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Jerk Chicken Pasta

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Guess the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet because I’ve got nothing.
How about we just skip to the yummy recipe?

Jerk Chicken Pasta by Ortanique, adapted by Parsley Sage
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You will need:
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 tbsp Caribbean jerk paste
2 cloves fresh minced garlic

  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with a whisk
  • Julienne cut the boneless breast into bite sized strips
  • Place the chicken in the marinade and let stand for at least an hour

Chicken Pasta
You will need:
2 lbs marinated chicken
3/4 cup julienne mushrooms
1/4 cup sun dried tomato paste
1 tsp basil
3 tbsp butter
2 cups heavy cream
1 tsp poultry seasoning
1 lb cooked pasta
Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Place butter in a large skillet
  • Saute the chicken until halfway cooked (about 5 minutes)
  • Add mushrooms, tomato paste, heavy cream and poultry seasoning
  • Saute for about 3 minutes on medium/high heat or until cream has thickened
  • Toss in basil
  • Cook pasta as recommended and toss with the chicken sauce
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  1. I’ll give it a try today or tomorrow to see how it works for me.scottsdale medical marijuana

  2. Ah, I wouldn't say that you've got nothing… what an AWESOME recipe! What is it about jerk that so dang good!?!?!?!?!?

  3. Sounds delicious ..

  4. I totally feel ya on this one. Most days when I sit down to write – I got nothing. 2AM though, yeah, Im widely entertaining then, shame I cant remember it…

    Great chicken recipe!

  5. All my favourite foodies are posting a chicken recipe! So good to see the different approaches. Thank you for posting this super easy jerk chicken pasta recipe! Great for those busy working days.

  6. Congrats on your award!

  7. Perfect pasta dish – love it!

  8. I just know my Hubbs would luv the flavors of this jerk chicken pasta. I'll need to find some of that Caribbean jerk paste, as that's part of the secret to this tasty looking recipe!

    Thx for sharing and have a great weekend! 😉

  9. This is my new favourite food.

  10. A new way with jerk chicken – sounds delicious!

  11. Jerk chicken is so delicious! I got my favorite jerk seasoning in Cayman and it's all gone now. 🙁 Time for a trip back, no? LOL!

  12. Tisk. Nothing? Well at least your yummy recipe made up for none of your lovely chat and wit. 😉 I guess it's all in the dish. Looks wonderful!

  13. I need this in my life ASAP! Will be trying this with tofu tonight!

  14. You can never go wrong with heavy cream in your pasta!! Now I have to try to find jerk spice 🙂

  15. Yummm….love a pasta that breaks out of the strict Italian mold. Now I've gotta go hunt down some good jerk spice – any brand recs? 🙂

  16. This looks so good. I don't know that I have ever seen Jerk Paste in the store before. I will have to keep an eye out for it.

  17. I've never found jerk paste, only a dry seasoning. It certainly is a complex mix of flavors. And I love the aroma. (And I like the aroma of my coffee right now, too!)

  18. I like you have prepared the chicken pieces and added into this wonderful recipes. I can imagine the fragrant from the spices.

  19. This sounds great! Jerk is such a complex, interesting blend of spices and flavors! I'm sure that it would be great in a pasta dish. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Jerk chicken is something I have never eaten! It does sound really interesting!!! Yummmmm! <3

  21. I just dont eat enough jerk food which is sad. I'm going to get me some of that paste and go on a jerk fest. It looks well tasty….

  22. Oh no I didn't know about jerk chicken before! This looks delicious! I would totally eat with pasta. The sauce goes really well with the pasta. Yummy! I now know what Jerk Chicken means next time I see it!

  23. LOL!!! Yep… I've been there, however sometimes I just walk away from the computer and don't even post the recipe! Glad you did though… jerk chicken is something that always makes my husband happy, and the pasta would do it for me. Nicely done!!

  24. Yes, I like it straightforward to the deliciousness.
    Haven't tried jerk chicken in pasta dishes…looks seriously tempting!

  25. I love the mix of seasoning you have used here and the Carribean seasoning, Wow! yumm! Looks absolutely delicious.

  26. OH that is crazy-delicious! Gotta love JERK! 🙂

  27. wow love this genius combo your posts are like mine most of the time, short and sweet

  28. Wish I was having this for dinner tonight.

  29. it must be nice to post authentic recipes from there you are so gifted!

  30. This looks great! Love anything with jerk chicken!

  31. flavourful pasta looks wonderful

  32. lol, I'm the same way no coffee…no words, lol

    yummy jerk chicken with pasta, even better

  33. I like that, blame the coffee, I need to try that ;D I actually am just drinking my morning coffee now. I skipped it to go to a doctors appointment and forgot about it till now. So I wasn't ready to read anything yet 🙂

    This looks very good. I like that you used pasta with the jerk chicken. Yum!

  34. Just recepy is fine.We can't always beem with ideas.It willcome back to you after coggee or two;)

  35. I have never heard of jerk paste and now I will surely go find out what it's all about. Your dish sounds and looks wonderful.

  36. Wow! That looks amazing! I could dive into a bowl! Would you believe…I'm allergic to Jerk Seasoning? What a rip-off! I love it, too!

  37. Great lunch/brunch meal. Healthy, filling, and clearly: delicious! Great post.

  38. Never tried jerk chicken before. Your pasta looks delicious! I know my kids would really love this, especially my daughter, as she loves creamy sauce!
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. I love jerk chicken…and it's Bajan counterpart, Bajan-spiced chicken (pretty much the same thing, as far as I can tell!). I couldn't do the pasta here, but I'd happily gobble up the chicken part!

  40. Never had the chance to try jerk chicken. This sounds awesome though – have to try it!

  41. A very unique adaptation of the jer chicken with the pasa!
    I love jerk chicken marinade, and love your concept of it mixing it with the pasta…Yummy!!!
    BTW-Please stop back again, to claim an award I have finally compiled on the list!
    Congratulations, well deserved:DDD

  42. I've never tried jerk chicken – deprived childhood and adulthood:) I've heard a lot about it.

  43. so yummy..

  44. Winner, winner-yummy chicken dinner! Jerk chicken is so flavorful and i like the addition of the pasta. Buzz

  45. YUM! I so wish I hadn't given up pasta. This looks so good. Buzzed.

  46. I love me some Jerk. Well, you know, not jerks, but Jerk! Looks absolutely scrumptious, even at 8:00 in the morning. Well done!!

  47. Yum. That recipe speaks for itself! No further embellishment needed.

  48. Ha! I've felt that way sometimes myself! This dish looks really tasty. Love the elbow macaroni.

  49. mmmm yumm yumm. know the feeling on the coffee! We decided to do florida & the keys vs. cayman. A little more budget friendly and easier to jump in the car and do! Cayman one day!

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