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Juiced Up

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Meet Kwesi Fraser of Drink Fresh Juice.
He’s a juicing master.  Just recently, he opened his business in Cayman which delivers freshly made juice to wherever you want in the mornings or afternoons. I know all about his juice because my friend Prathna is getting married. In addition to keeping an eye on her wedding budget, she’s also keeping an eye on her waistline. ‘Brides must look GOOORGEOUS, daaahrling, ‘she tells me.  Somehow, I let her convince me to do a three day juice cleanse with her.
Every day, we’d get our three juices delivered to our offices: two ‘Green Veg’ which is callaloo, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon and ginger juice along with either straight up carrot juice or beet, carrot and ginger juice.  I was a little overwhelmed by the cucumber taste in the green veg juice initially, but it quickly became my favorite of the three.
I’m not gonna lie.  It was hard only drinking juice for three days but my body loved every moment of it.  My normal vegetable intake is rather pathetic, so I was a bundle of energy the first day of my fast.  Clearly, I’m not used to getting that many nutrients.  I pushed an insane amount of water, drank my juice, went to spinning, crushed the competition at a pub quiz and showed off my salsa moves on day one.  Day two was a little tougher.  I was starting to get hungry.  Prathna was getting cranky.  I’d get a call.  ‘I’m staaaaaaarving.’  She was disappointed that a hardcore vegetarian like herself was having a tougher time than an unhealthy, food-snarfing fiend.
Day three was the hardest.  Not because I was hungry really, but because I missed eating.  Kwesi suggested I have a fourth juice (pear) that day to help me…um, how shall I put it…round out the cleanse.  By the fourth day, I was ready for some food.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  I had to start my day with a ‘salt flush.’  It may be the grossest thing I’ve ever done.  I struggled to get the liter of salt water down and while it was nasty, it was effective for its purposes (which was to make sure your body was completely flushed.)
The fourth day, I could only have raw fruits and veggies too.  So that egg sammich I’d been dreaming of for three days never materialized.
I felt great, though, and I found myself craving food I hadn’t before.  Healthy food.  Green food.  Food that wasn’t slathered in ranch dressing or covered in cheese.
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  1. I have been wanting to try a cleanse for a long time but I don't have anyone to do it with, and I'm afraid I wouldn't finish it if I didn't have a buddy! That is great that you were able to have your juices delivered to you. They are so bright and they even look healthy. Maybe i'll work up the courage to do it before my hawaii trip… Congrats on making it all the way through, I am seriously so impressed!!

  2. You are so disciplined…I'm impressed. I should be taking example from you and get my act together. I do, however eat very well and try to balance my meals very reasonably. Now, my hormones seem to have a mind of their own…sigh.

    Ciao for now,

  3. Man, you have some will power! I don't know if I could do a three-day juice cleanse…BUT those juices do sound pretty amazing, so I could see how that helped get you through it 🙂 Congrats on making it through!

  4. I want a juicer, too! Not to do a cleanse (I don't have the stamina for that) but a freshly made drink a day would be awesome.

  5. oh i couldn't give up food either but those juices sure look great :-), looking forward to seeing your carbonara

  6. Good for you! I could totally use a juice fast right about now!

  7. I bet it would be hard to do a juice cleanse, but I also think that my body would feel insanely good afterward. Wish I had that juice service here. They all sound amazing. Maybe I need to invest in a juicer :o)

  8. Thanks for your kind words on the Food Hound! I love when I get new comments because it lets me check out new blogs- yours is awesome!! Girl, you are a better woman than I am to do a juice cleanse 🙂 I can barely go four hours without eating, let alone a few days!! Can't wait to follow along with you on your culinary adventures! You and I have a very similar philosophy on life– as much food as possible 🙂

  9. I have a friend who does clenses often. She has always urged me to join her, but a few months ago said “You know… I don't think it's for you. You just like to eat too much!” She is right… while I would love to lose a pound or two (bikini weather is right around the corner!) I don't want to give up my food. I love things that crunch!! Juice wouldn't cut it.
    I'm proud of you for making it through! Nicely done!!
    PS… thanks for the puppy well wishes!! Goodness that was a rough go. I am VERY happy!!

  10. Gosh! I admire your perseverance! I wouldn't last 12 hours never mind 3 days! I'd have those in between my meals tho … but then, that defeats the whole purpose 😛

  11. I know this is something I would love and i know I would never find that around here. Now I am longing for a green juice.

  12. Good for you. I know I couldn't not do this. No way. I would be so cranky no one would be able to tolerate me. BTY, the juice guy is so cute.

  13. Wow!! How great is that. My husband and I had green juice everyday on our honeymoon in Mexico. I really miss that now!!

  14. Juice delivered to your door… that's awesome! I have a juicer, but I only make orange juice with it :/ .. time to get creative. 🙂

  15. The juices look gorgeous and fresh – please send Kwesi to Ireland soonest! I would probably have the juices as well as my regular food because I'd definitely be cranky otherwise.

  16. Wow!! Sound great! How nice we can have some over here too 🙂

    By the way, i try to email to you hotmail but hear no reply from you. Can you please drop me your mailing address as you are one of the 1 for the Gyoza Mold Giveaway 🙂 Congrats!~

  17. OK. How can you complain about lack of chocolate shops when you have this kind of incredible Juicer!? Looks incredible and what a choice. sounds a great idea to be cleansed like that!

  18. Oh my goodness! You are so strong! I don't know if I would have been able to do it…although those juices do look great! Thank you for sharing for me…and thank you for your kind words on my blog. They mean so much!

  19. I love juice! These look great!

  20. Wow…good for you! I don't know if I could do it, but you actually made it sound not so bad. The juice blends sound really delicious. I wouldn't mind trying one.

  21. Oh! These juices look absolutely inviting…fresh and refreshing. Beautiful! Have a great week 🙂

  22. Cheers to you! Totally impressive. The juices sound really wonderful but, I would be face down by day 2 (laugh).


  23. I love fresh juices… so healthy and delicious.

  24. They all sounds so good! Now a want a juicer…

  25. Hey Mary, you can absolutely make your own juice. I just don't have any way to do it myself and its just easier for me to have Kwesi do all the leg work 🙂 I'm not sure I'd do another 3 days but I could easily sneak in a few singles. The good thing is you don't need to be doing a cleanse to enjoy his juice (she says as she slurps the last bit of this morning's freshly made green veg!)

  26. Just curious if you could have made the juices yourself or just used freshly squeezed juices in place of what he provided for you. It sounds like this worked for you. Would you do it again? I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  27. oh i love fruit juice like that! i think there's no better way to start your day!

  28. Fresh juice delivered in the morning…I am so jealous!!!

  29. Oh wow. I would love to have this service. Do you think he would deliver to the UK? 😉

  30. Wow! Good for you! I should really watch my waistline too, in fact, I really should REDUCE my waistline now, but then, without a bite of pure dreamy food, I would probably “faint”! 🙂

  31. This is perfect food/drink for my diet!

  32. wow its great to drink the juice all the time without taking any food… so You also keeping an eye on your waist :*-0) (blinking eye).hooo huu….

  33. I've haven't heard callaloo since I lived in my hometown! How awesome! Hi Kwesi! 😀

  34. Sounds wonderful to me.

  35. Hi there,
    Wow…so lucky to get fresh vegetable juices, nothing like boosting your immune system. I am craving for a glass too, will try it out shortly…cheers !

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