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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Today is Free Comic Book Day! So exciting! I’ve been up since the crack of chicken making cupcakes to celebrate the occasion.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m an uber-comic book nerd and Free Comic Book Day is like Christmas for fanboys (or girls, in my case.)  Every year on the first Saturday in May, stores across the world open their doors and hand out millions of free comics in an effort spread the awesomeness.  I guarantee there’s a store nearby your home that’s participating. And with over 30 titles up for grabs, its worth the trip!  In fact, I’m already dressed and ready to head to Game Shack which is hosting Cayman’s first FCBD.  I’ll be walking in with 2 dozen cupcakes and walking out with a pile of free comic books.  Life is good 🙂

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  1. Awesom spidy and batman cupcakes – My son would've devoured them 🙂 What a fun event!

  2. Cupcakes are gorgeous:) Love the Presentation..

  3. Probably the coolest cupcakes ever! My son wants to come live with you! lol

  4. the cupcakes are so cool!

  5. Wow!!! your cupcakes look great!!!! Love that “BAT” cuppy 🙂

  6. I missed it…I missed free Comic Book day. I love comic books, especially Wonderwoman!! Oh yeah, the cupcakes look fantastic 🙂

  7. I have never heard of Free Comic Book Day but it is an awesome idea. More awesome are your cupcakes. You must have lots of patience to decorate these.

  8. I can't wait to show my hubby the pic of the Batman cupcake! He is going to love it:)

  9. Oh how fun!! Do we get to see your costume? LOVE the cupcakes. How did it go??

  10. The cupcakes look amazing! So creative! I love them!!! I am sure they taste divine too! You have been buzzed. Happy FCBD! 🙂

  11. How nice and I bet they loved your cupcakes! What a treat!

  12. These are awesome! Love the spider web!

  13. “the crack of chicken” made me smile…new phrase in my world! I love these cupcakes 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the day!

  14. Those cupcakes are completely awesome. Hope you got all the comic books you wanted 🙂

  15. Batman and Superman cupcakes :D)! Super cute! I love reading comics too, even though I mostly read Japanese ones ;).

  16. OMG, I loooove this. So, so much. I'm tragically stuck in the library, but I'm glad you got your comic on! To be fair, I still haven't made my way through the stack I got at NY Comic Con this fall… 😛

  17. Ate two of these prior to their being deposited at the Game Shack. They were quite good.
    I also point out that this is a historic day in Cayman; first ever FCBD. The nerds are taking over, mon.

  18. great cupcakes and enjoy 🙂

  19. I learn something new from you every day! 🙂 I did not know that they gave out free comic books on this day… what a treat for comic book fans!!

    Your cupcakes are adorable! I think I want the Batman one!

  20. love your cupcakes, my girls are so into comics, perfect for Thor weekend!


  21. The cupcakes look so lovely!

  22. So creative….love these~!

  23. cupcakes looks very pretty…

  24. I want the Batcupcake. I need it to go with my Batmilkmug.

  25. Nice! Comics are fun, and your cupcakes look awesome!

  26. Your cupcakes are awesome; I need a little taste; have fun.

  27. What amazing cupcakes! Bet Clark Kent adores them, too 😉
    Have a fantastic comic weekend!

  28. these look great 🙂 love the presentation.

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