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Calypso Grill

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So Clark Kent and I used to be reporters in Houston.  Do you know how much news there is in Houston?  Lots, that’s how much.  Life is much better in Cayman.  We had a little blast from our past this month with the visit from KTRK reporter Miya Shay who was in Cayman to OD on scuba-diving.  She made a valiant effort managing 12 dives in just a few short days.  She set aside some time to have dinner with us at Calypso Grill…a seafood lover’s heaven.
Calypso is nestled in Morgan’s Harbor in West Bay and boasts some of the best patio seating in Cayman.  We snagged a spot right over the water and caught an incredible breeze that kept us comfortable and sexy as we all rocked our ‘windblown’ looks.  At Calypso, the best bet is to go with whatever the specials are.
CK started with the ceviche.  He swears its the best in Cayman.  That’s saying something too because our little island KNOWS how to make ceviche.  I had the tuna sashimi and it was pretty impressive. It had a lovely texture and an outstanding flavor.  You could tell it was caught the same day.  A fellow diner at our table went with the arugula salad.  Thumbs up.
Seafood stayed the main attraction as we ordered our entrees.  From left to right: snapper montecarlo, blackened mahi mahi and wahoo escovitch.  I didn’t get the word on the montecarlo but my mahi mahi was perfectly cooked and seasoned.  The spice gave it a lovely kick on the back end without leaving your nose runny.  CK’s escovitch rivaled Chef Gilbert’s from The Cracked Conch.  I think we need an eat off!  I’m happy to be a volunteer judge.
Dessert was a no-brainer.  Miya had already been told by people she met during the trip to have the sticky toffee pudding.  I’ve had it before. Droolable.  I settled on the mango crepe with coconut ice cream.  Words can’t describe how yummy is was.  But then, y’all know I’m a mangophile.
I didn’t catch all the prices on this one but here’s a couple just for reference:

Sashimi – $12.00
Wahoo Escovtich – $27.50

All prices in CI.  $1 CI = $1.20 US.
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  1. A mango crepe!!! Super! and I have 5 ripe mangos waiting for something . . . and now I know what! and sticky toffee pudding is an all time favorite in our house . . . with every visitor and we have many!! Surprisingly it is so easy to make. Sadly, my daughter and I can't stop eating it until it is gone!

  2. PS- Following you!

  3. Thanks for the buzz & add on foodbuzz! Can't *believe* you live in Cayman. Would kill to be you… All the food looks so lush and stellar. Totally agree with your mantra- Eat Everything- totally the way to live!

  4. Growing up I wanted to be a reporter/journalist until I went to NBC headquarters and learned that your job might take you to war zone type places… once I found that out, I was done with journalism! :))

    I'd love to bite into that blackened mahi mahi…yummo!

  5. Okay I want to eat the tuna sashimi! You are so lucky to eat fresh tuna that was caught on the same day! In Japan it's possible to eat the fresh fish caught on the same day, but still “same day” is tough. You are so lucky!!!

  6. Love this! What a delicious recipe 🙂

  7. Fresh tuna sashimi…what a delicious dream!

  8. Love the name of this dish! Enjoy!

  9. Everything looks perfectly delicious and coconut ice cream and mango crepe …..I don't need words they are wordless beauties!

  10. a seafood lover's heaven indeed mmmmm

  11. Oh yum, I have my eyes on the mahi-mahi.

  12. I know I've said this before – but – I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to come and visit!

  13. My booklists just keep growning. I file everything into various cities I may visit and this has just been added.
    Thank you for sharing what looks like a great meal

  14. Sounds like my kind of restaurant – yum!

  15. Yum! I love ceviche. 🙂

  16. Sigh… Im a stressed out reporter too. (or was) I should just move to caymen as well. They I could really make it to book club.

    P.S. Added you to my blog roll 🙂

  17. What fun you have like a party everyday!

  18. The tuna sashimi does like impressive, like it very much. This is what we normally order at Japanese Restaurants over here which is served with wasabi. Lovely food.

  19. That's a seafood feast! You are right, the place is the heaven for seafood lovers!

  20. Wow – that looks incredible! I LOVE the group picture! Mango Coconut ice-cream? THAT'S worth moving for! I hate that I'm allergic to seafood – it is so tasty…

  21. So I take it that you don't miss Houston much? I would not, with all this yummy food and sexy breeze:)

  22. Lucky you! The ambience in Cayman is awesome as is the food.

  23. whoa.. mango crepe with coconut ice cream? everything sounds so delicious!

    I've only been to Cayman once in my life but after looking at this post I need to re-visit. 🙂

  24. Everything is so tropical…all the dishes and the dessert. Love the mango crepe with the coconut ice cream…yumm!

  25. Wow, all the dishes look fabulous, I would love to try the mango crepe with coconut ice cream…so tropical.
    Hope you have a great week ahead 🙂

  26. Another place you'll have to take me when I come to visit ;). You need to tell us regular readers how you ended up in Cayman!

  27. The dishes look absolutely scrumptious!

  28. Seafood lovers haven-that says it all. I am sure that the Caymans has a much more relaxed atmosphere than Houston. Enjoy the summer.

  29. That's it! Of COURSE – you were both reporters. Now that's clicked. Love it – Clark Kent and all. You are just so lucky in Cayman – that ceviche looks fabulous as well as all the other delicacies. Find it hard to imagine STP as a dessert on a tropical island, though! You did the right thing, you mangophile!

  30. I'd love to abandon the day job and head your way. You are started to make me a bit jealous, he he. Everything sounds fantastic. I kind of thought CK and you were news people. Love it. Hope you have a great week.

  31. That ceviche looks out of this world! And like you, I am a mangophile too! Um, and as I read your blog, you get cooler and cooler! You were a reporter?!?!?!?!? Oh, you have to share some crazy stories with us!!!

  32. Looks like a great place to dine!

  33. Everything looks scrumptious! Coconut ice cream makes me think of you in Switzerland at age 18 eating enough fondue to choke 6 farmhands and then finishing with a heaping bowl of coconut ice cream. I'll be kind and not mention the end results. Glad you had fun and thankful you shared it. Mrs. Herb Garden

  34. That all looks good to me, but especially the dessert:)

  35. I'd like to offer my services as a “taster”. My only gig in that area is at county fairs–they don't do this type of food, ever!


  36. I can just imagine sitting on that patio with the cool ocean breeze…ahhhh! And the mango crepe with coconut ice cream sounds AMAZING!

  37. I think I need to plan a trip to Cayman. Looks so yummy!

  38. Everything looks fabulous! No wonder you left Houston!

  39. You mangophile, you! Ok, gotta say that reading through your island-dining reviews are bittersweet. I feel like I'm there with you, on the patio, catching breezes, enjoying good food and company…and then snap. I'm not really there. Just here on my non-island. 🙂 I do love your reviews! Drooling over the mango crepe and coconut ice cream. YUM!

  40. I miss those tropical deep water fish.

  41. The dishes are looking absolutely scrumptious! Great to know that you and me are almost of the same field. The Wahoo escovitch and mahi mahi are looking tempting! Calypso grill seems to be a great place to satisfy your tastebuds!!

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