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Breaded Lionfish

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Previously, on The Deep Dish…

Assistant Manager of Cobalt Coast Resort, Dora Valdez, had just tossed our lionfish on ice when last we spoke.  She’s also the creative genius behind this week’s Taste of Cayman recipe as she shares her breaded lionfish.

Breaded lionfish by Chef Dora

You will need:
2 lionfish fillets (10 inches or larger preferred)
½ cup flour
1 egg
1 tsp water

Panko breadcrumbs



4 oz butter
Butter flavored oil spray

Look at that beast!  You have to carefully cut away the poisonous fins


You also need to remove the ribs with specialist equipment!  AKA: tweezers




  • Clean the lionfish and cut out 4 filets.
  • Dredge in flour.
  • Dip in egg mixture
  • Dredge in Panko



  • Heat skillet, spray with oil, melt butter.  Cook lionfish filet on 1 side (about 1 minute), turn and cook through.  Serve with crispy salad and Dora’s hot sauce
Big thanks to Chef Dora for sharing this fantastic recipe and helping us rid the Cayman Islands the invasive lionfish!
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  1. From scarey seamonster to breaded delicacy. Well done Chef Dora. PS, I'm loving your guest recipes.

  2. I bet this was super delicious – so fresh! Some Chinese restaurants here we can pick the fish from the tank and they cook the way you want them to cook (flavors or cooking method). It's best when you eat fresh fish… the fish looks amazing!

  3. That lionfish looks amazing! So cute =)

  4. Wow! That is quite the fish cleaning chore, but I bed it tasted fantastic!

  5. What a great post… love all the pictures.

  6. Here it is! Amazing. Looks delicious. He looks so scary to eat. I remember seeing these in fish tanks growing up looking utterly inedible. Still amazed by this.

  7. I am jumping out of order in my blog reading first to say – WOW! and second to let you know the second time I glanced over this this morning, I totally read breaded loofah….

  8. this is very beautiful dish… love lion fish and the salad look incredible yummzz!!


  9. Wow…that is one crazy fish! But I bet it tastes just fantastic breaded in panko and crisped up. Mmmm…anything is good that way, isn't it? 🙂

  10. This looks absolutely fabulous–and it's so cool that you killed it! Fabulous photos at the top.

  11. Rockin' photos! Such a beautifully breaded fish, too!

  12. Oh wow! Poisonous fins?? Definitely a way to add excitement to a meal. I just went on a West Indian food crawl – I'm now regretting that I didn't spend longer picking up fish at the seafood market…

  13. It looks really good!
    Hi Dora!

  14. I know it won't be the same with flounder but I love the simple way of cooking. What a fish! What a woman!

  15. Thanks for sharing.. how funny this saturday we were at a local seafood joint and the couple sitting beside us were talking about lion fish! I need to share this with my daughter!

  16. I am alien to lionfish and wonder if this can be found over at my place. Definitely I have not seen the whole fish before anywhere. I suppose I can still try this recipe with a different type of fish. You know we eat fish almost like a few times a week and its good to try a a new recipe from time to time, if not we will be bored with the same style of cooking. I tend to use fish almost for making curries.

  17. Wow – this is incredible! I knew you could eat lion fish, but had to be VERY careful! This is really beautifully prepared!

  18. LOL it looks like I have missed A LOT lately!!!
    I have never eaten lionfish… I did not even know you could eat it!! I have seen many… they are so beautiful and even in the frying pan they look quite good! hehehehe 😉

  19. A lionfish?! How awesome! Very very cool….and looks delicious, too, of course!

  20. That fish looks intimidating.
    I did not know it was invasive there. At least you guys found a good way to get rid of it:)

  21. This does look delicious! Lionfish is not common around here, so I am left wondering what fish this tastes similar to. Direct from sea to plate as caught by you-I really do not think it could get any better than that! Tasty as well as informative post.

  22. Yum! I love that this is just a simple fried and breaded fillet. Chef Dora's knife skills look dead serious. When I cook whole fish I'm always freaked out by having to touch them lol

  23. So impressive! Love how you recapped like on a television program.

  24. aHA! So that's the fate that befell the evil lion fish 🙂 Looks extremely delicious, and like quite the experience to break down the fish. I'd be very tempted 🙂

  25. That is the most spectacular looking fish I've ever seen. amazing photography

  26. Simple and delectable!!! Nothing better than fresh fish done right…and this is perfect!

  27. I am in awe; what a wonderful “catch”…just had to say that. I sure is scary, by comes out very taty looking.

  28. Sweeeeeeeeet!

  29. Insane. I didn't know you could safely eat a lionfish! But I suppose there are lots of poisonous things that people still put in their mouths for the sake of culinary art. Bravo!


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