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Fowl Play

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Mmm…I like chicken.  This recipe is yummy and no-muss-no-fuss.  A winning combination in my book. I had picked up a sexy-looking mango on my way out of the grocery store to chutneyize, however it was all looks and no substance. I’d been duped into buying a poop mango.  Unacceptable in the Caribbean!  S’ok though, this chicken is lovely on its own 🙂

Baked Ginger Chicken from What’s Cooking in the Cayman Islands, adapted by Parsley Sage
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You will need:
3 chicken breasts
1/2 tsp poultry seasoning
2 tbsp grated fresh ginger
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 green onions, chopped
2 tbsp butter
1/2 cup lime juice

  • Combine ginger, garlic, onion and lime juice to make a watery paste
  • Rub chicken with the mixture and refrigerate for at least 1 hour
  • Preheat oven to 350 F
  • In small saucepan, melt butter and add poultry seasoning, stirring well
  • Set chicken in a roasting pan and bake for about 35 minutes (my oven is crazy hot though so you can check by slicing it and making sure there is no pink inside)
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  1. *i raised my 2 kids like that as well.
    im fixing my mistake from above. lol

  2. i absolutely am going 2 try this! i love,love,love chicken. i bet it would be good on my bbq grill!
    ty parsley sage(love the name,lol) u always make something good or something i want 2 try. ive always been big on trying new stuff( i raised 2 my kids like that 2)
    ty 4 making ur blog so much fun 2 read!

  3. I love the cute little presentation. What a super and simple recipe.

  4. super recipe – perfect to give lots of flavor to the chicken – def going to give this a go – girls will love it – thanks!
    Mary x

  5. hm that looks delicious! was it your birthday and anniversary ? I saw someone else's comment. happy birthday if so. happy anniversary too. well those are phrases that are good all the time anyway.

  6. Very easy to make and I love the flavor you added to the chicken. Don't we all need simple but delicious recipe? This is it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Such a simple and healthy dish! Great idea for a different twist on chicken!

  8. Mangoes can be so tricky like that – definitely frustrating. Your recipe still looks delish though, it's kind of like a mojo or jerk only with the unexpected twist of poultry seasoning – love the idea

  9. Love a good chicken dinner! Nothing hits the spot quite like it and I love how few ingredients (but great flavors) are in this one.

  10. Guess the looks can be deceiving. I am sure the chicken was very nice on its own! Is it allowed to take the mango back due to customer dissatisfaction? 🙂

  11. I love simple and tasty, and this chicken dish just has it all…yummie!
    Hope you have a great week and thanks for this yummie and simple recipe 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary Parsley Sage! Mrs. Herb Garden

  13. I absolutely love the combo of chicken and ginger. YUM. And what's up with the poop Caribbean mango?? Great photos! Love the presentation!

  14. I really like the ginger on this! Sounds delicious!

  15. Wow… easy, simple and delicious chicken!

  16. Oooh, I just saw you're Top 9! And with a pun! Yayyy! I'm sorry I missed this when it was posted – I maaaay or may not have been at Comic Con. You should so come next year! In the meantime, I'll settle for delicious chicken… 🙂

  17. Congrats on Top 9….you are made of awesome!

  18. We do a lot with chicken in my house. I haven't tried chicken with ginger before. I am going to have to give this recipe a try. I love that it is so simple.

  19. It drives me crazy when I make plans for a piece of produce and bring it home to discover it's no good. Nonetheless, this chicken looks fantastic!

  20. My dad used to tease me because I could eat chicken 24 hours a day. I love this easy recipe. The ginger, garlic and lime are perfect.

  21. Love how easy this is to put together! And chicken and ginger is a perfect pairing!

  22. I love fuss-free and easy recipes. This looks delectable.

  23. Delicious ginger chicken, I won't eat chicken my hubby does. sure I will show him this recipe. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  24. Duped by a poop mango???!!! You didn't need it anyway (though they are sexy!). This is a beautiful ginger marinade for the chicken. Wish I could grill all year round!

  25. Bummer about the mango! This chicken sounds really tasty though =)

  26. I am a big fan of the citrus grilled chicken, so this is something I know I would enjoy. Tasty results without a lot of ingredients isvery agreeable to me. Oh, I did post a comment on your Home Cooking from last month also.

  27. JUM. I love no fuzz recipes =)
    I need to give your marinade a try, sounds like a winner!

  28. This looks like fabulous dish! And I have a giant mango tree in my backyard! (Florida) I love when you post tropical recipes from your neck of the woods that translate well in my neck of the woods! So many posts now are of hearty autumn dishes and we are still having temperatures well into the 90's. Thanks!

  29. Looks really good, like that mango served together.

  30. Simple and delicious;)

  31. Parsley, where have you been?? Glad to see you're back with your awesome posts and funny wit.
    Take care…

  32. Sounds delicious – but I can't believe you got a bad mango in Cayman. With or without the chutney, it looks amazing…and buzzable!

  33. Again…as always, love the tropical flavors in your chicken. Great combination with the lime, and ginger. Yumm!

  34. Poopy mangoes end up in green drinks. This chicken however ends up on my plate, yummy!

  35. Lime and ginger is such a great combo! I used them tonight in a stir-fry with curry.

    I didn't know you could GET a bad mango in Cayman?! Poor girl. 😉

  36. Looks delicious, but sorry about the mango. I bet the chicken was nice and tender.

  37. Such a disappointment when the fruit is bad! Adam recently bought a container of Concord grapes – Nature's M&M's according to him – and it was almost entirely moldy, thought he might cry. Great chicken recipe, especially with the ginger…

  38. What a lovely combination; fell in love with fresh ginger just last year. Now as soon as I see a recipe with ginger I keep it.

  39. What a tease that mango was! Looks like a nice combination of flavors. Bet it tasted so, too!

  40. This is the kind of recipe I love a lot. It looks so delicious.

  41. Say whaaaat?! Perfect flavor combos up in here! Yummo.

  42. Oh yea! I love ginger. I'll bet this is absolutely delicious!

  43. I love this! I'm always looking for easy baked chicken recipes…this fits the bill perfectly!

  44. You gotta love this no-fuss, no-muss dinner. Ha! you're right no excuse to have bad mangoes! 🙁

  45. Poop mangos dupe me all the time. The chicken looks lovely, though!

  46. ginger in this gives a delicious taste looks wonderful

  47. Ha…a poop mango! love it!
    The paste that you used on the chicken sounds so good…those flavors are meant to be together. Yummy meal.

  48. Ginger, lime and garlic? Yes, please. This sounds perfect for chicken, thanks for sharing. Yum!

  49. Nice and simple. Sorry about the mango, if possible taste before you buy! It looks great though, great inedible garnish

  50. The ingredients sound simple, yet they are incredibly flavoursome!! Lovely post!

  51. Oy, sorry about the lousy mango, that's just all shades of wrong. But this chix looks awesome without it. Funny, I just made a baked chicken with ginger too. I like your recipe, though. Buzzed, naturally!

  52. This looks great. Always looking for a new way to eat chicken!! 🙂

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