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B-Day Baking

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I’m a big fan of Gina’s food blog – SPCookieQueen.  You can tell this by the fact that I actually baked yesterday.  Baking + Parsley Sage = Disaster and tears in the kitchen.  But it’s her birthday today and all she wanted was a Birthday Pretzel.  So I manned up, found a yeast-free recipe, mixed up some homemade jerk seasoning and got my ‘knead’ on.

Here’s wishing Gina loads of Happy Birthday hugs, presents, pretzels and drinks full of Patron Silver 🙂

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  1. Yum these look so good. Such a nice bday gesture!!

  2. What a sweet thing for you to do!

  3. OH that is soooo sweet of you!!! I have to hop on over to Gina's and wish her a happy birthday!

  4. Jerk seasoning in pretzels = NICE! I've never heard of anything other than salt in pretzels. Great idea.

  5. These look amazing – I think the disaster was successfully averted this time! 😉 No crying, I take it?


  6. Wow what a great job. Love it.

  7. They look amazing to me. And what a great idea flavoring them with jerk seasoning!

  8. Pretzels are great, jerk pretzels are greater! Hope this will be on one of our birthday tables…

  9. yummmm! gloria

  10. Jerk pretzels! AH, I want these for MY birthday! (Imagine me stamping my feet like a toddler and crying…) LOL!

  11. such a delicious “disaster”!
    Keep on baking!

  12. What are you talking abaout? These are FAntastic; I would never have the nerve to try these. HAppy Birthday to our CookieQueen.

  13. Baking + Parsley Sage = tears… of joy? These look pretty impressive! More baking please!

  14. This looks fabulous… are you kidding me that you don't bake much?! I can just smell them now!

  15. So sweet of you, these pretzels look great! You did such a great job on these that I'm expecting to see more baking from you 😉

  16. Yummy!!

  17. I know that dark cloud that comes around when you bake – I get it too!!! You did a great job, they look fantastic 🙂

  18. What a nice treat for birthday. But it seems like you need a locked safe to keep those away from CK. 🙂

  19. Great pretzels. Looks like you're a pro at making them already!

  20. Sometimes things starts with disaster and end with
    delicious….pretzels! Lovely!
    A very Happy Birthday to Gina!:)

  21. You are the sweetest to make homemade pretzels for Gina!!! She must be so happy seeing this yummy pretzels! Great job!

  22. You sure you never make pretzels before? These look amazing!

  23. I also meant to let you know that I love your new Template, and the clean-cut crisp island look. Love that Parrot!

  24. To Clark Kent-Those pretzels were to be shipped to Gina for her Birthday…shame, shame! LOL

    Such a gorgeous batch of pretzels you made for Gina, ParsleySage!
    This would even make a sweet birthday card, the way you designed it!
    I would like to invite you to join the 7 Links game. Please time by my blog, I listed you, and still working on to add more bloggers to the list!

  25. I ate 75% of these pretzels in about five minutes after they were made. I got sick.

  26. The pretzels look so good, soft…what a great present!
    Hope you have a great week ahead 🙂

  27. I was lucky enough to eat these, Clark Kent shared 2 with me….they were SO amazing! I'd have eaten a million had Mr Kent allowed!

  28. I hear you on the baking! I hide from baking of (almost) all kinds. (I do think I make a pretty good cheesecake but that's pretty hard to screw up!) But I will “man up” fr a friend's birthday! Proud of you, girl!

  29. Baking! You are amazing! What it like to be absolutely FEARLESS? Pretzels looks wonderful! What a great birthday present! Mrs. Herb Garden

  30. These look awesome! Very yummy, indeed!

  31. I'm also a fan of Gina's blog. I always remember her as “what's for dinner-across state lines?”.. and still have not update my link to SPCookie Queen. Such an amazing baker.. and your pretzels are lovely. I really gotta make some.. I'm just sorry that I took so long to visit you and everyone. We are foobuzz buddies too, just in case.. if don't know who I am ;). Cheers, Jo from Chic & Gorgeous Treats

  32. Oh yummmm! I wish I had some to munch on right NOW! They look so delicious! I love pretzels and have never made them at home… time to try!!!

  33. So many birthdays this weekend! Hope the pretzels hit the spot. 🙂

    P.S. I love Patron SIlver. A lot.

  34. Yeast-free pretzels, how wonderful! If these are considered disasters, I'd like to know what your successful pretzels look like…they must be more than awesome! Lucky Gina ;-).

  35. Great looking pretzels! Love pretzels but have not tried at making any yet! Your pretzels would be lovely with a cuppa tea. Have a lovely week!

  36. …dang! I mis-spelled your moniker…sorry Parsley!

  37. Parlsey -they look AMAZING! I would have tears of joy with those. Way to take one for the team and bake!

  38. Tears 🙂 I have certain things that = tears for me as well! Glad you were able to man up for her Bday. This is such a fun way to recognize her!

  39. Jerk seasoning? You are a flippin' genius.

  40. I love soft pretzels…and this looks phenomenal! Especially with the jerk seasoning! Yum! : )

  41. Nice with the jerk seasonings. Happy birthday to Gina.

  42. Happy birthday.The deed is what matters..we all know that sometimes we produce something that is not all perfect but main thing is that it tastes good:)

  43. I wouldn't call this a disaster… These still look like delicious pretzels to me. Happy Birthday Gina!

  44. These look really tasty and the jerk seasoning sounds it gave them an extra kick! Nice post in honor of Gina's birthday!

  45. Your pretzels look yummy!!! I have never made my own but these look worth the effort.

  46. I must have missed Gina's post about the pretzels. Funny thing is, I made them with my kids a few weeks ago and will be posting about it in a few days! Yours look delish.

  47. Thank you so much for these yummy pretzels. I love how you went outside of your comfort zone for me. You've made me smile on my birthday, thank you for that. I'll take that shot and think of you.

  48. Oh happy Birthday to Gina! These pretzels look awesome, I love the savory jerk spices, they really make these special!

  49. You sounds so much like me when baking! These look great! I would love this with your homemade jerk seasoning! Perfect birthday treat!

  50. Yerk pretzels? Awesome!! What a fun challenge, I didn't know about it or I would have given it a shot too. Yours look awesome!

  51. Looks like a good “disaster” to me. Happy birthday to Gina!!


  52. Your baked pretzels look delicious!

  53. yummy!!! your picture is making me drool!

  54. nice and wanting me to taste some.

  55. Oh, phooey, I didn't get my pretzels made for Gina. I'll just have to drool over yours~

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