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From Oz, With Love

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Check dis!

Am I a well loved little food blogger or what?  That obscenely oversized cookbook – 1,075 pages! – was sent to me by bestest buddy, James.  If you’ve ever read my ‘about’ section you see that I started The Deep Dish after a suggestion from a friend.  That friend was James.  He used to live in the Cayman Islands but he abandoned us in 2009 for his homeland, Australia.  He’s much missed.
In honor of my new cookbook, I decided to make what google says is the national dish of the Land Down Under: roast lamb.
Roast Lamb from the Cook’s Companion, adapted by Parsley Sage
Um…the veggies were shy.
You will need: 
1/2 tsp thyme
2 lamb chops
1 clove garlic, minced
2 purple potatoes
2 spring onions
1 cup water
1 cup red wine
1/2 cup mushrooms, whole
1/2 cup bell pepper, diced
4 parsnips
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
The chicken was for Clark Kent
  • Rub meat with 1 tbsp olive oil and season with salt & pepper
  • Leave at room temp for 30 minutes
  • Preheat oven to 400 F.  Place potatoes and lamb on roasting pan.  Place remaining vegetables – tossed with oil oil – in a small baking dish.  Put both in the oven
  • Cook for 30 – 35 minutes
  • Remove veggies from baking dish and deglaze remaining fluid from dish and fat from the roasting pan with the red wine to make your sauce
  • Serve immediately with sauce on the side
Big thanks to James for this phenomenal cookbook.  I’m looking forward to many an Aussie-inspired dinner!
Clark Kent & I in a ‘James Sammich’ during his last visit to Cayman in January


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  1. That is just a wonderful gift.. lamb looks perfect

  2. Now I am sitting here thinking about mango crepes . . . but I must thank you for posting this! I keep meaning to buy a lamb roast to cook on the grill – but then forget! I have heard they are great grilled – but have only roasted them thus far!! I like the idea of peppers and mushrooms with parsnip! It all looks good!

  3. This looks delicious! Love the combination of flavors.

  4. It's always so nice to get such sweet and unexpected gifts! How lucky are you?? And this lamb looks absolutely delicious!!

  5. Congrats on your new cookbook! I can't wait to hear about all the dishes you try from it! And SUPER cute pic! 😀

  6. When I moved to Australia I was given this book as a welcome gift. When I because a citizen a few years ago I was given a new one. I learned to be an Australian from Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer. (Probably because we're all sort of the same age – heh)

  7. What a great cookbook!!! And your food looks so delicious!! 🙂

  8. Um, I'll take CK's lamb! That looks delicious, and the purple potatoes are so cool! It's awesome you and James are staying in good touch – and I'm all for cookbooks traveling and having exciting lives; look forward to seeing what other Aussie dishes you dig up!

  9. Now that is one adorable friend (who can blame him?)
    How could Clarke Kent chicken out of that gorgeous lamb? Love also the purple potatoes. They didn't look too shy, anyway!

  10. Friends who give books are keepers.

  11. Lucky you!

  12. what a great recipe and wonderful photos! Love the addition of purple potatoes!

  13. You a have a wonderful friend! I love such slighly intimidating books, looking forward to your stories cooking throught it 🙂

  14. What a lovely gift! A Foodie can't get enough books 😉 The Lamb dish looks fantastic!!!
    Btw, I am so glad I found you on Foodbuzz. Love your writing style! So, here I am, your newest follower 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. You are so lucky for having a huge cook book like that! What a great gift =)
    I love cook books, one of the things a foodie can't have enough of.

    Great lamb dish! Can't believe CK preferred chicken. Guess more for you then hahaha.

  16. Nice guy. Food looks wonderful!

  17. That sounds really really good! I love me some good lamb!

    James' cookbook is LARGE! I can only imagine all the deliciousness it contains!

  18. What a great photo of the three of you and what a wonderful adaptation of roast lamb. I know it's difficult to find certain foods when you live in the islands. We used to be able to find great New Zealand lamb in the Bahamas. Love your new cookbook too.

  19. I want the roast lamb, it look superb.

  20. What a great friend he is! But that's because you are good friend to him too! 🙂 The lamb and the chicken look yummy!

  21. That cookbook sounds great! Can't wait to see what else you'll make from it!

  22. I love good cookbooks and good friends 🙂

  23. What a great guy! The lamb and chicken looks amazing. How lucky are you!

  24. Wow! James is a really sweet guy! That looks like a very good book. Lucky you!
    The lamb and the chicken looks delicious! I have not tried purple potatoes before, not sure that I have seen it before, but would definitely love to give it a try!

  25. Ooooh, this sounds delish! I've grilled a few times this year, but no lamb yet… love how simple your method is!

  26. Please introduce me to James!! To answer your question about the blueberry muffins–most muffins do no contain cornmeal. It's a delicious addition.


  27. Fabulous looking lamb and also absolutely bar none my favorite meat!

  28. This sounds delicious, looking forward to more recipes from that book!

  29. love roast lamb and so pleased he inspired you to start blogging 🙂

  30. What a great friend – the cookbook looks awesome.

  31. What a great gift! I suspect you and I are very much the same….we read cookbook for pleasure! I love the purple potatoes and they roasted up beautifully!

  32. Simple, savory, succulent. I'm hungry.

  33. You sure don't eat much! I won't be satisfied with just that piece of lamb.

  34. Oh man, what a cookbook. Nice and big with tons of recipes for you to share with us! Like this dish…I heart lamb!

  35. What a great foodie buddy your friend James is! Tell him THANKS from me, because without him, we wouldn't have your lovely blog. Looking forward to hearing more as you chew your way through all 1075 pages 🙂

  36. Yeah for great friends! Can't wait to see what else you make from this book!

  37. You had me at “lamb!” What a great gift! And great friend! Lucky girl.

  38. What a sweet gift! It certainly looks like your dish well represented Australia!

  39. Looks fantastic!! I love lamb. Isn't it great to have good friends 🙂

  40. I love lamb! Yours looks killer and love the purple spuds to go with. I think, but may be talking nonsense, that the Aussies are famous for savory pies too, check out that book and lets see some mat pie!!!

  41. Lamb is my favorite meat in the whole wide world. That cookbook sounds most interesting. I don't have a clue as to what characterizes Australian food. If I were independently wealthy, I'd plan a trip to go find out. In the name of research, of course.

  42. Nice, I can't wait to see all the recipes from that huge cookbook. Over 1000 pages, that's gonna take awhile. Good choice to start with the lamb.

  43. What a great guy. Would we all have friends like that. The lamb looks fantastic. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  44. Nice surprise from your friend, no doubt it is choc full of wonderful recipes. Aussie food is good and great choice in the first recipe-nice looking lamb. thanks for sharing

  45. What a great freind: that book will keep you cooking for a while; those lamb chops looks fantastic.

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