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Okay.  I have to fess up.  I’m totally biased on this one. You can’t trust a word I say in this post because, as far as I’m concerned, the sun rises and sets at Macabuca.
See what I mean?
Clark Kent and I clock a lot of time at this outdoor bar & restaurant.  It’s a 40-second drive from our house and proudly holds the title of our ‘local.’  It’s not just convenient.  The view is killer, the food is good, the beer is cold and, most importantly, the folks there treat us like family.  So naturally, we headed there to watch the Women’s World Cup final earlier this month.

The Baxendales joined CK and I for some fun and food while Norma was busy choking back her penalty-disappointment.
The best/worst thing about living in a small place – Cayman’s population is about 55,000 – is that you’re never far from people you know.  As the game moved into extra time, we pretty much knew everybody at the bar  And lucky for them, Nina the Manager, was handing out free Kamakaze shots every time the US scored a goal….and sometimes even when they didn’t.
Naughty Nina
To keep the booze from giving us a judo chop to the head, we loaded up on lots of yummy food during the game.
Starting from the upper left: Greek salad. A world of yum, but its the Fish & Chips that’s worth writing home about.  It’s by far the best on the island. I’m not a tartar sauce fan either but theirs is lemony and creamy and ohmanherecomesthedrool… We also ordered the mini sandwich trio: 2oz fresh ground sirloin, spicy cracked conch and jerk chicken.  Behind it – and slightly out of focus – is Macabuca’s conch ceviche.  It’s CK’s favorite item on the menu and its outstanding.  The fourth dish, hiding behind all the fries (I blame the kamikaze for this photo,) is a chicken avocado club sandwich.  It’s delish.

But that’s not all.

…I think that fry is pointing at you.

We went back for seconds.  Muthu’s shrimp curry with tomatoes, coconut milk, basmati rice and mango chutney for CK and a pulled pork sammich for me.  Thumbs up.  As always 🙂

And you know how we roll at The Deep Dish.  Homemade ice cream bar! Key lime pie crust snuggling with some incredibly rich and creamy coconut ice cream.

Can you see why we love this place?

Conch Ceviche – $8.00
Greek Salad – $7.00
Mum’s Fish & Chips – $13.00
Mini Sandwich Trio – $12.00
Chicken Avocado Club – $13.00
Muthu’s Shrimp Curry – $16.00

All prices in CI.  $1 CI = $1.25 US

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  1. “ohmanherecomesthedrool…” You could apply that to every meal you've pictured here. Gorgeous F&C but that ice cream sammich look the biz. Is there anywhere on Cayman that doesn't serve fantastic droolsome food?

  2. Lucky you living in paradise!

  3. You are going to make me come down there, aren't you? This place looks awesome! No wonder you frequent that place. I've got island fever in the worst way since I've discovered your blog.

  4. Love a great local place – though no where I can go will ever have a view like that! I havent been to Cayman in a few years but when I did it was lovely!

  5. I really am jealous of where you live… not fair!

  6. I wish technology was advanced enough for me to reach into my computer screen and take the ice cream sandwich out.

  7. This looks like an awesome restaurant! I want to live 40 seconds away from that view 🙂

  8. 40 seconds from the house, boy, wish my favorite place to eat/drink was that close, probably I' have never started cooking in the first place LOL

  9. Every time I visit your blog I just want to go on vacation. *sigh* That homemade ice cream sandwich… I could totally go for that.

  10. Everything looks delghtful…i especilly like that homemade ice cream..hehe. You are so lucky to be near this place and those prices are the best! So reasonable!

  11. Oh I need to move there. I WISH that my local bar/restaurant was near some body of water 🙂 … sigh… LUCKY!

  12. That ice cream sandwich looks over the top! I don't watch soccer, but I would if they served ice cream sandwiches like that! 🙂

  13. What a great sounding place – the food and booze look very friendly!

  14. Yes. YES! I can see why you love the place. Gimme one of those ice cream sandwiches right now please!

  15. Addictive and convenient, I probably would see less of my kitchen if I was in that close proximity. The food looks awesome-yum!

  16. Mr. Rosemary has been promising to take me the Caymans for years. I am going to use this post as further ammunition to hurry my visit. It's his kind of place — and mine.

  17. First off…it is so not fair you live 40 seconds away from this glorious place!! And second, everything looks amazing! I'm especially loving the shrimp curry, yum 🙂

  18. What a great spot. You had a feast and entertainment for pennies on the dollar:-) I hope youhave a great day. Blessings…Mary

  19. You always eat soooo good! And the pics you made are great! I am so jealous!! Eating out in Holland is expensive and not so satisfying so I always have to make my own. Since I spend most of my time on your site I am officially following you!

  20. So close to your house is this place? I would gain 50 pounds, and never cook!

  21. so jealous right now

  22. Everything looks delicious but I really, really loved that icecream bar!!
    What a nice way to watch the games…

  23. Lovely place and beautiful scenery, must been a great time out with all the wonderful food.

  24. Geez if it wasn't such a long boat ride to get there I'd come for dinner 🙂

  25. very cool place~

  26. Oh, my…every single dish looks amazing. I can see why this is a favorite spot. At least the yummy food took the sting out of the US loss 🙁

  27. My mouth is so watering, it all looks delicious!

  28. wow cool place wish it was my local

  29. Sounds like such a fun place! Love your pics!

  30. OMG.. Really a killer view.. Love the fish and chips.. and prawn curry looks … drool…

  31. Oh my heavens! What an incredible time.

  32. Now don't you get bored with the same dull weather all the time? Just kidding, I'd live there in a minute! It sure beats what we get here in Chicagoland. I've spent a lot of time in Mexico, Hawaii, Aruba etc but never your area and that will have to change.

  33. Wow, the food looks awesome and 40 second ride? Not even time to warm the seat 🙂
    Hope you have a great week!

  34. spicy cracked conch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my! And I love the description! … 40 second drive away 😀

  35. Carsley and I both love Nina, but I'm not sure why “the Manager” is capitalised?

    By the way, anyone who wants to visit 'Buca should hurry. It closes for a month each September (hurricane season).

  36. Okay my beach restaurant post is up! Thanks for the visit!

  37. What a great hangout. The food looks amazing (that dessert is killing me) and the view is spectacular!

  38. Wow – this looks amazing! I would LOVE to sit and watch the world cup game with you and eat all the yummy food. One day, I'll make it back to Grand Cayman…and you know I'm gonna look you up!

  39. Beautiful and delicious! We watched the World Cup final from our house and were cheering on the U.S. all the way. They played a good game but the Japan ladies played a little better. Alas, we did not dine so well.


  40. That's so cool – you have your own version of “Cheers” (I adored the theme song!) I wonder how many people in this world can say that?

  41. Smart girl; You just gotta eat when you are having a few drinks. Great food choices, I am drooling!

  42. Please ask Nina to Fed Ex me a dozen or so homemade ice cream bars! Key Lime crust with coconut ice cream………..that's how to get through our 23rd day of over 100 degree temps here in Dallas! Sounds delicious and refreshing! Jealous and in shock at the thought of you eating tartar sauce! Gadzooks! Mrs. Herb Garden

  43. Now I'm daydreaming of a huge Greek salad…

  44. Macabuca is a cool name:)

  45. Looks so good and so much fun. So funny I am posting our anniversary dinner we had yesterday at an outdoor restaurant. Not as pretty as yours though more rustic! Next year we'll meet you at Macabuca!

  46. So jealous! Love the view!

  47. I cannot imagine having such a place be 40 seconds from my home. I would go there every single night if I did! The food looks amazing, and how fun that you run into people you know. You guys are so much fun! Loved this post..

  48. Oh my gosh. I am trying not to drool!

  49. Wow, the food is great, yet so reasonable! Loved the spread of dishes!! Macabuca rocks!! Buzzed.

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