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Taste of Periwinkle & Giveaway

Posted | 67 comments

When I think of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, I think of all things luxury.  The finest of everything, exciting and fun events and the highest...

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Pepper Jelly Glazed Caribbean Red Snapper

Posted | 64 comments

Meet Executive Chef Brad Phillips from The Brasserie.  The Deep Dish first visited The Brasserie with Restaurant Club in June where we had...

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Taste of The Brasserie & Giveaway!

Posted | 59 comments

45 Days until Taste of Cayman!  Boy, it is sneaking right up on us. The last time I went to The Brasserie was with Restaurant Club in June...

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West Indian Chowder

Posted | 41 comments

The fun continues in The Deep Dish’s Taste of Cayman 2012 Series as Tuesday’s featured restaurant, Michael’s Genuine...

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Taste of Michael’s Genuine

Posted | 50 comments

Taste of Cayman gives local restaurants an opportunity to show off their best munchies for the massive crowds that cram the streets of...

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Coconut Milk

Posted | 56 comments

OH BOY! It’s just 56 days until the next Taste of Cayman!  This makes me happy 🙂 Last year’s event, rocked the par-tay and...

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