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Jamaica Independence Day

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A couple Saturdays ago, Jamaica celebrated 49 years of independence from England.  It said goodbye to the mother country in 1962, cutting its overseas territory ties.  Cayman is still an OT with no signs of going independent anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognize a good opportunity to cook up some tasty food.  Cayman has long-standing historical ties with its eastern neighbor with at least (and i’m probably underestimating here) 20 percent of its population coming from Jamaica in the form of expatriate workers and residents.  That means its a big party here when Jamaican Independence Day rolls around.  It started with a food festival in central George Town.  Heck yea, we were there.

Clark Kent and I scoped out our booths of choice and joined the queues.

CK’s curry chicken, rice and dumplings came from the Faith’s Pen booth.  ‘It was fine,’ he said. ‘The curry was tasty and not too spicy, like most Jamaican curries here are.’  I grabbed up the fish escovitch and roasted breadfruit from the Helshire booth where the chefs rocked their bright red Grace toques.  The fish was a little dry but the flavor was good.  The breadfruit was fantastic.  It inspired me to take home two of my own which are destined to become ‘saladized.’

And the day wouldn’t be complete without an Island Taste Jamaican pattie! At least…that was what I was hoping for.  Unfortunately, they’d been picked clean of their beef patties and had only chicken and lobster left.  Boo! Fortunately for me, I can get patties pretty much anywhere, anytime in Cayman.  Yay!

Happy Independence Jamaica!

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  1. As Jamaicans, we love that you are gobbling up our food! Great post and lovely to have found you!

  2. I'm so envious of your island life!! What a fun day to celebrate… we take full advantage of Cinco de Mayo here, especially being so close to the border. Another event I wish I could have attended!!

  3. So much fun!! Trying all that authentic food must have been amazing.

  4. Festival food is always the bomb!

  5. hi parsely sage, happy jamaican independence day..
    i got excited when i read you are from caymen island, i became your follower, even before reading your post…hi , i am wan from malaysia.
    i am establishing my as a host for guest bloggers on foodie recipes and culture from all over the world.
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  6. Sounds like someone was fully enjoying the yummy food!! Whenever there is an event like this I can't leave until I make sure I try all kinds of food… =P I'm so envious!

  7. Looks like a wonderful celebration with lots of yummy food!

  8. My very good friend is from Jamaica. I have had the honor to travel with her to Kingston. I can say that I have enjoyed Jamaican food, and they know how to have a good time.

    This was a great post.


  9. That's so cool, celebrating Jamaica day. The food looks so yummy.

  10. now this looks like fun and wow love the curry chicken

  11. okay where the crap are the fireworks ?

  12. What a fun day!! I agree with angie, no celebration is compelte without food! Lots of great food!

  13. I love stalls like this, bring everyone an authentic flavour of delicious food!! I really need to know what bread fruit is right now!!!

  14. I'll take any excuse/reason to eat fest food! :))

  15. No celebration is complete without some great food! The curry looks lipsmacking!

  16. Love how Cayman celebrates another country's independence! Yummy food.

  17. Love the food booths and Jamacian food.Happy Independance Day Jamaica:)

  18. Love Clark Kent's bubble! What a fun and delicious day for you!!!

  19. I have a couple of Jamaican Indian friends over here and the curries they prepare is similar to the one shown in your posting.

  20. What a lovely, colourful blog, just what I needed on a grey, wet day in England. Looks like you had fun.

  21. That curry looks so good and not too spicy..exactly the way I like it..looks like you had fun 🙂

  22. I love your blog! It’s a great way of getting to know the Cayman. It seems to be an awesome place to be. Great pictures and great food! Love it!

  23. It seems like Cayman is the place to be… there's always something going on there!!!! Such a great way to celebrate Independence… with super tasty food! 🙂

  24. That's a great looking Independence Day food festival!

  25. I've never tried Jamaican food… your meal sounded tasty.

  26. Everything looks delicious! I love what I call “festival food”. Not necessarily the overly fried “fair food” so much as real cooks putting up booths….like church festivals – and YOUR festival1

  27. Looks like fun! What a great time to try all sorts of different food!

  28. I lived in a Jamaican neighborhood in London back in the 8's and learned to love this. Briton or bust

  29. The new pictures on your banner are awesome. I love parrots. My aunt has had one as long as I remember and they are beautiful!

  30. Looks a great day of fun and good food. Wish that I can be there…

  31. If their food is as ahlf good as their music count me in:)

  32. Great way to celebrate Independence Day 🙂 Lots of yummie food! Didn't know that you all celebrate together.
    Hope you are having a great week!

  33. So lucky!!! What a fun life you have, I love reading your posts! : )

  34. I want some!!! I would love to check out all those wonderful tasty booths! My daughter loves Jamaican pies, we can get them pretty close to us around here. I miss good Jamaican food, a nice pumpkin soup, conch fritters, pickapeppa sauce gravy…and the curries….oh yeah the breadfruit too…yummmm! Thanks for sharing with us!:)

  35. What a yum day. Wish we had Jamaican Independence day parties here too!

  36. Wow all the food looks delicious, looks like you all had a lot of fun! 🙂

  37. Mmm – no matter what the cause, I always love these celebrations because they come with such good food! I'm a curry nut, and that looks like it was amazing – my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I know what I'll be having for lunch today, if I can find some! 😉


  38. Bring on the food! Festivals usually have some tasty food, but jamaican food is especially good. Glad you enjoyed this recent chow down!

  39. Never had jamaican pattie; gotta try that. That curry was really looking good. Curry has a special taste on the islands; never the same around here.

  40. I wish i could get some jamaican patties all the time…;-)

    I had a snafu with sending the samples – they are a white powdery substance- that I would be mailing internationally- NOT COOL apparently…. :-/

    I will figure out a way to get them to you- maybe my main man Ron will forgo the “continental us” bit and get you some.

    oh and i also have been super busy getting ready for my first day as an Adjunct Professor! so much to prepare!

  41. I want fried or boiled breadfruit – been ages since I had it

  42. Oooh, what a street food win! I love patties, but mostly come across the greasy Golden Krust ones around NY (not that I'm picky)…any chance you'll show us mainlanders how to make 'em? 🙂

  43. Mi wan chicken curry too. I love your trips around the Island's food venues, particularly the street food. You manage to get the atmosphere into your writing and your photos. (Starving now!)

  44. I've never had a lobster paw-ti (that's me saying pattie in a Jamaican accent). This looks like so much fun. And for what's it worth, Mrs. Sage/Mrs. Clark Kent…. I think you are the funniest person I've met through food buzz. You LITERALLY have me cracking up out loud when I read your comments!

  45. I love authentic food booths! Looks yummy and fun! I absolutely curry chicken!

  46. Let the gala and tasty celebration continue! I'm off to look up breadfruit.


  47. That's cool you guys celebrated with Jamaica. I bet those were some good eats. 🙂

  48. Looks like lots of fun! Living among so many cultures has got to be such a wonderful experience. Sorry they were all sold out of your favorite, looks like you managed to find some good food in spite of that. Tell Clark Kent that he will love the curries in Switzerland! Yes Switzerland, I am not suffering from early on-set dementia. Mr. Garden always has Riz Casamir when we go there. CK will have to indulge as well! Thanks for sharing this colorful event. Mrs. Herb Garden

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