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Before I started a food blog, my adventures didn’t include dinner. Admittedly, I was a bit of a weenie when it came to trying new food. Luckily, things have changed. A restaurant – that last year I wouldn’t go to because ‘there’s nothing there I can eat’ – has just blown me away with its phenomenal Restaurant Week $15 lunch menu.

Icoa Fine Dining offers ‘sweet and savories for Breakfast, Lunch and Corporate Functions.’  In addition to an interesting little menu, its got a kitchen store on the right side of the restaurant.  A twofer!  Anyway, on to lunch.

Clark Kent chose the Chicken Liver Pate with raisin compote, caramelized nuts and puffed cereal crisps.  The pate was tasty but the show stopper was the raisin compote which ‘put it over the top,’ for CK.

I went with the marinated beetroot salad served with in-house smoked salmon, buttermilk creme, arugula and pine nuts.  It was outstanding.  This dish had a wonderful texture and the cream with the flavor and the yum…ohmigoodness!  It was grand.

In a shocking display of veggie love, I had another salad for my main course. This time it was a local yellow fin tuna tataki nicoise salad. Another fabulous dish with quite the spicy punch.  Uber-big though. It was a little more ‘dinner-sized’ than my lunch tummy could handle.

For his main, CK had the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich which is braised beef short rib with cilantro on a crispy baguette.

It came with pickled carrots and daikon slaw with a sriracha sauce.  ‘Very tasty,’ CK said ‘but way too much food.’  Looking at my notes I’m a little embarrassed we said that.  What kind of foodies are we!?

Dessert was coffee for CK and passion fruit mousse cake for me.  This was cheek-puckerable and a great way to end the meal.  Even though I couldn’t have faced another bite of salad I magically found room for this whole slice.

I just can’t keep him out of the cream.

This lunch was a great surprise and at only $15 a piece for three very generously sized courses, we couldn’t have been happier.

Oh!  By the way, CK and I celebrated not only my 30th birthday on Monday but also our 5 year wedding anniversary! There was cheesecake-eating, Oktoberfesting, kite-flying, puppy-tormenting and friend-chilling 🙂


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  1. Isn't it amazing that no matter how stuffed we are, we always manage to find room for dessert. I love your description of 'cheek-puckeringly good' The salads look fantastic. Nastertium leaves? Yum!

  2. I'll take the beetroot salad. I'm not so sure about the pate, but the rest of the meal makes my mouth water!

  3. Happy belated birthday and anniversary. Love your photos.

  4. Happy Birthday & Anniversary! Sounds like you had a nice celebration! My birthday is this month too (halloween!). I want to try tuna tataki and beef salad! They both look really great.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, and Anniversary!
    Love to see all your fabulous restaurant reviews and amazing foods!
    Beautiful dishes, and desserts, and truly a very creative presentation. Always love all your posts photos…thanks for sharing:DDD

  6. First of all Happy Belated Birthday and Anniversary!!! :-)))) I have bookmarked this place for my next visit to Cayman… hehehe Sometimes I wish I still lived in Europe… then I would come there for sure!!!

  7. Happy birthday and anniversary! Looks like you had a lot of fun. All the food looks pretty tempting!

  8. Happy Birthday and Anniversary!!! You guys have fun on that island and good food! More reasons to visit 🙂

  9. Happy Birthdaversary!!! 😀

    For $15 – that looks like an outstanding meal! I am once again envious of your island cuisine and not being surrounded by the same 6 chain restaurants.

  10. Wishing you belated happy birthday and happy anniversary. I am in love with these foods need the recipe for that cake.

  11. Happy birthday and happy anniversary!! Wooo! You guys are so cute. I just love your posts and think you are so much fun. I always love your food review posts. The salads in this post look AMAZING.

  12. Happy Birthday and Anniversary!! wow you are pushing the boat out with new foods – and they look DIVINE!!!!
    YUM – would love to stink my teeth into that incredible sandwich 🙂
    Mary x

  13. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! The food looks fabulous, it makes me want to eat out more often! Have a great delicious day!

  14. The food looks fantastic!

  15. Double congrats!! Welcome to the 30somethings. Don’t you agree things are getting better by the day? I love it more then when I was in my 20somethings =)

    Man you guys got a mega lunch! How did you manage to finish it all. No matter how much food you already ate, there is always room for dessert! I think it’s build in our systems.

  16. Pretty awesome menu! And Happy birthday and anniversary!

    Keep expanding those taste buds!

  17. Happy Birthday & Anniversary!
    Everything looks so delectable. Love that sandwich!

  18. Among all, the salads looks so lovely, esp the one with the beet added in.

  19. The pate and the mousse look delicious!

  20. Happy Birthday and anniversary! I quickly popped over for the recipe of that cake! It looks absolutely divine!

  21. Happy Birthday -o- versary! Your pictures are incredible! I'm glad that you've branched out and tried new things, because I am digging that meal vicariously!

    I agree with CK – the mama dog with the wrapping paper hat is too cute for words! Buzzed this fun post, girlfriend!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday and anniversary!

  23. Happy belated birthday and anniversay! Fantastic meal for the happy occasions! thanks for sharing your precious moment with us!

  24. Happy belated birthday and anniversary!
    Everything looks amazing. I would have been blown away too.

  25. Oh, boy, both salads look amazing! You picked two winners! And a belated happy birthday and anniversary! You're making me feel very OLD 😉

  26. happy day! happy day! okay – so glad you found room for dessert! Two stomachs…. that's what I always say! – the whole meal looked divine!

  27. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Happy Happy Joy Joy that you got to eat that cake. Serious drooling going on over here!

  28. Congrats with your special days:) You have coem a long way from the time you werea shy blogger;))

  29. Wow that food looks delightfully adventurous and what a deal at 15 each! Nice!
    So very happy Birthday to you!!! I hope you enjoy the 30's – they can be pretty wonderful 🙂 And Happy happy 5th! That is awesome. Nice you could enjoy such a fun, laid back day 🙂

  30. Oh! Happy Birthday and Anniversary!!! It's never too much food for a celebration. Love that slaw in a jar… and the mousse looks particularly celebration-worthy. 🙂

  31. Happy Everything LOL. I love exploring new foods and places. Restaurant week is always a great opportunity this place looks very cool

  32. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! Whtat a fantastic place to mark this special occasion. That food has to be Superb. Love your collage! Wishing you a great week.

  33. The picture of Mama Dog with the wrapping paper hat on is beyond my capacity to express in words.

  34. Happy 30th and 5th-those only come around once, so I am glad you celebrated with abandon!
    I like to try new things and have definitely expanded my husbands palate range quite a bit.
    Ta Da-now you boldly go and eat-regardless if you are the first patron or not, carrying your trusty camera! Thanks for sharing another restaurant adventure.

  35. That cake is gorgeous! This is an HUGE lunch. Im jealous.

  36. Love what you did with the pictures, VERY cute and colorful!

    Pickled carrots & slaw look to be my favs. And you celebrated perfectly. HAPPY 30th!
    HAPPY 5th 😉

  37. I'm glad the restaurant enticed you inside for a visit…I'm with CK, my choice would be the Banh Mi. Terrific photos. Belated birthday and anniversary wishes!

  38. Happy birthday and anniversary! Looks like you had a blast, though your dogs may not have. 🙂 Don't worry, in my book, thinking there's too much food doesn't effect your foodie status. Foodie is about quality and adventure, not quantity. You're safe!

  39. Happy belated birthday and anniversary. BTW I heard that cows have 4 stomachs and we have two only. One is for desserts.

  40. Darn it, I want the recipe for that cake!

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