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I Feel My Temperature Rising

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It is hot.  I’m talking heat index of 100 degrees hot.  You’d think this would inspire a creamy, cold smoothie or maybe a refreshing fruit salad for breakfast.  Nah.  Give me waffles.  Lemon waffles covered in greek yogurt actually.  Gina at SP Cookie Queen knows what I’m talking about.  Just check out these Strawberry Lemonade Waffles.

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  1. Waffles, lemon, yogurt… hell to the YES!

  2. I couldn't get my eyes peeled away from the ocean in the background. I love HOT weather. I'll eat anything in hot weather. Why not waffles? They look delicious! What a great twist on a waffle.

  3. Waffles were my favorite in Hawaii just love the coconut syrup you just reminded my of them with this photo!

  4. I have to say that here in Seattle I wouldn't mind a few days of hot. Yummy waffles!

  5. Wow, that's hot at your place! I love the combination of strawberry and lemonade waffle.

  6. I love this version of a waffle!

  7. Time for me to get out…and keep out my waffle maker. You totally inspired me to make this refreshing and yummy waffles:DDD

    One thing about South Florida, I have never witnessed over 95 degrees even in the hottest part of the season. Today is 88degrees and breezy!

  8. Waffles with ice cream, an absolute pleasure! With yoghurt, have not tried this yet! Looks wonderful! Who wouldn't drool over these?? 🙂

  9. I feel like having some waffles now too!

  10. What lovely waffles. I would love to have a waffle maker. I think they make such an elegant breakfast.
    Stay cool.

  11. Yummmmm! I quote Hester… I NEED to get myself a waffle maker… I have been thinking about it for a while now and this was a push in the “right direction”! 🙂

  12. Thanks for sending me over there to check out these amazing waffles. Now I have no excuse to be without a waffle maker.

  13. oh love waffles but boy is that hot

  14. Lemon and yogurt is cooking, perfect. Even better if followed by a cold creamy smootie!

  15. Oh man when I saw these a while back at Gina's site I just about passed out! Thanks for reminding me. Mmm waffles! lol

  16. I love waffles…! I should go to a cafe tomorrow and get myself a waffle too :D)

  17. Waffles and Greek yogurt..yummo…. can any breakfast be more fabulous than these!

  18. Ooh, waffles…mmm…

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