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Grapetree Cafe

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Fish fry is a serious business in Cayman.

And the Grapetree Cafe is the heart attack of Caymanian fish fry.

It’s all the way in Bodden Town, which is quite a trek for those of us who live in West Bay (a whole 30 minutes!) but a few weekends ago Rachel and her hubby offered to drive us out to the Eastern districts for what some may argue is the best fried fish in Grand Cayman (although, Clark Kent says the guy behind the gas station in West Bay is best.)

The portion sizes at Grapetree rival those of Texas restaurants, so CK and I split a Mahi Mahi. Β The $12 meal comes with escovitch, fried breadfruit, cassava and three of the best darned fritters you’ll ever taste in your life! Β This is a great stop for visitors and residents alike and it gets four thumbs WAY up from The Deep Dish.

Grapetree even has its own puppy garbage disposal system
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  1. That is a beautiful place! And the fried fish looks really good! A lovely place to relax!

  2. just came back from a vacation in Bermuda – these are the beaches I was looking for and missed very much during my trip there, although it was a fantastic trip!

  3. That place is so stinkin' cute!

  4. So pretty…and the food sure look very tempting.
    Hope you are having a great week πŸ™‚

  5. Our fan has a fish fry every year the day after Thanksgiving! They'd love this place πŸ˜€

  6. From that little shack that is so cute…must come the best fish fry, that is so tantalizing that I can even smell it from South Florida!
    Superb place, and photos…thanks for sharing!

  7. What a cute little cafe by the beach. The fried fish makes me drool!

  8. Oh my, looks like you get a sun tan while eating there. They need some umbrellas too. Fish and chips is very big in South Africa – absolutely delicious! Years ago they used to serve it to people in newspapers (not healthy) and they served it alongside “slap” chips – meaning a type of floppy French Fry – absolutely not healthy either – but so good. lol

  9. I love fish n chips. One of my fave things to go out for. Lucky you that you get to do it somewhere so beautiful.

  10. The guy behind the gas station..that made me giggle. πŸ™‚ Goodness, this looks delicious. Fried fish in the Cayman Islands…..mmmmm…..aaaahhhhh….

  11. Fish fry was serious business when I lived in Barbados too. This looks like great stuff and what an adorable little shack by the ocean!

  12. Ok, bookmarked for whenever I get to come to that little Paradise you live in! The fish and sides look delicious… and that sea behind the cafe is amazing! SIGH! πŸ˜‰

  13. I'm beginning to wonder just how many great places you have to eat down there! SOunds just wonderful! You make me so hungry everytime I visit!

  14. I love cute little places like these! Glad it was worth the drive because that fish looks awesome =)

  15. I love the garbage disposal system, lol. That breadfruit is really intriguing me though. Never tried it. Love fried fish, it's a weakness.
    Hope you have a great week.

  16. Look absolutelyt nice! gloria

  17. Oh I love mahi! I am envious of your access to fresh fish all the time, the pictures are beautiful as always and your descriptions make me want to buy a one-way ticket to the Cayman Islands!

  18. man, i wish we would've gotten this trip together and gone to cayman. ah well. sometime in the future! we will have to try this place out though- looks AWESOME!

    Sending out the samples tomorrow!

  19. Awesome fish and chips and a great laid back location- What's not to love?

  20. My hubby and son LOVE fish and chips! These look amazing – they would go crazy for them!

  21. It is hard to choose what to be most jealous of. The Fish Fry or The Location? Then again it could be 30mins being a trek I commute over an hour every day.. LOL
    Beautiful all of it

  22. You got a cheerful blog and make me feel good looking at all your sun-filled photos…

    Happy to follow for more of these sunshine.

  23. OMG…look at the scenery! I'd come here every day to just enjoy the view and food….

  24. Oh, that Mahi Mahi looks fabulous! And I had to giggle at the garbage disposal pup…mine would volunteer if she got a chance πŸ™‚

  25. We love living vicariously through your words and photos of the Cayman islands.. wish we could eat vicariously as well!

  26. What a beautiful place…I adore fish fries….. it just kills me that I'm allergic to fish (sadly, that is a true statement!). I never though I'd say this for 30 miles, but…..ROAD TRIP!

  27. What a heavenly spot – and the fish looks so good I can almost smell cooking!!

  28. This little palces onthe beach someone hide the yummiest stuff.Personally I love snapper and we catch it and eat it happily here many times;)P

  29. 30 minutes isn't bad for the perfect fish fry!

  30. I cannot imagine such a small cafe doing fish fry! I was thinking they might be selling coffee, smoothies or cocktails πŸ™‚

  31. what a view!! Texas size portions, love it!!

  32. This place looks so cool! I want a vacation now!

  33. Ha 30 minutes! You are very lucky living where you do. I take fried fish seriously also. Growing up in Scotland where fish n chips is a staple on almost every corner with every shop being owned by an Italian, who'd have thought it. They keep their batters secret and give you 2 massive fillets in each meal, crispy and juicy, oh man I need a plane ticket home, πŸ™

  34. They also have this loyalty card thing and so if you get 10 stamps, you get a free fish fry! Even more reason to go back. I too LOVE the Heritage kitchen but the guy is hardly ever open!

  35. I want a hut like that on the water's edge! How cool.

  36. We too simply love fish and it certainly looks goods from the pics you have shared.

  37. How cute is that place! Wish I could pop by for lunch.

  38. What a great location and the food looks delicious! You are so lucky!

  39. Great location, and I love fried cassava.

  40. 4 thumbs up is as good as a Michelin star. Another 4 thumbs up from me for the outstanding scenery and the eco-friendly 4-legged garbage disposal system. I love the little sunshine you've painted in. Now if only I could paint one for real on my part of the sky – it's the only sunshine I'm likely to see all “Summer”.

  41. Yet another reason that I need to visit the Cayman Islands. How cute is that restaurant?! And the view? And the food looks delicious, as well. Yum!

  42. Sure looks fantastic; the perect fish and chips; Your header is spectacular! Love tour now blog!

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