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Clark Kent and I have lived in the district of West Bay since we moved to the Cayman Islands five years ago.  When we first got here, we lived within walking distance of Ristorante Pappagallo.  The menu is Italian based and features fish, beef, lamb and just about any kind of pasta you could think of.

After spending weeks making his Halloween costume, Clark Kent took me on a date Sunday night to say ‘Thank you.’  Have I got him trained or what?

Our starters were a potato and leek soup flavored with bacon and almond crusted robiola cheese served with baby lettuce and a raspberry vinaigrette, fig chutney and roasted garlic.  CK had to stop himself from clutching the bowl on either side and draining the last few drops.  It was that good.  My cheese was lovely too, especially the fig chutney bit.  Wowsa!

CK’s main course was fusilli alla chioggiana sauteed with sausage, radicchio, diced tomato, shallots, garlic, red wine and a ‘touch of tomato sauce.’ I had veal scallopine with garlic and mushrooms in a white wine-cream sauce served with garlic roasted potatoes.  My veal was perfectly cooked and the mushroom sauce was amazing.  The sides weren’t all that interesting but pffffth…who needs sides when you’ve got 3 pounds of meat to eat?

Dessert was tiramisu. It was pretty darn good.  That caramel butterfly lasted all of eight seconds on the plate.

We’re big fans of Pappagallo and have been going for years.  It is a brilliant spot for vacationers as well because it’s look is truly unique when compared to other restaurants on Grand Cayman.

Potato Soup – $8
Baked Cheese – $9
Fusilli alla Chioggiana – $17
Veal – $26

All prices in CI.  $1 CI = $1.25 US

Oh, and did everyone have a Happy Halloween?  We sure did!  Our costumes were a much bigger hit than we thought they would be. I was cursing these hand-made costumes for three weeks but when the big night came we had people running and screaming to come take pictures with us.  Vindicated!

CK was such a trooper

In case you don’t recognize us, we’re Jareth and Sarah from Jim Henson’s 1986 film Labyrinth staring David Bowie and a 14-year old Jennifer Connelly.

And this year’s Cayman Halloween was the biggest yet with some truly fun and fantastic costumes. Check them out!  My favorite was Wolverine 🙂

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  1. I agree, that Wolverine guy looks hot (or cool, whichever) but who I really admire is that Avatar guy for pulling that 'costume' off :). Not forgetting kudos to CK for wearing those tights so well and yes, or taking you out afterwards as a thank you gesture. I'm surprised that caramelly butterfly lasted as long as it did, as that would be the first thing I'd lick off the plate!

  2. Gold Star for C Kent!! You guys looked great and that fig chutney….I could bathe in it.

  3. I vote best costume ever. That movie an all time fav.

  4. LOL! Can't believe your man rocked the tights – not many dudes would do that!

    I LOVED that movie in primary school. What a trip 🙂

  5. Hey Parsley Sage, I am back!! Hehehe, sorry for my MIA status, but you will find that I have a very good reason!:p
    Missed your blog lots, and totally could get why you like the above Papagallo so much 🙂 Food looks delicious 😉
    I simply cannot resist commenting on your costumes and make up, you guys did a SUPERB job! can't believe that you made your own costumes, I would fail miserably!:p

  6. OMG you prepared the costume and you guys ROCK! I have to say you look better than 14-year old Jennifer Connelly! I had so much fun reading your post on everything-delicious meals and people with the coolest costumes!!!

  7. It looks like you had a great time! BTW the food looks delicious! I wish I could be there with you…

  8. Adore the costumes – you look even better than the real thing! Great ambience, looked like great fun. And yes, well trained indeed. What a lovely thought, even down to the last caramel heart with the tiramisu. Oh and in awe.

  9. You sure had a good time! So sweet of CK! And the food are fantastic! You look good in that costume!

  10. You have trained him well 🙂 Your costumes look great and this dinner sounds fantastic!

  11. You two are so fun! Thanks for explaining who you dressed as…not so hip here 🙂 And your dinner sounds fabulous~

  12. Pappagallo sounds like a lovely restaurant! And I love your Halloween costume!!! You look JUST like Jennifer Connolly in Labrynth – one of my all time favorite movies! Awesome. Some great costumes!

  13. Ha! That looks like so much fun. Labyrinth was one of my favorite movies growing up (and truth be told I still watch it every once in a while)

  14. what fun!! beauty pictures!!! these place is lovely! gloria

  15. Wow! I'm so impressed that you made those costumes! Seriously, they look amazing. FUN! Glad you two had a fun time. Dinner date looks yummy. Potato and leek soup, mmmmm! Is it lunch-time yet?

    By the way, I'm glad I'm turning you onto soooome veggies/salads?! Yay! 🙂

  16. Oh my GOD I am so in love with your costume! It reads so well, too – I definitely didn't even need the Labyrinth pic for reference. The dinner looks lovely, too, and I congratulate you on your man-training skills; I so need a few of those – NY boys are ruffians. 🙂

  17. Ironically, when I was in Cayman it was Halloween but I didn't get to do any of the fun stuff! Im totally jealous now. Great costumes!!!

    PS. Have you gotten any of the DC #1's or 2's yet?

  18. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!! You guys are THE BEST!!! And you made those costumes??? AMAZING! I went to the movies to see Labyrinth when it came out (I was 8) and I loved it! Great choice!

    The food looks awesome too… awww robiolaaaaa… nowhere to be found down under! SIGH And that caramel butterfly was so pretty!

  19. The meal looks amazing! I like each and every dish….I think this is the first restaurant review you've done that you didn't have seafood!

    Fabulous costumes! I appreciate you pointing them out – I've not seen the movie….

  20. So jealous of all your fun restaurants!

  21. I love those costumes what great fun and that food good grief my fav tiramisu! Jealous!

  22. Hahahaha those costumes are awesome!! You'll have to make mine from now on! 🙂 CK looks so funny in that photo.

  23. Costumes look realy great.

  24. You just keep giving me more and more reasons to visit the Cayman Islands. Particularly as I'm freezing up here and you are experiencing 70 degree temps. That sounds like absolute perfection. Love your costumes! So fun!

  25. I love how Parsley throws in Halloween again in a totally unrelated post.

  26. Oh, your costumes are so fun! I am drooling over the photo of the robiola.

  27. I sure had a good time looking at your Halloween photos. Thanks for sharing.

  28. I love that it's an Italian restaurant and yet that entrance looks SO tropical. Only in the tropics, I guess! The food looks great, though. Bring it!

  29. Awesome costumes, you did a great job on these! Looks like you had a lot of fun too.
    I know Pappagallo's as a very expensive shoe place-frankly by seeing your food photos-I will take a dinner their rather than have the shoes. Great post!

  30. Oh, my . . . that looks like such fun. Your costumes are just great. (And I thought Mr. Rosemary and I were clever as Black-Eyed Peas!) And to have such a wonderful meal afterward .. terrific. I would have gone for the veal, too. Always, whenever I can.

  31. What a fun Halloween party! I love your costumes! Wish I could have been there! Your meal was not bad either!

  32. Nice costume, pretty good replica of Jareth and Sarah. Very lucky butterfly, it managed to last a whole 8 seconds:)

  33. Wow – seems like Hallowe'en is really catching on in Cayman. Maybe it will become a destination event! Sounds like a stunning meal – love the little butterfly – so much nicer than those horrible chocolate smears some restaurants insist on doing. Great cossies!

  34. You two are adorable! Yes you have him well trained;You won't be sorry.. good girl.

  35. Sides are totally overrated compared to three pounds of meat! 🙂 Love your Caymen Halloween! I like the Godzilla damsel in distress lol

  36. great Halloween party and its nice to see everyone with the costumes. I like the soup and desserts though the rest is attractive but its once a while treat only as I can't digest too much of it.

  37. I'll have to start a new bucket list for eating purposes.

  38. Happy Halloween! Your costumes looks great and I wish I could join the fun!
    The thank you treat from CK looks super delicious!
    Thanks for sharing the fun time!

  39. Mmmm, tiramisu! 🙂 I love the stuff!
    Very nice Labyrinth outfits!!

  40. Great costumes! I love it! Dinner looks pretty darn good, too. There's nothing better than a perfect tiramisu. Mmmm.

  41. Fun Fun Fun! Love your costumes Good Job! Pappagallo looks delish especially your veal dish. The cheese on your appetizer made my mouth water. Thanks for sharing! Happy November! ………..Wolverine…..Hubba Hubba!
    Mrs. Herb Garden

  42. LOL! Clark Kent is definitely a trooper and so well trained by you. Sounds like you had a fun night! The food looks good too and the setting is awesome! 🙂

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