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Grilled Plantains, Pineapple & Chayotes

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Hey gang!  As the eastern coast gets ready for a potential hammering from Hurricane Irene, Cayman is enjoying a break from tropical waves, troughs and areas of low pressure.  It’s really lovely outside right now, which makes walking the puppies less oppressive than it was last week. They’re having a blast.  So much so that they’ve decided they want leash-less freedom.  The best way to do that – in their minds – is to kill their walker. That’s me.

That’s a grass stain INSIDE my bra

They almost succeeded in their plan to commit Parsleycide. When they took off running at top speed, my instant reaction wasn’t to just cleverly let go.  Oh no.  It was to hold on tight and let them drag me through fierce bush and a gravel parking lot. So as I’m nursing multiple cuts and bruises, an angry ankle and a sore shoulder, today’s recipe is the epitome of easy 🙂

Grilled Plantain, Pineapple and Chayote from The Complete Guide to Grilling
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You will need:
2 ripe (black) plantains, peeled & sliced lengthwise
2 chayotes – halved lengthwise, pitted and sliced lengthwise
1 large pineapple – peeled, halved lengthwise and sliced crosswise
1/3 cup olive oil

  • Light a grill.  Brush the plantain and chayote slices generously with the olive oil and season the chayotes with salt
Don’t worry, the pork recipe ‘soon come’
  • Grill the plantains and chayotes, along with the pineapple, over a moderately hot fire for 3 – 4 minutes per side or until tender and lightly charred.
  • Serve them hot or at room temperature
I’ve also been tagged in the 7 Links Challenge by the three fabulous writers behind Manu’s Menu, Food & Thrift Finds and Sweet Sensations.  If you haven’t been tagged yet, please consider this your invitation to play!
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  1. wow… great idea. this is new for me… like it. Even the chayote famous in my country but i never know this one.. thanks

  2. My mouth is watering… Delicious post!

  3. Sorry about getting dragged! I have been there. Glad you are getting some storm relief … even if it is at our expense ; )

  4. YUM, as always!

    Parsleycide…so funny. Being dragged by dogs, though…not funny! You poor thing!

  5. Smiled at your Parsleyside. How cute. You're making me miss plantains. Hopefully they'll have them when we get to Florida this winter. No way I'll find them in the mountains of NC.

  6. Oh No!! That happened to my mom once, she has a huge 125lb chocolate lab (hes more like a horse) and he decided he was going to go for his leshless freedom the same way! My dogs on the other hand are about 7lbs and if they tried to take off and run the would just go flying backwards. Hope you feel better soon!! Your plantains look amazingggg

  7. I've tried plantains a few times and still can't seem to get myself to love them. There's something about them being from the banana family that makes it hard for me to enjoy them in a savoury way. Hopefully one day I'll get over that though! Your grilled plantains do look enticing!

  8. Walking puppies can be dangerous! Grilled fruits and veggies are my favorite… yum.

  9. Just noticed the #1 spot on Top 9…Congratulations-well deserved!!!

  10. I feel bad for you to be dragged around by the two strong puppies…it could have been worst, but bad enough that you got bruised like that.
    The grilled chayote and the plantains are easy, and so yummy. A great side dish with other grilled veggies, or meats!
    Thanks so much for the mention of the 7 Links which I passed on to you, Love your collage of your incredible 7 Links:DDD

  11. hope you are recovering from your bruises – the grilled veggies look healthy and awesome!

  12. You are too funny and the only person I've ever heard of with a grass stain on the inside of her bra!Congrats on Top 9!!!

  13. Had to giggle at the thought of Parselycide! Glad it didn't happen, though 🙂 Yummy grilled fruit…a perfect side for a summer meal~

  14. Wow, this is looking so appetizing and tempting…….! Congrats on top 9, lovely pictures and post. regards, sonia !

  15. We're getting a respite from bad weather for once here, too — I can't imagine pre-meditated Parsleycide. The grilled fruits and veggies look wonderful; I've yet to try plantains. Thanks for the reminder to try them. Hope you're mending.

  16. Congrats on well deserved Top 9. Creative post!

  17. oh you poor thing!!! I wish you a speedy recovery! This meal looks awesome! I love how simple it is! Congrats on the top 9! You totally deserve it!

  18. I'm sorry but your story gave me a giggle. I hope you're on the mend!

  19. Oh trust me… I know what it's like to be dragged around like a ragdoll by two dogs! Not fun =)

    These fruits and vegetables sound so delicious though – and the perfect way to nurse those cuts and bruises!

  20. Grilled pineapple and grilled cheese skewers are one of my favorite summer treats! Love the idea of grilled plantains! Congrats on making Top 9! Woop whoop!

  21. How brave are you for showing the world your bra?! Hilarios! Okay so I really am sorry you were cut up though. The payoff is the number 1 Top 9 spot LOL 🙂

  22. This dish looks so yummy, healthy, easy to make and unique!! Thanks for sharing. BTW congrats for the Top9!!

  23. So sorry about your bruised body and ruined undergarment, but the bright side is, you're in the Top 9 with this post! I'm digging those grilled chayotes and your 7-links posts…which reminds me, I haven't done mine yet :-/.

  24. If they can pull you like that as pups, what happens when they become big boys, or girls? Your in for a rough time my friend 🙂 You might want to soak that bra as grass is a mother to get out!

  25. Ohhh nooooo naughty puppies!!! All those injuries must be painful! 🙁 How on earth did you get grass stains on your bra???! I can only imagine!!!! LOL
    I love those yummy grilled sides and now I can't wait for the pork recipe to come… yummy!

  26. Oh gosh! I'm so sorry for your injuries. But…well I just can't stop laughing at that grass stain on your bra! On a brighter note….your grilled fruit looks just awesome! : )

  27. I am so sorry but I am cracked up at the idea of a grass stain inside of your bra! How the hell is that even possible??? You poor thing. Our dog drags us around on a regular basis and is a hot mess to take for walks, so sadly we often just don't. He has full run over our back yard and quick leashless walks to the mail box but my wrist can't take his yanking on the lead.

  28. Oh I want to be sitting on a beach with a cocktail eating this

  29. Beautiful blog!
    I love your recipes and presentation of dishes.
    I have added to your followers.
    If you want, come and visit me, you're welcome

  30. Glad your weather is good and so is ours! Your pups definitely have a mind of their own; actually, it was kind of funny, but not for you, I'm sure—hope you're like new now. That's a great meal to cook up—adore that pineapple!

  31. the grilled fruits and veggies sound terrific. hope you're feeling better soon!

  32. What a perfect recipe for summer 🙂 They looks so fresh and delicious 🙂

  33. Ack, you poor thing. Bad doggies! Hope these yummy grilled goodies cheered you up.

  34. Dogs do that but I am glad you are okay. These grilled veg look awesome.

  35. I will for sure grab the pineapples and plantain, super-ly our favs at home.

  36. Oh they did the same thing to you as Tarchin did to me… But I was actually so embarrassed, I hid behind a tree until people passed by 🙂

  37. Hey there! I'm sorry your doggies decided to commit *ahem* Parsleycide! (OMG the WORD is hilarious). I hope you're feeling better soon! The recipe sounds delish! You know I love grilling!

    …also, I gotta say – I LOVE the way you did your seven links! Very creative and cool….much like the blogger!

    Be safe out there with the doggies!

  38. I'm hoping that hurricane doesn't affect you too bad. Poor thing, that must have hurt. Never tried the chayote, sounds great.

  39. Your grilled fruit is beautiful! I have to admit that I've only had plantains once but I liked it. This sounds really good!

  40. oh my god I'm glad you're okay. puppies got a mind of their own

    food awesome! I love it all. I just cooked a Chayote mexican style stewp today. Great minds think a like. Yum

    i hope you're feeling better!

  41. Hope you feeling better, Love your grill and your links, awesome!! love specially that you was proud I love it!!love pineapples!! gloria

  42. I am sorry I didn't mean to laugh at the image of you being dragged behind a leash….no, I was laughing at your witty writing. I never thought to grill chayotes before, sounds good! I do like plantains both ripe and green.

    I have been tagged too and still have to post my 7 links post!

  43. Can't get plantains or chayotes here, but I guess I can eat some pineapple 🙂

  44. Yes I have been tagged tyo.It is a pitty there is no list of people taht are already tagged so we do not choose the same ones;) Plantan I discovered just recently and never looked back:)Great taste;)

  45. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  46. I hope you are all going to be ok.We have hier heavy storms ,earthquakes cunami warnings on a regular basis.Just make sure you have your emergency supplies ready and hopefully you don't need them.Fantatsic food here;)Keep well

  47. Omg I cannot believe the dogs managed to have you stain your bra! That is too funny. Your dish looks beautiful though… I love grilled pineapple and plantains so much! Whenever I am vacationing I eat plantains practically every day even though I can buy them at home! 🙂

  48. Bad dogs! No Parsleycide please! What's her mom going to say when she sees the state of that bra! Sit! Stay! Ok run, bark and generally go crazy. I was never any good at dog training anyway. I think I will stick to cooking. Don't know about chayotes, but can find some pineapple
    and some plaintain.

  49. OMG grass on the inside of your bra?? You have dogs in the size of horses? Well I am glad you survived =)

    I love plantains especially the green unripe ones. They make great chips! And I never knew how you call the green things  chayotes but I just to sauté them with some oyster sauce. Never had them on the grill before. Next bbq…I will give it a go.

  50. we are preparing for impending doom of Irene here in NC. yipee. glad you are safe and happy as well as the pups sub the grass stained brazier!

    how did you make those photo links to your 7 posts ??! rather, how or where did you learn how to do that because I would like to learn more but don't know where to learn.

  51. Wow! Those are some strong pups!! My little guys (8 lbs ea) make it easy to hold, though occasionally the leash gets a bit tight on my finger if they pull full force. Currently their biggest issue is taking up my chair while I type. I have one comfortably on his back behind me leaving me with nearly 1 1/2 inches to perch my rear on the chair (he is very comfortable though) and the other is lounging on my lap.
    LOVE the plantains! I've never actually made them myself before, but have always sought them out on menus. I just might have to see if I can find some!

    Hope you are healing soon!

  52. Sorry to hear that. Its the first time I am hearing of chayotes, maybe I tried it but didn't know the name. Very exotic grill!

  53. I love plantains, what a great meal!

  54. Looks great – I love the red flower as garnish! Good luck nursing your puppy wounds…

  55. I remember when my dog pulled me over-flat! I was so shocked that he had that much power. Anyhow, I hope your pups they got rid of all their hyperactivity-at least for a little will until you heal. Grilled fruits make a great side dish for almost anything-yum!

  56. Everything looks so wonderful!!!! I hope you feel better, puppies got little naughty …. take care and just let go next time 🙂
    Love the grilled fruits, so healthy and fresh yummy.

  57. You poor girl; I hope you are feeling better; next time just LET GO! Love grilled fruits and really want to try plantain on the BBQ.

  58. Oh no! Those pups really did you in! 🙁 These grilled fruits look and sound fantastic!!! 🙂

  59. Wow everything looks incredible!! What a great use of your grill, yummy! 🙂

  60. Guess it's time for me to go shopping for you some “camoflauge” bras! Grilled pineapple, YUM!
    Good job, feel better soon! BAD DOGS!! See you soon. Mrs.Herb Garden

  61. o my…the weather was SO good that drove your puppy so wild?
    Love your grilled fruits…esp. the pineapples.

  62. Oh dear! Sounds like you are struggling to be the alpha in your relationship with the pups. Our Oliver (dalmatian) is an excellent and obedient walker UNLESS he spies a squirrel (he's been known to try and climb a tree) or helpless young bird.

    Glad you found a delicious and easy recipe to prepare while recuperating. Also glad you are enjoying calm. We are too here in the midwest. However our younger son and DIL are right in the now projected path in New England. We're hoping for the best.


  63. I re-discovered plantain on holiday in the form of crisps to go with my G&T before dinner. Love the idea of grilling them like this – fabulous!
    Not so fabulous with the puppy-cide walks but boy, you sure know how to make people laugh. In hysterics with that bra shot! Be careful! Glad to hear weather ok with you. It's raining puppies here.

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