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Pepper Jelly Glazed Caribbean Red Snapper

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Meet Executive Chef Brad Phillips from The Brasserie.  The Deep Dish first visited The Brasserie with Restaurant Club in June where we had a fantastic time.  I was so excited when they agreed to share a recipe with me (and you!) as part of the Taste of Cayman 2012 Series.

Pepper Jelly Glazed Caribbean Red Snapper with Crispy Cassava, Bok Choy and Coconut Curry Sauce, by Chef Brad (Serves 4)
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You will need:
3 lbs snapper fillet
2 tbsp grape seed oil
Salt and Pepper
Pepper Jelly
Coconut Curry Sauce

  • Cut the snapper fillet into 7-ounce pieces
  • Clean the grill and heat it as hot as possible
  • Season fish with salt, pepper and oil.
  • Place fillets on the grill for 3 minutes on each side
  • Glaze the fish with pepper jelly and move them to the top warming rack of the grill
  • Let them roast there for 2 more minutes with the lid down

Recipe Links!
Crispy Cassava (personal favorite!)
Bok Choy
Pepper Jelly
Coconut Curry Sauce

OH OH OH!  Don’t forget to enter the first Taste of Cayman giveaway I launched on Tuesday.  You can do that here.

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  1. This is making my mouth water! Fabulous recipe, and so perfect for my pepper blog hop – thanks for linking up! Pinned 🙂

  2. Those grill marks are perfect. This fish dish couldn't look any more beautiful!

    I hope you and yours have a great holiday!!

  3. I just love this recipe and I am going to bookmark it so that I can recreate it when we go to the Caribbean this spring.

  4. What a gorgeous dish…incredible flavors!

  5. Love all the shots you were able to get in the kitchen; grat way to make red snapper ever better.

  6. The red snapper sounds amazing glazed with pepper jelly, awesome!

  7. Oh my gosh – that looks amazingly delicious! I definitely want to make some of that pepper jelly although I'd probably have to use habaneros since I can't get my hands on scotch bonnet

  8. Love red snapper and this looks so delicous and do-able!
    thanks for a great recipe
    Mary x

  9. My dad is a huge red snapper fan, though I have to admit I've never actually tasted it. I'm LOVING that pepper jelly glaze though! I just might have to get over my “issues” and give this one a go. Well done!

  10. Oh wow this snapper looks superb!! Yummmm! Well done on the top 9!!

  11. What a fun series! This snapper sounds fantastic…I think I could eat the jelly and the sauce straight from the bowl!!
    Congrats on the Top 9, too!

  12. Congrats on Top 9:)This looks absolutely delicious. Happy Holidays:)xx

  13. That red snapper looks P E R F E C T!
    Glad to see you earn Top 9 again, congratulations!

  14. Chef Brad you have outdone yourself with this one. Made me want it on my plate and in my lap! Great job…my mouth is still watering…

  15. Love, love pepper jelly. What a great dish!

  16. A well-deserved Foodbuzz No.1, PS. Great post – thanks for the peep into The Brasserie's kitchen. Gorgeous plate of food.

  17. I love pepper jelly. Never seen it used this way. Thanks!

  18. The beet root and the chocolate dessert made me dream of Taste of Cayman festival. Now the fish! Oh I want to come and eat all these delicious dishes! YUM!!!

    Happy Holidays!

  19. Looks amazing! Glad you made the top because I am so happy to have found you! Can't wait to get busy with some of your recipes.

  20. So pretty!! What a great recipe!

  21. Beautifully prepared dish..elegant and delicious!!! Congrats on top 9!!!

  22. Oh my, what a great way to use pepper jelly! I want some! No really I would love a bite of this fish right now! I guess I have to go a little farther south to try it…or make it myself! 🙂

  23. The dish looks stunning and so delicious! thanks for sharing.

  24. I have never cook fish this way. I want to try and I am sure I will be amazed at how delicious this can be.

  25. A wonderful and “snappy” looking dish. I make pepper jelly every year and am always looking for new uses for it. What a great recipe..and the photo is stunning!

  26. I'm always on the lookout for fish recipes as I have a tendency to keep it simple and cook fish with some fresh herbs and olive oil. That gets boring very fast. This recipe is so special and I can't wait to give the pepper jelly a try 😉

  27. I made this after reading it here. The only hard part was smearing the jelly on the fish with the grill cranked up to max heat! But it was goooood!

  28. oh am i glad i found you.. now i am off to look at the pepper jelly recipe.. c

  29. Thanks for the buzz and sharing this lovely snapper recipe with us;) love the way it was prepared … surely it tasted great! Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you and family !

  30. We've been swamped with work and cold weather for weeks and so now it's time for our vicarious living segment and a lovely trip to the Caribbean. Snapper with pepper jelly glaze sounds just perfect and maybe one of those drinks with a little umbrella in it. Lovely recipe, thanks!

  31. What a fancy dish! I love the pepper jelly idea paired with the snapper!

  32. This looks delicious! Makes me excited to move to hawaii!

  33. I just love snapper. And what a GORGEOUS sauce for this. I bet the curry, coconut and pepper jelly are fabulous together! And I wish I could make my plate look this beautiful! : )

  34. I love snapper and this recipe looks outstanding. The pepper glaze and coconut sauce ingredients look fantastic. You didn't mention but I'm assuming from the looks of the photo you drizzle the sauce around the snapper, correct?

    What a fun culinary series. Plus that chowder recipe sounds decadent and so fattening but scrumptious. I'm printing these off and will plan to make the snapper very soon. Thank you for sharing this. Looking forward to eating lots of fresh Caribbean food soon!

  35. Gorgeous glaze! Love that it's as beautiful as delicious….mmmmmmmm.

  36. Yum! Looks delicious.

  37. This looks so good. I love red snapper.

  38. Oh, this looks amazing! I can only imagine how much fun you're having with this series! GREAT photos!

  39. You had me sold with the coconut curry sauce… Looks so savory and full of flavor!!

  40. I have never had pepper jelly before, but I love snapper so this is definitely a meal I'd love to try 🙂

  41. this look amazing:)

  42. Really I need to make sure to come visit you next year! I love this … everything you post makes me hungry!

  43. Mmm.. I love snapper. Heck, I love seafood. That glaze is definitely drool-worthy 🙂

  44. Pepper jelly, it just makes me want to get a spoon and eat all of it. Chef is tall!!

  45. Ooh, that looks so good–love the pepper jelly to spice up the mild fish!

  46. Oh my lord that looks good. Makes me rethink what's for dinner tonight!

  47. wow! i love all the flavors in this elegant dish:) thank you for sharing this post.

  48. This looks so fresh and delicious – the pepper gelly glaze has me all aflutter! 🙂

  49. This recipe is sure different then how I prepare snapper but sure I learn something new today and you bet it looks tempting, anything with fish my hubby will drool.

  50. Wow, very interesting! I love the coconut with the pepper – should be a great contrast! 🙂

  51. This looks so amazing–just the way I like to eat fish!

  52. looks good! 🙂

  53. You have no idea how good this looks! WOW WOW yum.

  54. What gorgeous pics you took of the food. Looks insanely delicious!

  55. I always love fish dish, and this one looks delicious. I love the bok choy with coconut curry sauce too! It's always nice to see different way of cooking than my own…which tends to be always same (and not to mention “soy sauce” involved!).

  56. I am just drooling in front of my laptop right now.. just gorgeous! yummy yummy. I wish I could get some now. now! 😉

  57. I cannot wait to make this! My brother is a fishing charter captain down here and he brings my husband and I left over fish that his clients dont take home with them. Snapper often appears and now I have a GREAT plan for them! My mom also makes home made pepper jelly, so I get to use that along with it! Thanks so much for the inspiration and i can't wait to try it.

  58. LOL @ Foodiva. Now I can't stop staring at how tall the chef is, either. That snapper looks fantastic.

  59. Smells divine! Can't wait to taste it! Another job well done. Mrs. Herb Garden

  60. Oh my – this red snapper rocks with all these incredible ingredients. Fantastic sounded flavours in there and different textures. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe but have to say, I'd prefer to come on over and taste for myself at the Brasserie under the Caribbean sun!

  61. That looks Amazing. Love every blog post. They always have my mouth watering lol

  62. My mouth is watering with this one! One of the things I miss from living in Florida is the wonderful fresh red snapper-my fish of choice. Love the flavors Chef pulled together for that glaze-pepper jelly and coconut curry. Simply fantastic dish!

  63. I can handle that- Pepper Jelly Glazed Caribbean Red Snapper On the grill!
    We have an unwritten rule: my wife cooks inside, I cook outside.

  64. First off, I'm staring at Chef Brad because he looks SO tall and his head is far away from the countertop. Secondly, I'm staring at the fish dish he created because it's totally gorgeous and his use of the pepper jelly glaze really has me intrigued! This one's a YUM ;).

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