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Mango Madness

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It’s mango season.  Hallelujah.  Last week we celebrated with a mango crumble.  This week, its Cayman’s 3rd Annual Mango Festival!

This event is not to be missed and celebrates all thing mango!  There were free samples of the dozens of mango varieties, mango ice cream, mango juice, mango cake, mango bread, mango jam…it was the Mangoization of the Cayman Islands and I loved every minute of it.

The Ritz-Carlton showcased a booth that was offering this fantastic mango pastry with almond cream.  It’s a mini-version of an ace dessert they serve at one of their hotel restaurants: 7 Prime Cuts & Sunsets.
Chef Thomas and our friends at Michael’s Genuine wow’d the crowd with a double feature!  Chef’s mango BBQ pork shoulder with mango slaw made me do cartwheels.  Awesome sweet-savory mash up and and hella cool way to work up a BBQ sauce.  His right hand, Adriana, served cups of mango cheesecake/flan genius.
Finally, Bon Vivant’s mango bruschetta with truffle oil took you straight into decadent heaven.  This offered up a decidedly different taste because there was nothing sweet about this dish.  So delicious. All and all, it was another great event and I was thrilled to see an even bigger turnout than last year.
PS.  Clark Kent and I snuck away to Ottawa this past weekend.
Big congratulations to James and Sarah Dimond!  And check out my studly groomsman 😉
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  1. Just looking at these mango treats drive my senses crazy! I should create a mango madness event here too, and surround myself with like-minded mango lovers. And lookie… there's Clark Kent looking all dashing and giving George Clooney a run for his money! Please tell him he has a fan from across the ocean 🙂

  2. As a mango lover, this mango madness drive me crazy! I want to attend this event! =)

  3. I adore mangos!!!

  4. This is something new to me, looks so good, got to try them out

  5. Mango season is indeed a favorite time of year! This mango tour-de-force is extremely impressive. Congratulations on your fun getaway!

  6. We are still celebrating mango season with a Mango Vanilla Pie. Shared it with friends of all ages, and it was a surprise delight.

  7. What a wonderful showcase of mango versatility — really some creative concoctions — glad you enjoyed tasting your way through them! Also glad to hear about your little getaway — WOW — gorgeous!

  8. Wow look at all those mango dishes! I absolutely adore mangoes, it's too bad it's a summer fruit and it's totally winter right now. 🙁

  9. A mango festival….HEAVEN! Oh my goodness! I'd like for it to start raining mango pieces now, please. And you have just inspired me with Mango Jam…yum!!

  10. Mango is one of my favorite fruits for sure, I love seeing it in some fancy dishes!

  11. You have a mango festival! Ugh, I need to move! 🙂

  12. Oooooo mango mania! The pork and mango slaw dish sounds divine. I can only imagine what a properly ripe mango tastes like – they are never good here. Although my favourite restaurant does spiced scallops with mango sauce which is pretty good…

  13. Had mango in my salad last night 🙂 Congratulations to the happy couple!

  14. Great post! Love mangoes!

  15. I have a huge and very prolific mango tree in my backyard so I'm always looking for new inspirations! I loved this post!!

  16. There is no food on earth better than a ripe mango. I wish it weren't winter because I want one right now. You know the kind, where you hang your head over the sink and stick your face in it.

    (or maybe that's just me)

  17. I'll attend a wedding tomorrow and I just was on one last weekend. That are the most amazing celebrations ever. I can't wait for tomorrow and I hope I'll make some nice pictures for the couple. And food looks delicious!

  18. Wow gorgeous photos of the coolest festival ever 😀
    Love it!

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. I want some of the Ritz-Carlton's dessert! I hope you had a lovely time in Ottawa. What a lovely photo of you.

  20. Mangos! Yummy for the tummy! Everything looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing! Wedding looks good too, is Canadian Cuisine tasty? Mrs. Herb Garden

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