papaya…

  29. This is interesting, papaya pie and such an easy recipe too!

  30. I'm nearly speechless over this! WILL be making pie with papaya!

  31. That looks and sounds like an easy pie to try out. I love papaya and would love to try this one.

  32. What a wonderful sounding pie, I would never have thought of papaya pie! Delicious
    have a great day

  33. Papaya flirts with you? And here I thought I was special! 😀 This pie sounds wooooooooooooonderful! 😀

  34. I love papaya – I'll have to bookmark this!

  35. lovely color..pie looks very pretty… me too hava a parrot at my home in India..i miss them a lot..

  36. That is a gorgeous color.

  37. my daughter loves papaya and this pie sounds like the perfect treat on a sunny day. thanks for the recipe!

  38. Oh yum! Great idea to use papaya in a pie! I am sure it tasted delicious. Great colour too!

  39. OK, how did I not notice before that you call your hubby Clark Kent? I may or may not have grown up reading my dad's old Superman comics…

    Another question: why do I not use papaya more? It's so tasty, and I love that creamsicle color!

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