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Clear your Saturday schedule.  Find your nearest comic book store.  Go there directly.  Load up on FREE comics. Head home. Be happy.

That’s right folks!  May 5th is Free Comic Book Day and in celebration of this most exciting event, comic books stores across the globe are handing out dozens of free titles to anyone to pops in their store.  It’s a great way to reward long-time fans and introduce new readers to comics. Not. To. Be. Missed. Unless you’re in Cayman…where there is no FCBD this year. SOB! But that hasn’t kept me from showing my comic book love. While I may not have had the time to whip up another batch of Batcakes, I did manage to swing a quick tribute to one of my all time favorite comics: Bone.

Smiley and Bartleby.  Pre-consumption.
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  1. This is SO great!! I read Bone last year because I got it for my birthday, and it was genius. I have to make this as a gift for the person who gave me the book, SO cute

  2. Loves it! Such a fun way to have a snack!

  3. Free comic book day?! Sounds super fun! SO sad I missed it. The cookie is insanely cute! Love it.

  4. DANG it! How did I miss Free Comic Book day?!?!? URG!

  5. My brother in laws are into Japanese comic books. I wonder if he knew about the day. You can draw so well! 😉

  6. LOL…oh I just love that! I haven't picked up a comic book in years! But what a fun way to kick back and relax. You are quite the artist! Love the cookie and the concept! : )

  7. Man I missed it! I need some happy 🙂 Especially in comic book form. I miss those from old days ! What a cute pancake! I have to keep this in mind for our beach trip (in three months but still!) when all the kids are in the same house!

  8. Uf.. If only I had known about it earlier (would have picked some for my nephew..) your pancakes are the cutiest 🙂

  9. they even had comic books in England when I was little – really!! gorgeous Batcakes!
    Mary x

  10. Another holiday I didn't know anything about–love the drawing on the pancake! I can't draw so much as a straight line.

  11. Extremely adorable pancake!

  12. Cute pancake. I use to love comic books. I must have had every Archie comic out there. Wished I had saved them, they'd be worth a fortune now. Have fun at the event!

  13. Yay! I love free comics.

  14. This is just cool!

  15. Wow, free comics. My sister and I love comic books, especially Archie & Veronica when we were growing up.

  16. Didn't know there's a day for free comics. I simply can't draw.

  17. Must tell my hubby! Your comic is awesome!

  18. Love your drawing. Never heard of fcbd. Fun post!

  19. Aw how cute. No clue it was free comic book day lol I always celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

  20. Free Comic Day wow! Have fun.

  21. Wow…who knew? When I met my husband back when we were just youngsters, he was one of those geeky types that collected comic books and a pretty amazing artist himself. Now, all these years later, our son is an art major studying computer animation in college 🙂 Comic books hold a special place in my heart.

  22. Whoa, really? I've never heard of free comics day before! I will have to investigate in our neighborhood.
    Such cute cookies!!

  23. Thanks for sharing the information. I am one of the comic lovers, so got to check out today!

  24. that is awesome.. i love to have that too.

  25. Oh, so CUTE!!! I could never draw so well…I'll just have to admire your artwork 🙂 I never heard of FCBD…thanks for enlightening me!

  26. Thats very creative with the simple illustration on the cookies. Wonder if I can do that with my not very great drawing skills.

  27. What a great idea for making cookies. I love comics…I'm going to have to dig them out and re-read this weekend.

  28. Yay a comic book day! My local comic book shop had to close. 🙁 But I can find the next closest and see if I can help keep their doors open. 🙂

  29. Ah this is great. My kids are going tomorrow. They're 18 and 23, I love it.

  30. Wow, Free comic book day? Wish I read them but I do love your cookie. What great art skills 🙂

  31. Really?? Free comic books?? I will have to see if there are any local stores participating!

  32. I'll be sure to pick up some comics! Like your version on a cookie! What fun!

  33. Thanks for the info, there is a pretty great comic book store that I know of and I do not want to miss out. Enjoy your comics and the weekend. Pretty cool cookies, Carsley!

  34. Awwwwwww! I'm going to see Jeff Smith tomorrow in Toronto at a convention. Excited to get an utograph!

  35. For those who may not know 'Bone', the characters are (from left) Smiley Bone and his pal Bartelby. This comic is my absolute favourite of all time.

  36. That is so cool that there is a day for this! I'm sure you are going to be allowed first pick if you bring these delicious themed treats 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  37. For FCBD we're going to see the new Avengers movie! (not free though)

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