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Farm to Table at Michael’s Genuine

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I’d love to be a local-vore.  It’s tough in Cayman though.  There’s limited land space and temperate weather year round.  There’s only so much that can be grown here, so eating locallygrown produce and farmed meat (with the exception of fish) is not so easy.  But one of the restaurants in Camana Bay has made it a little bit easier to ‘eat local.’

Saturday night, Michael’s Genuine hosted its 3rd Farm-to-Table event.  Of course, Deep Dish was there and we brought our friends Dionne and Collin along for the experience.

The Anglins are ready to eat!

We arrived at 7pm and were greeted with a welcome cocktail with Bacardi Superior, fresh soursop, half & half and cinnamon syrup.  It was a nice, subtle drink and a refreshing way to start the evening.  D & C don’t drink alcohol so they had a yummy fruit punch instead. At 7:30 – prompted by a short but enthusiastic downpour – we moved to one of the tables on the patio where we settled in for the first of eight dishes.

Our first dish was a chilled borscht: beet soup, shaved cucumbers, andbeet chips.  Dionne had to restrain Collin from licking the bowl clean. ‘It keeps my taste buds guessing,’ he said.  D and I were kind of ‘eh’ on this dish.  Interesting flavor but almost a little too earthy on the back end. The borscht was followed by wood roasted pumpkin crostini with homemade ricotta and brown butter.  Next was pork belly with smoked sea grape wood and grilled pineapple chutney.  Clark Kent isn’t a fan of pumpkin, but the rest of us adored this dish.  The texture was cloud-like and the pumpkin flavor was rich and delicious.  The pork belly had Dionne reaching for seconds.  I had trouble chewing the wood.  The first course was served with a dry Reisling, Schafer-Frohlich, Bockenauer Felseneck, Nahe, Germany 2007.  Lovely.

My first experience eating tongue.

The second course started with a vegan dish: Italian purple eggplant baba ghanoush with grilled spring onions on flatbread.  I wasn’t loving this and neither did Dionne.  Collin said it ‘takes you half-way but doesn’t take you to the finish line.’ Clark Kent said it was average but paired nicely with the wine which was a Nebbiolo Blend, Paolo Scavino, Vino da Tavola, Piedmont Italy, 2007. The flatbread was followed by braised beef tongue with sauteed swiss chard and a poached egg served with a scotch bonnet pepper hollandaise.  Chef said he whipped this one out because he wanted to make things ‘interesting.’  It certainly was. Once you got past the fact that you were eating tongue it was surprisingly good!

Did Chef say ‘land crab?’

Wood roasted snapper was featured in the first half of the third course.  It was dressed with okra and fennel hash browns with a mustard green salad.  It was met with exclamations of ‘needs salt,’ its aiiiight,’ and ‘Zzzz.’  Clark was the only fan.  The big dish for the night was the land crab ravioli which was made by young Caymanian intern, Brittanni Seymour.  Poor thing made pasta for like 12 hours.  (Don’t feel too bad though.  She’s landed herself a scholarship to go to school for baking & pastry!)  The land crabs were caught a few weeks ago and fed a strict mango diet for three weeks to clean out their systems.  Dionne and CK really enjoyed the dish.  I like how its plating was inspired by crab in ‘da bush.’  The third course was paired with a Pinto Noir: Roessler, Adler Springs, Mendocino, California 2005.

Dessert was a mango upside down cake with rum raisin ice cream paired with a Mango Bellini.  Collin and Brent both inhaled their desserts.  I thought the ice cream was especially good.

Overall we had a lovely time.  We would have liked for Chef to have been a little bit braver when it came to seasoning and perhaps the servers could move a little faster next time.  Our dishes didn’t make it to us before reaching ‘luke warm’ and we were there from 7pm until 11:15.  Don’t get us wrong though, we WILL be going back 🙂

Farm to Table Dinner – $43

Drink pairing – $20

All prices in CI.  $1 CI = $1.20 US.

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  1. The spread choices were wonderfully appealing…especially that 'Mango Bellini' dessert…upside down of course ;o)

    Ciao for now,

  2. Borscht in the Caymans…wild! 🙂

  3. I'd hire you to do a review for me any day! 🙂

    The dessert sounds fantastic… I would've inhaled it, too!

  4. HAHA, I love the word 'local-vore', always loved your sense of humor!:) I would trade places if you want…hehe, since I AM the fishy fan:)
    Loved the wood-roasted snapper, sounds unique to me..and the land crabs, wow, even I couldn't believe it, and the crabs had to go on diet? Poor crabs!:P

  5. Great post! That borscht looks yummy, perfect for summer. 🙂

  6. I had to leave you a comment to say that I have seen every episode of Buffy. So, I guess we have both blown our cool;)

  7. I had no idea about feeding the crabs nothing but mangoes… so cool!

    I so wish I'd known you when I was in Grand Cayman! We had some awesome ice cream and a lot of mediocore “tourist” dinners… except for one killer meal at Lucca (at least I think that was the name…).

  8. Wow! Looks like you had a ton of fun….food looked amazing! I bet it IS hard to live local in Cayman!

  9. Always such a pleasure to see your restaurant reviews with all the exotic and yummy dishes.
    Such an attractive couple posing happily for your photo!
    …as always, thanks for sharing:DDD

  10. Every dish looks scrumptious….. but that beet soup and mango cake is just so irresistible!

  11. Everything looks fantastic! What a great meal!

  12. wow!! I can understand how farm to table is hard there!! Looks like a good meal though!! Are your mimosa's in bloom? Someday I want to come and see them when they aren't bare!

  13. fabulous and delicious meal:)

  14. everything you had just looks so delicious!

  15. So cool you're doing island local! And…glad you tried tongue. We'll have you curing your own meat in no time! 🙂

  16. Wow, that looked like such a great event. I think the tongue would have grossed me a little but I would be game to try it! 🙂

  17. Interesting dishes you have over there. And what stunned me is “Land Crabs” feeding with Mango diet!!!! Sounds interesting 🙂 By the way i have send out the mold by air parcel last Monday. Hope this round it will reach you!!

  18. Really enjoyed reading your post; your photos are tempting me. My son is a chef and that seems to be the way to go. Buy and cook local…not easy in northern Ontario Canada. our growing season is about 5 months.

  19. I like the snapper and the way it was served. Sometimes I think we have some patience for the little things that can go wrong while dining out.
    Suppose if the food is good, its worth going back again.

  20. Well I love to try all new foods, this is all new for me, beet soup sounded great! The couple is beautiful here, lucky to enjoy the food! I so miss the island!

  21. The beet soup looks beautiful but I'm afraid I'd be a bit “eh” too – it's that earthy flavour you mention and it gets really concentrated in soup. The rest of it sounds very delicious and it's great that they were using local ingredients.

  22. Oh wow all the dish looks so delicious! I eat beef tongue at Korean BBQ. They are so thinly sliced that it's hard to tell though. Thanks for sharing yummy dish. Now I'm so hungry. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  23. So much food!! It looks so good too. Even if there were dishes that weren't your favorites, you certainly had plenty to choose from. I've never eaten tongue either. One day.

  24. That looks like a suuuper awesome meal. I really like tongue, I;d never had it until I moved to LA because it is used in a lot of traditional Mexican dishes. It's always so tender and has very little fat on it, tastes great in burritos! 🙂

  25. healthy looking food looks wonderful and fun

  26. I love the beet soup! What a fun evening with friends. For us foodies, it's heaven to try so many interesting dishes, and local is even better.

  27. You always eat interesting, nice looking food. Tongue is one of my favorites. I finally found some tongue here but still sitting in the freezer since I am lacking a pressure cooker to cook it!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment for me! It is always great to read your adventures on the Island 🙂 Hoping to make it there someday!

  28. Your meals always have an exotic flair…I enjoyed your restaurant review as always, but now I need to scroll down to your jello shots 🙂

  29. How fun!! Looks like an amazing meal!

  30. mmm…all those dishes look so yummy. So it was a huge feat and you got to taste so many yummy foods! The “Land Crab” looks very interesting.

  31. There are some very intriguing dishes here (although I have been unable to eat tongue since reading Ramona and her Father as a child – the description stuck with me).

  32. Beet soup?!?!? Ah, can you send me some?!?!?!? 😀

  33. Its good to hear farm to table (and sea to table) concept being introduced in Caymans. All dishes look great. I have eaten tongue, if done well it is pretty good. Crabs being fed on mango…here we pay more than US$1 for one mango, it is reserved for humans:) And final comment, just to be a smart arse, I wonder about Bacardi being served right at the start. A local drink would have been more fitting, even if home brew/moonshine:)

  34. That's a great price for that kind of menu! There are a lot of firsts for me here–tongue, edible wood, okra and fennel hash browns (yum). I love tasting menu events like that. Sucks that your food was lukewarm, though.

  35. You do so many fun things! I'm packing my bags…I'll be there in 24 hours. 🙂 I've never eaten tongue. Good to hear it was tasty! The mango upside down cake has my tummy growling..

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