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As some of you may know, buying a home is an incredible experience.  I’m totally addicted to playing ‘house’ now.  I garden.  I stain furniture.  I steam mop.  It’s tons-o-fun.  However, I can’t help but notice that is has affected the amount of pocket change in my outrageously tacky wallet.  Hence the lack of restaurant review posts this year.  Luckily, I made some friends during my Taste of Cayman 2012 series!  I was thrilled beyond belief when the folks at Bamboo invited me to brunch with them at their sister restaurant Hemingways.

How awesome is that!?

Between the two of us, Clark Kent and I sampled everything in the buffet.  They had salad, fresh fruit, curry cauliflower, roasted fennel, oysters, shrimp, crab legs, pork chops, roast beef, build-your-own-pasta, omelets, bacon, eggs benedict and cheese of all shapes, sizes and stinky factor.

My personal favorite was the sushi table by Bamboo which knocked my socks RIGHT OFF!

So fresh, so delicious, so stunning!  Speaking of pretty food, check out the dessert:

All of it was swoonable but I especially like the little carrot cakes.  Of course, we had one of everything.

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  1. Beautiful place and beautiful food. It would be way too easy to eat way too much 🙂

  2. I can definitely understand being “house poor” lol. That buffet looks amazing. My friends just went down for a two week vacation in the Caymans – color me jealous.

  3. Whoaaa! You two got to try all these food?!?! I'm jealous! Especially the grade of raw fish – it looks so fresh and they make great sushi too! YUM… And agree, having your home is great but we also spend quite a lot for updating and even just maintaining the house… but enjoy! 🙂

  4. Everything looks amazing and how wonderful that they called you for lunch! I'm SO glad you're enjoying your new home! (wanna compare tacky wallets? Mine is pink and made of nylon….and I adore it!)

  5. The sushi table looks INCREDIBLE! Wow! All of it looks incredible. And yes, playing house is fun. Glad you are enjoying it!

  6. Delicious! I love playing house, too! 🙂

  7. Wow, what a mouth-watering spread…lucky you! The dessert looks absolutely mouth-watering and so is the sushi spread. Yummy pictures!

    Please drop by my blog and collect some awards waiting for you!

  8. Hilarious photo of the chief taster! I would have had to have one of everything too. What a fantastic array of desserts. Lovely beach too – a little slice of paradise!

  9. Dang, that is a buffet! Looks amazing. I don't know how you could ever stop 🙂

  10. How great to own your own home, and the fun just begins. 🙂 Also you are so lucky to be invitied to Hemingways to that fantastic spread! All that food and it's all so colorful! I think I would look like the both of you after eating there too!

  11. Congratulations on your new home; fun time ahead. That was quite the lavish brunch; everything looks Very tempting.

  12. LOL@ the cheese's stinky factor…what a great spread.. I hope we can move in to a new home soon too!

  13. Swoonable is correct Lisa! Everything looks incredible. I would love to try every single thing!

  14. Wow! What an array of delicious food! I would like to have one of everything too!

  15. oh my goodness!! I'd have a taste if everything too! This all looks so incredible but I agree, that sushi table would be calling my name!! YUMM!

  16. Oh, my gosh…what an array of amazing dishes! I think my pants might burst after visiting that buffet 😉 What a treat for you two~

  17. Lucky you! These photos are amazing!

  18. So beautiful! These photos are so good!

  19. Beautiful Food!!!
    I can bet it must have been fun…
    Have a great week my dear.

  20. Whoa! What a wonderful invitation and a great spread of food. Trying to taste all of that would take some effort, however, I am sure they did not invite you so you could pack a doggie bag! Take note that you will get many more invitations, so start fasting for the next big spread. Happy Monday!

  21. What a fabulous spread! Love it!

  22. What a fabulous and food-loaded experience!~

  23. I sooo need to make friends like yours! 😀 Comics aren't filling this tummy up. Everything looks so stunning – and the sun and sand are always a welcome site.

  24. Ha! The final pics say it all. The food is gorgeous, but yikes! There's a lot of it.

  25. Buffet has a new meaning for me now! That is so awesome that you get to eat at least one of each. Tons of food!!
    You will work it off while you are cleaning and staining 🙂 Having a house will do that to you unfortunately. I remember when we bought our house, and after two weeks we realized “crap, we have to buy lawnmower now!” when the neighbors mentioned the height of the grass. It had not occurred to us before then:)

  26. Wow that is a stunnignly fancy and beautiful buffet! You hardly see one like this a round here. Especially the sushi and desserts!

    Lol and look at those expressions. I'd look even weirder after sampling everything. 😉

    And my… the scenery… makes jealous.

  27. What a fantastic experience for you! Your blog posts are full of the most incredible scenery and food. To combine both of them must be heaven on earth! Keep enjoying life and please keep sharing it with us. Someday…. 🙂

  28. Mmmmm what a generous restaurant 😀
    Everything looks scrumptious!

    Choc Chip Uru

  29. Now that is what I call and buffet…no I take that back, it was a feast.

  30. Sweet Mother of Pearl!!! I'd still be there washing dishes probably to make up for all the food I ate. How cool would it be to put together a dessert table like that!! Looking forward to yours.

  31. omg! right now I wished I was on the cayman islands on the beach sitting in this restaurant, even though I am sitting on the beach in goa. =O

  32. Even though your restaurant reviews may be fewer and farther between, it makes it all that much more special when you do get to go — and it looks like you hit the mother lode on this buffet! 🙂

  33. Whoa, I should say the food sure LOOKS good! i want to be there…

  34. Your pics always take me away to one of the places I have enjoyed visiting the most … beautiful!

  35. OMG These look absolutely georgeous but really is a lot LOL! but look fantastic!!

  36. Oh my goodness – I'm bright green with envy!! so much fun for you and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious and just LOOK at that beach!!!
    Mary x

  37. See what happens when you become a Blog Star! Everyone will be asking you to critique their restaurant and for good reason. Everytime you post something I jot it down just in case we travel to the Caymen Islands. Lucky you!

  38. WOW. Just wow.

  39. I would eat way too much at the buffet–the separate photo of the dessert table alone was mind-boggling! Congratulations on your new house!

  40. Haha, I looove that last picture! Excellent expressions.
    The treats all looks amazing -w hat an experience!

  41. Wowsers! I'm gonna buy a plane ticket! Simply irresistible! Mrs. Herb Garden

  42. Wow…and to think that they have tables set up right on the beach! In all these years living in South Florida, we don't have tables set up right on the beach…the closest would be is across the street from the beach!
    You are so right about the pretty foods, and I would just stop right there at the sushy bar, and next, the desserts:DDD

  43. So jealous! It looks like the perfect scenery for a brunch too =)

  44. Wow, thats a wonderful experience, I mean with such a wonderful surrounding and the lovely spread of food. I don't really fancy sushi rolls because for me its either tempura and the sashimi raw cuts.

    Having said that, the spread is really wide, what more the lovely desserts to go by together.

  45. Lucky lucky! That looked great fun – next time if you can't manage everything just send me a doggie bag? I'm friends with stars that get invited by Bamboo. Do you think that would work? OK, possibly not.

  46. Holy cow what a load of food!! It looks beautiful and I'm envious 🙂


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