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Heavy Petting

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Doesn’t that look good?  We’ll get to that…but first!

About a year ago, Clark Kent and I were adopted.

This mother and son duo is as bad and as menacing as they look.  Street dogs with street cred.  They chase lizards.  They eat chickens.  They roll in all manner of stinky things.  And then they want to snuggle. Sigh.

They’re also relentless with their cold doggy noses when they’re ready to go out for a walk.  Even at 5am.

At least there’s coffee and cake when we get home 🙂

Cassava Heavy Cake (a Caymanian classic!) from Cookin’ and Laughin’ in the Cayman Islands
You will need:
Two 14 oz cans coconut milk
2 tbsp vanilla
1 tbsp cinnamon
2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 cup butter
2 cup light brown sugar
6 cup grated cassava (North Americans will know this as ‘yucca’)
  • Mix everything but cassava, put into a large pot and bring to a boil, and then turn down to simmer, until it separates
  • Skim some oil foam off top (about 1 cup) and save
  • Add to 6 cups grated cassava
  • Stir briskly and pour into well greased baking pan, 15 inch by 8 inch by 2 1/2 inch
  • Bake at 350 until set, about 20 minutes
  • Spread 1/2 oil foam topping over it, bake another 20 minutes and spread rest of topping
  • Bake slowly until sides let go and top is brown (25 – 35 minutes)
  • Let it cool for about a day, before covering, otherwise it sweats and spoils.  This way it can keep for about 5 days.  Refrigeration spoils it by turning it hard.
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  1. Great title for this post! Thanks for the giggle. Love how you were adopted! I'm going to search out cassava for this recipe – it looks like something I need to try!

  2. We are just back from the Bahamas (so glad we are missing the hurricane!) and I'm all about tropical foods right now… this one is for me!!

  3. Love your dogs! We have three furry children ourselves and are only too familiar with how relentless they can be when they want something. Siena, our beagle, starts shaking her head and clinging the tags on her collar when she thinks it's time to get up regardless of what we have to say about it… Never had cassava heavy cake or cassava cake of any kind. One of our favorite things about reading your blog is being introduced to these new wonderful flavors!

  4. Your dogs are so freakin adorable! I love their names! This cake looks interesting too… I've never had it but looks delicious!

  5. OMG your dogs are SO cute!!! I know all about a wet nose at a shockingly early hour. Worth it though, right? And the cake is – yum!

  6. Look at those puppy snouts! I'm a sucker for a k9 companions.

    I'm also a sucker for a great cake. When do I get a slice? 😉

  7. What a special cake; I need a taste.

  8. That looks incredible. Not sure if I can get my hands on any cassava but will try and hunt for some nonetheless!

  9. Your cake looks super delicious and your dogie duo
    toooooo cute! I love your lunch box with a surprised look…..haha!:)

  10. Your puppies look sooo cute!! <3 <3

    And the cassava/yucca cake looks really moist and delicious! I love the picture of the cut cake with ice cream! I so want to bite it!!!! 🙂

  11. OMG I could just eat those puppies up, they are so cute! The cake looks pretty awesome too. I always love your island cuisine posts – hope the doggies will be repeat guests as well!

  12. Your pups are adorable! I know what yucca is, but I can't say I have ever heard of using it in a cake! Yours looks so yummy though!

  13. The title cracked me up. Cute doggies and a great recipe. Who could resist.

  14. Who wouldn't like cake and ice cream? Your cake sounds so good now because I just had my dinner:D Your dogs are adorable.

  15. Oh, I LOVE your sweet pups…and this lovely cake, too…mmmmmm.

  16. Cake looks so good.. yum 🙂
    Jabeen's Corner

    Ongoing Event-Iftar nights

  17. Heheee your two doggies sound like my kids. Why can't they sleep in???? Your casava cake looks super delicious! With ice cream, it's a complete “meal” for me. 😉

  18. OMG you took me way back. In 2000 we went to the Bahamas and I had cake like this. The slice was huge and I didn't share any of it. Boy was it good! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  19. Oh my! What a unique cake! I love coming across recipes like this! Bookmarking this one. I've never used yucca. Is it something seasonal? Your pooches are beautiful and lucky they found you! : )

  20. Your pups sound just like mine…and are adorable! My lab woke me up at an unacceptable Saturday hour for a walk with a wet nose and slobbery kiss. This cake would have definitely been a welcome addition to my morning 🙂

  21. Awwwww! Your dogs are beautiful!!! I was too busy staring at them…I have to scroll back up for the cake! :/

  22. look delicious! gloria

  23. This looks so delicious, the texture looks wonderful! Those pups are adorable!

  24. Ooo the doggies!!!! SO CUTE. The cake looks divine!

  25. Haha love your title and this cake looks delicious!! 🙂

  26. Awwwwww….a sweet story of the dogs and their cake (and coffee?) ;p

  27. Glad you said it was yucca, wasn't sure what cassava was. You're babies are adorable, I bet they are glad they found you and K.C. Your independence day festival looks they a day of good eats also. Hope you have a great weekend.

  28. They look so innocent;)I have eaten my portion of cassava in many dishes as my girls father is Samoan and it is yummy:)

  29. What cute little doggies! Yummy cake! The ice cream looks perfect with it. You really can't go wrong with that.

  30. Wow! It looks divine! Reminded me of a Malaysian cassava cake.

  31. the cake looks delicious and the dogs look adorable
    buzzed 🙂

  32. This looks delicious and the doggies are SO adorable with their big, cold noses! Buzzed this cake…it sounds amazing!

  33. This looks loveelllyy, anything with coconut milk as a main ingredient sparks my interest for sure 🙂 gorgeous lookin pud


    Awww… Lunchbox is such a good doggie 🙂

    And I like how you have a parrot at the top of a food blog. Do they taste just like chicken 🙂

  35. This looks amazing! I am so happy to get this recipe and I have all the ingredients too! Thanks for the tips.

  36. lol the title really IS hilarious!

    I had to google cassava to find out that it's what I know as 'manioc'. This cake just looks like ooey gooey perfection to me! I love how you could easily make a vegan version if you want to.


  37. I want this cake so bad. Coconut milk???? Yum. I think I'm going to make some and bring it to a party next weekend. So your doggies are awesome! Cold doggie nose woke me up at 6 today. Sigh is right 🙂

  38. Heavy petting? Hmmm… LOL!! Hahaha!
    The cassava cakes sounds good. We do have our local cassava cake that is similar to this and really delicious! So I know that I would like this too! Thanks for sharing, have a lovely weekend!

  39. yucca pudding! YUM! and with coconut milk?!?!? double yum! Haha and I love that you described your dogs as having street cred! Happy weekend!

  40. nice and its so simple. Lovely outcome in the color.

  41. The cakes look tasty, but that title made me laugh out loud. Good thing my office door was closed!

  42. You win the award for be blog post title ever. LOL! The cake looks delish too. 🙂

  43. I will watch the cake while you go watch the dogs….What, don't you trust that it will be waiting here when you get back?? Hopefully it will only be missing a few pieces. Yum!

  44. YUMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to my house and make me this!

  45. Oh they look so cute and playful 🙂 If I had a cake like this waiting for me, I would not mind taking my dog out at 5 am. Poor thing has to wait until after I am done with everything in the house!

  46. I think I'll just come for a visit. You make the cake, I'll snuggle with the pups!!


  47. Cake sounds interesting, I miss cassava. Is that dog's name really lunchbox?

  48. Ohhh my mom use to make casava cakes and they are so good! Crunchy on top and chewing inside! I love the individual pots =)

  49. The cake looks scrumptious . . . . not yucca at all! (And, yes, quite the title!)

  50. Should have known that a blog post with this title would be one of yours! 😉 You are always good for a laugh and the laughs often come along with fun stories and yummy recipes. That cake looks divine.

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