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Cayman Culinary Society Trade Show

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Welcome to the 21st Annual Cayman Culinary Society Trade Show and Cooking Competition!  Where the freebies are scrumptious…

…and the competition is fierce!

I got invited to cover the event for my day job but I took my camera and snapped some yummy pictures to share with you!  Vendors from across the United States set up some pretty snazzy booths at the Ritz-Carlton to woo local chefs and restaurant managers into using their products.

There was seafood.

And veggies. And great googly moogly, the meat!

The ‘wow’ factor was high as you headed toward the dessert displays.

There was even a tribute to Cayman’s most iconic creature: the sea turtle.

You name it, they had it.  Looking brilliant, smelling wonderful and just begging to be nibbled.

And the best part?  Tasting is mandatory 🙂


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  1. oh you had me at butter turtles, wow! I love the presentation of this… such great fun here party everyday on the island mun… nice job here! I feel like listening to steel drums now!

  2. The sculptures were pretty wowza! I'd definitely go to something like this if the tasting part was mandatory…and you can bet your butter turtles that I'll be tasting everything!

  3. Ha! A butter sculpture of turtles = genuis. The food looks gorgeous and your pictures are awesome.

  4. Great pictures! Lucky you to be able to attend. The desserts are amazing!! Unbelievable how talented some people are.
    I hope you had lots of fun sampling =)

  5. I love food shows!! The desserts look so pretty & that butter sculpture is awesome!!

  6. When food is made into art…so lovely.

  7. Oh how fun! Love the butter sculptures and the pretty desserts!

  8. Oh my goodness – what a fun job you must have!! I adore those butter turtles – lovely post – great fun
    Mary x

  9. How fun! the butter display is amazing, so much great eats!!

  10. what a great show idea! The butter turtle is amazing!

  11. This looks like a great event. That butter display is wild! Great photos!

  12. What a great trade show… it looks to be a memorable day! You certainly have a fun job!

  13. Whaaaaaat you were here?! I'm SUPER envious now. This is serious event and everything looks SO good. Dessert and butter curving are amazing. I'd fly there to attend this event – if I get to try EVERYTHING that's presented…

  14. Whoa – I have never seen such artful butter before! Everything looks wonderful.

  15. What a fantastic trade show, everything looks amazing!

  16. Those desserts are quite astounding.
    Never seen a butter sculpture before either!

  17. Hamburgers…Yum!

  18. Food trade shows are the BEST. And – a butter turtle? Love it!

  19. Awww, your day job is just as cool as your part-time hobby!:p I am jealous!:)
    Great that we get to see these incredible photos, what a lovely spread…amazing how they made that sea turtle, out of butter, you say??? 🙂

  20. Lucky you:) And us that you didn;t forget;)

  21. Great Googily Moogily! That looks amazing! I'm glad you thought of us…and that is one tough assignment you have for your day job!

  22. OMG! The butter sculptures are insane!!!! I love your photos!

  23. Everything looks delicious!

  24. I love the butter sculptures!

  25. You always tempt me with the postings on food try outs and this is another one. I am not a great fan of desserts but the pics is definitely making me drool at this time when I am suppose to hit the bed.

  26. I am SOOOO jealous of all your great food adventures. Id almost trade you my comic shop for some food fun.

  27. This looks like loads of fun and loads of delicious food. I would have had to bring a big grocery cart to make a big haul of all these goodies. Not sure what I would do with the butter sculpture…

  28. Holy cow! I'd have eaten everything before the judging!

    That butter-scape blows my mind.

  29. I would've cozzied up to the desserts until security came and escorted me out.

  30. I love Angus beef ;-)) Butter sculptures are pretty.


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