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Cayman Cold Snap

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Not to brag or anything, but the average temperature in the Cayman Islands in February hovers around 88 degrees and maybe gets down to the low 70s in the evening.  Okay, that was a small brag.  Needless to say, this isn’t a leather jacket & gloves kind of place.  Except Friday, baby!

Tortuga Rum Companysells stuff like Caribbean sauces, flavored coffees, rum cakes and, of course, rum.  I mostly hit them up for their incredibly tasty Jamaican patties. Tortuga has just built a massive walk in freezer to house their patties before they are cooked.  The company thought it might be cool to host a posh, invitation-only party inside the freezer before all the patties moved in.

I went early, giving me a chance to interview folks with the company and shoot some pictures of the awesome decor. Besides the floating DJ booth and solid ice bar, the 3,200 pounds of frozen water also included two shot luges for the booze of the evening: Stoli Elit.

I decided to place my life in the hands of Phil, a very capable and temperature-immune bartender who started my evening with a Cayman Cooler, followed by a Bikini.

Wow.  So good. I’d never really been much of a vodka drinker, but you can definitely tell that the Elit is premium booze.  It went down dangerously smooth and had no shiver-inducing aftertaste.

To help counteract the frigid temps, there was a warmed shot on tap to help you get toasted…um, toasty.

And of course there was an ice luge for the more adventurous in the crowd.

Another cool feature was the frozen shot glasses which you were required to instantly crush after drinking. You smash them after they smash you.

All in all it was a great time and a great first for the Cayman Islands.  I know this freezer is packed full of 1.5 million patties now but that doesn’t stop me from hoping we get to see another party like this again someday.

Oh and for future reference, lip gloss is absolutely worthless once its frozen.

Drink Recipes

Cayman Cooler:
1/2 oz Stoli
1/2 oz Pama pomegranate liqueur
pineapple juice
splash of soda water
spring of mint

3/4 oz Stoli orange
1/2 oz Stoli citros
2 oz cranberry juice
2 oz OJ
freshly squeezed lime

Hot Gala Shot:
1 oz Stoli citros
1/2 oz 7-Up
Topped with OJ and a splash of bitters

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  1. A massive cooler?? What a cool concept 🙂

  2. It was cold

  3. wow that looks awesome and drinks look delicious

  4. What a fun time! All of the cocktails sound delicious to me.

  5. These are such fun and yummy sounding cocktail recipes! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try one, or maybe all of them! You have a beautiful blog and I’m so glad to have found it. I’m looking forward to exploring your recipes and seeing more! 🙂 – Georgia

  6. What Fun! Definitely going to be trying those libations at the lake. Thanks for sharing. Love the ski togs!

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