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Gateway of India

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Boy howdy, August is a big month of independence! Jamaica, Switzerland, Burkina Faso, Indonesia and Trinidad just to name a few. I guess when it’s August, you’re just too darned hot to put up with colonial rule.

Anyhoo, Clark Kent and I love any excuse to eat so after peeping a $30 dollar three-course deal in the paper for Gateway of India, we headed thataway to celebrate India’s independence from Britain.

Booze bonus!

I dunno if I was expecting a big tah-do or something but had we not seen the ad in the paper, nothing would have given away that there was a reason to celebrate.  I mean, Celine Dion was playing on the speakers for goodness sake.  Oh well, the non-party atmosphere didn’t keep me from enjoying the beer that was included in the $30 special.  Yum 🙂

CK went with the regular menu while I stuck to the Independence Day menu that had three choices for appetizer and main and one fixed dessert. Without fail, CK went with his favorite: Keema naan.  ‘It’s good,’ he said, ‘above average.’ His only complaint was the size which was prodigious! I had the pan-fried vegetable cutlet.  And yup.  I think that’s a slice of processed cheese.  But hey!  We do canned cheese at Easter in Cayman, so I went with it.  I should point out that the mint sauce was LOVELY.

For my main, I chose the lamb shank raan.  The seasoning was really tasty. Very spicy but in a ‘good hurt’ kind of way.  The quality of the lamb was a little disappointing.  CK had the chicken tikka masala which considering the size of his keema naan, was appropriately portioned.  He thought the sauce was very interesting: not too spicy with a very ‘British curry’ flavor to it.  His words, not mine.

Dinner wrapped up with some carrot fudge which was not fudgy but was very carroty so the name was half right.  I have ‘weird’ written down.  It was texture weird; not taste weird.  Right underneath that I have an emphatic ‘but good!’ 🙂

Independence Day 3 course dinner with 1 beer – $30
Keema Naan – $4
Chicken Tikka – $7.95

All prices in CI.  $1 CI = $1.25 US

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  1. As far as I'm concerned, British curry tastes pretty good. Well, back in my Uni days when it was a couple of dollars a plate, I remember it wasn't TOO bad! Looked like you and CK had a celebratory feast, despite the lack of atmosphere and Celine Dion. I always think you are brilliantly hilarious :-).

  2. It's great to know that you celebrate Indian Independence in such lovely spicy way! All foods looks yummy! Thanks for creating buzz for Indian food!

  3. I enjoy the restaurant reviews you do. Thanks!

  4. I've only had Indian food once or twice but this meal is reminding me that I must try it again!

  5. Very funny enjoyable read, chicken tikka masala is the way forward, even Superman likes it!

  6. “…too hot for colonial rule” LMAO! You are too funny! Indian food is a deep and longtime passion of Adam's and he's drooling with envy just now, processed cheese notwithstanding!

  7. I am now trying to think of a superhero name for Handsome. He is more a Bruce in temperament that anything that I can think of quickly… or a Tony… yeah, somewhere between a Bruce and a Tony. I know this is random and unrelated to your post but I had to tell you its boggling my mind atm. (I've seriously gone through Ollie, Hal, Logan, Remy, Wally, John, and more trying to match up the personality in like a minutes time)

  8. Hmm, that side dish with the lamb does not look very authentically Indian to me! I always think it's weird when a place is doing an alleged celebration of some kind, I get all excited for it (I am dorky that way) and then I get there and it's … like a big nothing. Like, why do they bother? But I am glad some of the dishes were good at least so it wasn't a total wash!

  9. You do have some wonderful adventures, don't you! Sounds like you struck gold — wonderful way to celebrate anyone's independence. But that carrot fudge has me puzzled and intrigued. Weird is right.

  10. Look absolutely nice, love Indian food, gloria

  11. love Indian food.

  12. Processed cheese? But there was BEER!!! Carrot fudge just seems strange to me, but I live in Iowa, what can you do!

  13. I always love reading your blog…your viewpoint leaves me smiling. I think I agree that carrot fudge is weird :/

  14. You made me laugh with the “british curry”
    seems it was a good meal all in all

  15. Now you've got me craving Indian food! 🙂

    I know you said that the carrot fudge was weird, but now I'm dying to try some…Or at least figure out how to make it at home. *runs off to kitchen to play*

  16. Sounds like a pretty good deal even if everything wasn't perfect!

  17. Interesting take on Indian food! The masala looks yummy! Im still stuck on the whole cheese thing. Well at least there was beer included!!! 🙂

  18. That's a lot of food for $30 and beer too! Some interesting combinations as well 🙂

  19. What an awesome meal! (especially the beer!!!) Next week you'll have to celebrate Brasil's independence!!! 😀

  20. Now you remind me that I haven't eaten something Indian for some time, but I am not sure if I would love to have the carrot fudge as dessert ;).

  21. I am not so sure I would be thrilled with a dish served with processed cheese.

  22. fantastic food and being an Indian, I will die for all the curries and the carrot fudge, which we actually call it as carrot alwa.

  23. What a memorable meal, huh? Even if your memories will be on a different level from some of the others that you have made and shared with us. I cannot even wrap my head around carrot fudge. I have no idea what that would even taste like.

  24. Too funny on your weird experience, especially with that carrot dessert. What is it with Indian restaurants outside India and Britain? Dig the cheap Kingfisher, though – even if it was accompanied by Celine 😉

  25. What? Celine Dion doesn't equal party-time?! 🙂

    The carrot fudge is so interesting. Funny how it's named!

    At least the two of you got out to enjoy some food with each other! Even if you were taking bites to My Heart Will Goooo OOoonnnnnnn… 🙂

  26. weird…. but good! at least they got the name half right! it looks like it is texture weird, but probably has the flavor of carrot cake or carrot fudge (? a new meaning for “wtf”- what the fudge ).

    Keema Naan almost sounds like Cayman if you read it quickly and silently in your head.

  27. Long live India! Or at least good Indian food!

  28. Hehehe – sounds like the whole experience was wierd … but good. I've had a few East meets West wierd experiences in Indian restaurants but never processed cheese.

  29. Koreans add processed cheese to the strangest things too, like dakkalbi (spicy BBQ chicken) and bibimbap. I don't get it, either! Can someone explain that to me?

  30. Mmmmm cheese??? hehehehe I had to laugh at the comment from anonymous… 😉 I think what disappointed you the MOST was the music… I thought you were rehearsing Tere mast mast do nain!!! What's Celine Dion doing there… she just spoilt it, didn't she??? LOL
    That dessert looks more like carrot halwa… 😉

  31. Appreciate your sense of humor & your reviews!

  32. I love these reviews that you do too. The tikka masala would be my choice and the naan looks lovely! Hopefully the next time the lamb will be better!

  33. I love Naan…that was an interesting menu and meal. The carrot fudge looks like a steamed cake….and it looks delicious! I SO enjoy the restaurant reviews you do, girlfriend!

  34. I've been there a few times and it's as if this was a different restaurant, have things changes so much? I've also worked with a lot of Indians over the years and never once has anyone of them suggested we put processed cheese on anything!!!
    That Veggie cutlet looks rough.

  35. I love restaurant hopping vicariously through you and CK! Whether you like the food or not…your posts are always entertaining. And your photos are wonderful! Where are we having breakfast tomorrow??? ;- )

  36. Indian food has always been one of my fav. cuisines 🙂

  37. It seems to me I would liek to try carrot fudge;)

  38. OH! We love Indian food, but have to confess that never had carrot fudge.
    Hope you have a fantastic week ahead 🙂

  39. Looks like a bit of a hit and miss. I made carrot jam recently and it tasted really delicious. I agree, its less pleasant if it has a carrotty flavour.

  40. Haha! Like everyone else here when I saw the cheese, I was like…are you serious this looks like McD! But looks like everything wasn't bad either (and free beer.). 🙂

  41. Hey what's a little processed cheese from time to time! As long as you enjoyed the meal it's all good.

  42. You are so deliciously worldly!! We love Indian cuisine but I rarely do it anymore because of the huge number of herbs and spices it requires.


  43. Yes you would think there would be more promotion going on at the restaurant. Perhaps they did not want to be mobbed-or run out of processed cheese LOL! Glad you had a good time-an adventure anyway if not the greatest of meals. thanks for sharing.

  44. processed cheese???? you have not eaten at an indian restaurant dear,I can assure you, you've been tricked!

  45. That is adifferent kind of Indian food; I love to try anything different and that chicken tikka sounds really interseting.

  46. Celebrating your independence from England by making a British tasting curry LOL..i cannot get over the processed cheese on the vegetable cutlet

  47. Too bad the lamb was disappointing. The dish looked very good though. I haven’t made a whole lamb shank myself before, but who knows I might one day. For now I can still find tasty lamb in restaurants. What will you be eating next?

  48. Indian food is something I have yet to try but it looks good 🙂

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