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Caribbean Eggplant Soup

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Especially one for a cool event like The Holiday Project.  Stephanie of Tastes Like Food contacted me a few weeks ago about it and I instantly jumped on the opportunity.  I mean, the more bloggy love the better, right?

The Caymanian Christmas is filled with things like stewed oxtail, breadfruit salad and cassava heavy cake and what the locals call the ‘Christmas Breezes’ when temperatures drop to the low 70s.  Brrr! This year I wanted to do something that had the Caribbean and traditional holiday-season feel to it.  I ended up with this yummy Caribbean Eggplant Soup!

Caribbean Eggplant Soup inspired by Ortanique’s Caribbean Pumpkin Bisque
Go to the recipe


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  1. Sounds like an interesting soup! And I love the idea of the guest posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays =)

  2. These soup looks amazing, love the eggplant in it. Lol I like how you gave the warning at the end about the whole scotch bonnet garnish

  3. Looks so delicious…will go check it out 🙂

  4. An intriguing dish that I'll certainly have to try. I must say, it's looks draw me in!

  5. eggplant soup… sounds interesting.. thanks

  6. I have not done eggplant soup before and sure some ideas for me to make in the near future as eggplant is always being used in my cooking.

  7. Eggplant is totally my fave veg! And this miiiight be warming enough for my climate – bringing a little tropical sun, too. Way to go with the guest posting! 🙂

  8. I just love eggplant, but I never thought to use it in soup! Looks fantastic! Off to check it out. Also just catching up on your posts, that West Indian Chowder sounds divine!!

  9. Very cool! Sounds right up my alley!

  10. It is so much fun to hear about the Caribbean holiday traditions/food–and that soup looks awesome!

  11. I love Caribbean Pumpkin soup, this one sounds very good with eggplant! We get that same chill in the air when it gets down in the 70s, brrr!

  12. I never saw an eggplant soup before. I am wondering how the taste will be. I have to try this one…

  13. heading over, yummy!!

  14. Ooo, very intrigued by eggplant and soup together. Yum!!

  15. I adore eggplant but how come I've never heard of it in a soup like this? Looks amazing! Off to check out that recipe.

  16. What a great recipe; maybe I can turn my husband into an eggplant lover this this bisque.

  17. This sounds so delicious, huge eggplant lover!

  18. Oh wow! I am addicted to eggplant, but I've never had it in soup, or with Carribean spices. Sounds delicious! I am more than tempted 🙂

  19. Congrats on the guest post!!!!! And ah, I had to refrain from drooling all over my keyboard this morning! BUZZED! this soup looks WONDERful!

  20. I didn't realise eggplant could be bisqued, quite unique. It would add nice creaminess.

  21. Yum-I am popping over to the details now!

  22. I love eggplant too! New recipes are always welcome. Buzzed. 🙂

  23. Yum-I am popping over to the details now!

  24. Great way to use eggplant. Good looking out!

  25. I love eggplant and I am always looking for new ways to use it. Buzzed and stumbled!

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