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The Cimboco – built by Captain Rayal Brazley & Dr. Roy McTaggart – was launched in May, 1927. For 20 years she was ‘Cayman’s connection to the world, introducing regular travel, shipping and parcel post and providing the first reliable supply of staple and exotic foods, such as flour, sugar, fruit and even ice!’ (info courtesy of Cimboco – A Caribbean Cafe)

It is also the namesake of the first restaurant Clark Kent and I visited after moving to Cayman. It has remained a regular favorite.  The food is great and the prices are even better which is sometimes tough to find in the Cayman Islands.

For starters, CK had the ‘Best Caesar Salad on Island!’ according to the menu. ‘That’s a true saying,’ according to Clark.  I chose the plantain wrapped callaloo – ‘local callaloo seasoned with rich Caribbean flavors, wrapped in golden fried plantains and accompanied with spicy cayman style sauce.’  It was outstanding and disarmingly filling.  I had to pass one off on CK otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to face my main course.

I had the fire roasted jerk pork BLT.  It was served on savory coconut focaccia with Applewood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, basil mayo and tomato jam.  Holy yum!  The focaccia bread was out of control good.  So much so that I might have to make an attempt.  However, we all know about my baking deficiencies so don’t hold your breath.  The only downside to this dish was the coleslaw which was not too good.  Eh.  Who wants to eat coleslaw anyway?

For all the vegetarians out there, you’ll be happy to know that no animals were harmed to make CK’s dish: ‘Caribbean Roti – an island-style sandwich tucked into fire roasted flat bread with traditional Caribbean curried vegetables.’ It was a big hit. ‘Great veggie dish although its more like a burrito than a roti,’ CK said. ‘Nice mild curry with yummy chickpeas.

For dessert I had the cinnamon pound cake with ‘tropical fruit.’  Maybe I’ve been here too long but I was hoping for pineapple, mango, naseberry or coconut.  I got melons.   The pound cake was super tasty though!

CK ended his meal with homemade vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee.  It was ‘delightful.’ Now, if I could just keep him out of the cream…

Caesar Salad – $6.95
Plantain wrapped Callaloo – $8.95
Fire Roasted Jerk Pork BLT – $9.95
Caribbean Roti – $9.95
Coffee & Ice Cream – $5.20
Pound Cake – $7.50

All prices in CI.  $1 CI = $1.25 US

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  1. You totally make me feel like I don't get out and explore the places around me enough! Not to mention, make me want another vacation to Cayman!

  2. LOL, gotta love the first comment, made just 4 minutes after you posted this! I really dig the colorful plates and I think plantain wrapped anything is bliss. Seeing your mains also makes me want to bake my own coconut foccacia bread, darn it :-).

  3. It sounds like a wonderful meal. I was especially taken with the wrap. It looked delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. hi parsley sage, that's quite a meal eh..
    we dont have plantains, somehow your callaloo looks very appetizing- pretty wrap
    cinnamon pound cake with coffee is perfect

  5. I'm not a big fan of coleslaw either, but that focaccia sandwich looks amazing!

  6. Yippee! Congrats on the Top 9! All of these sound and look AMAZING! Ack, can't believe it's 107 there! Yuck! Perfect time to visit California! 😉

  7. Everything looks amazing, and I am crazy about plantains!!

  8. all look delicious and amazing! gloria

  9. Ack I tried to make a comment! And then something weird happened … I said: I love the looks of that coconut focaccia and I need to make that. And also I said I wanna eat coleslaw. Only if it's good and Southern. : ) This is not a direct quote, mind you.

  10. I am going with the plantain wrapped callaloo!!! Can you freeze those and ship them to NY?? 🙂

  11. Congrats on Foodbuzz top 9.

  12. Lots of dishes I love, esp. that plantain!

  13. Congratulations on Top 9, very well deserved!

  14. First of all: Congrats on Top 9!!!
    Everything looks so wonderful, but if I had to choose I would take the foccacia sandwich please 🙂 I am so hungry now…;)

  15. I would have filled up on that plantain wrapped callaloo! Looks amazing!

  16. that roti looks banging!

  17. Congrats on Top 9! Okay all of the dishes sound delicious, but my eyes are on Caribbean curried vegetables in roti… OMG this look so good. I want to eat it right away. Unfortunately I can't copy the fire roasted roti part. It sure adds additional flavor. I need to make curry for lunch tomorrow. And make “pretend” roti sandwich just like this!

  18. All the foods looks great and I love the 'Caribbean roti'!

  19. LOL! Ok, agreed… I will make sweet piadine when I come to visit, but you MUST take me here to eat!!! I think I would have a hard time deciding whether to try that coconut focaccia or that roti!!! MMMM I may end up having both!!! LOL

    AND CONGRATS on Top9!!!!! <3

  20. I love a bit of history:) Lovely food.

  21. Okay, I have to re-comment…because I MISSED Clark Kent drinking from the cream pitcher! That picture is priceless!!!

  22. Roasted jerk pork BLT sounds incredible! I love favorite restaurants. We have ours too…definitely not as exotic as Cimboco though!

  23. This meal sounds really delicious! CK is too funny with the cream =)

  24. Oh, my goodness!! This is a meal I would love! I am SO going to have so many restaurants to visit when I finally get to come to your island. My husband has been looking at cruises, and I've told him that it MUST include Cayman. Fingers are crossed that one of these years we will make it.

    Love everything about this meal!!

  25. Everything looks wonderful! I especially loved the veggie dish. Fantastic!

  26. Loved the cinnamon pound cake with the fresh fruit, and that homemade vanilla ice cream with their special blend Cayman Island coffee, no doubt!
    Great restaurant review, fun photos, and mouthwatering island food:DDD

  27. I love the plantain wraps! That is genius =)
    Girl I like what’s on your plate!

  28. The food look awesome! I would love to have a bite on that cinnamon pound cake.

  29. What a great place! Love the look of that Caesar Salad – all that fabulous cheese! YUM 🙂

  30. What a great meal! I love all that cheese on the Caesar salad!

  31. CHecking out your blog and totally jealous you live in the Caymans…how lucky are you?! Thanks for stopping by my blog, The Sweet Life, yesterday. I'm lokoing forward to checking out more island food over here!

  32. I adore original places like this… looks fabulous and unique! I want to visit some day!

  33. Looks awesome. I love those plantain rolls. They sound sooo good. You seem to have such great restaurants over there. I wanna come!

  34. how do you stay so thin and beautiful with all this awesome food!?

  35. You always come up with the most tempting and interesting food ideas and review;i really want to move to your island.

  36. I love reading your restaurant reviews – as you know by now. We get all the flavours and all the atmosphere without a single calorie! That coconut foccacia sounds amazing. Although, I agree on the dessert – since when was melon a tropical fruit 🙁

  37. Savoury coconut focaccia…how awesome is that!

  38. yum! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! Much appreciated! And I would have hoped for some tropical fruit with the cake too…melon? Anyhoo…we did not eat enough supper and the food looks delicious, especially the veggie wrap with curried veggies! xoxo megan

  39. love the new font! I would be disappointed with melon too!!!!

    I like the pig watermark.

  40. Mmmmm…I love cimboco! My husband and I always go there when we visit Grand Cayman. They have a great breakfast! I looks like we need to try it out for lunch and dinner too! Yummy!

  41. Do you ever get a bad meal when you dine out??? This is another winner! (But I would have been disappointed by the melon garnish, too.

  42. MMMMMMmmmmmm rooooooottttttiiiiiiiii! 😀

  43. Holy Yum is right! It all looks so good! But you are right….pineapple would have been perfect with the cinnamon pound cake. And there's nothing wrong with drinking the cream!

  44. yes,all dishes look great.Thank you for the hsitory poart..I always love reading this.My favourite here is Ceasar Salad;)

  45. Everything looks amazing! Another great place. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Another great place!! The bread sounds great!

  47. You sandwich looks and sounds amazing!

  48. If you make that bread I need to have a copy of the recipe, it sounds awesome..
    Take care,

  49. All of it sounds and looks so good. However, I will probably dream about the roasted jerk pork BLT. Sweet Mother of Pearl!!!!!

  50. Everything looks amazing! You always find the BEST places!

  51. Coconut focaccia sounds interesting. Nice fusion

  52. The golden fried plantain is so creative, we too fried the plantain but without the sauce and its like crispy chips for us. Another one of the tempting looking food is the home made ice-cream.

  53. All the food looks delicious especially the foccacia sandwich. Make me hungry eventhough I had my dinner.

  54. That is strange about the fruit with the poundcake- you would think they would use more fruits local to the Caymans. The blt does look awesome! Now I have to leave this post more hungry than when I started…

  55. The foccacia sandwich looks great, never had a coconut foccacia before, am making me wonder what it would taste like! Gosh, going to google for some recipe! 🙂
    Eveything else looks yum too!

  56. mm looks like a great meal. Love the Caribbean twist on things. Except the fruit … yeah, disappointing. Coconut focaccia sounds intriguing.

  57. What is callaloo? Fish, Fowl, Mythical creature???? Mrs. Herb Garden

  58. Oooh, it all looks good to me!

  59. This looks fantastic. And if the price is right perhaps this is where my beau and I should eat when our cruise stops in Grand Cayman … If it's close by. I mean coconut focaccia??? YUM. Hope youre having a good day 🙂

  60. Gosh! all the dishes look great!!!! esp the callaloo and caribbean roti 🙂

  61. Nothing is wrong with drinking the cream!

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