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Evil Empamosas

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When I was growing up, I wanted to be a scientist.  A mad scientist, specifically. Frizzy hair, rumpled jacket, magnifying eye goggles.  Think ‘Doc’ from Back to the Future.  I would discover the unknown, explain the unexplainable, unravel, um, that which can’t be unraveled. Splicing an odd DNA chain here and there wouldn’t have been out of the question because you know, fusing is pretty hip mad scientist stuff.  I think Tiffany at Comowater should get an evil genius award for her recent hybrid creation: the Empamosa. ‘Genius’ as in they might be the best thing I’ve ever made.  ‘Evil’ in that I made 40 and ate more than half that same night.

Mwa ha ha.

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  1. These are genius! Glad you stopped at half 🙂

  2. Mad scientist? Awesome! I wanted to be a marine biologist until I realized I have unnatural fear of jelly fish. Put a damper on those plans. These little devils look delish 😉

  3. Yep, these would be my undoing. I could easily eat a batch! Wow. They look so rich, flaky and delicious. I may have to try these asap!

  4. I could eat 40 of these all by myself too. I love the nicely browned flaky looking crust. Yum!

  5. Hai Dear

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  6. I have to say those little beauties do look delicious and if Tiff came up with them you know they are good, and you have just confirmed it!

  7. I'm sure they must be quite addictive. Oh well, you can always console yourself that at least you didn't eat them all.

  8. Looks delicious and I love spicy puff pastry stuffed with goodies. Did you follow Tiffany's instruction exactly?

  9. Oh, yes… those will do nicely!!! MMMMM!!

  10. Very cute post and those evil empamosas sounds fantastic!

  11. I remember seeing these fabulous creations of Tiffany's a comowater. You are so funny – love your imagination of wanting to be the doc in Back to the Future (he was amazing!) Great post!

  12. Hahahaha They do look addictive! In fact they look mouthwatering! I would have eaten all of them the same night! hehehe 🙂

  13. Great post! Love it!

  14. A may be mad scientist have given such recipe that I am going crazy………hats off to your will power that you stopped at 20, I am sure that none could stop me until I finish the whole lot!!:)

  15. Empamosa…What a brilliant idea…! I can imagine how you managed to eat more than 20 ;)!

  16. if mad looks so good..count me in 🙂

  17. This is a fabulous idea. These really sound delicious and I'd love to try them. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  18. These empanadas look beyond amazing!

  19. That's control I would have eaten all 40!! they look awesome! have a great weekend!


  20. Heh! I always thought mad scientists were so cool.

    The Empamosas look pretty cool too :-D. And yeah, being put into the position of eating a ton of them is pretty evil 😛 Definitely buzzed!

  21. You literally made me laugh at loud (I'm at Starbucks… so I totally look like a Mad Scientist! LOL). I am so glad you liked them! When I made them, I kept dipping in the filling before I baked them in the dough! At least you were able to wait until they were baked off! 😀 (ps… I'm linking to your post on my facebook page!)

  22. This is new to me, probably its something not that common at Malaysia.

  23. Wow! I'll finish the other twenty for you! No problem! Looks really good!

  24. I was thinking more like Dr Evil on Austin Powers….
    Those look pretty tasty, and I could put a handful in my pocket for later!

  25. LOL I desired to be a scientist when I was a kid. Sadly all I ended up with was the hair.

    These look delicious. Can I eat the other half of the 40 ?

  26. Wonderful! I can just see you as a kid wanting that! I read Tiffanys original blog and I completely agree! Love it!

  27. I'm not surprised you ate that many – just look at them – I could ate the ones you didn't – in a flash – YUM

  28. Too funny…love the look of these devilish wonders! YUMMY!

  29. I loved Tiff's creation too, and I can see how they would be evil. They look so sweet and innocent but then they draw you in….eat more, eat more! Yours look deeee-lish.

  30. Ooh…good recipe and a good movie reference (also a yummy picture). There's that word again; “heavy”. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth's gravitational pull?

  31. Oh my. Oh my my my. I love samosas AND empanadas. Combining the two, now that's just… wow.

  32. You know the dish is “evil” when you make enough to share with a crowd but, before it can be shared most of it is eaten (laugh). That is a sign that it was delicious, and that you need to make another batch.


  33. These must be delicious-too hard to share. I am sure Tiffany will be delighted that you liked them so much! I have gone over and saved that recipe to make later-of course with a warning note about eating them all!

  34. That's an awesome idea!

  35. You only ate half that same night. Thats awesome self control:) I love samosas, never tried their Argentinian cousin

  36. Somehow, Parsley Sage, I can just imagine you as a hip mad scientist, conjuring all sorts of amazing dishes from your lab/kitchen. Thanks for the reminder about empanadas. Evil! Genius!

  37. That's look so good, I could eat a plate of this.

  38. These sound divine! I think I will hold off on making them until swimsuit season is over. : )

  39. I am addicted to empanadas and these little gems sound wonderfully evil; what a combination…wow!

  40. Mmm these look sooo delicious! Haha I'd be the same as you, it'd be hard not to eat them ALL in one sitting!

  41. Lol. These sound like a wonderfully “mad” combo! Can't wait to try them.

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