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An Evening at Osetra Bay

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, and…if you’re lucky…you get to eat some decadent dainties (sorry, I just read The Moonstone.)  Recently, Rachel and I decided to give a somewhat new restaurant in West Bay a chance during our latest ladies evening.

I went to the soft opening of Osetra Bay last year but they only had finger food and cocktails.  It took me ages to make it back and give the full menu a proper snoop.  Our reservations were for 8:30pm and when we got there the maitre d’ asked if he could buy us a glass of champagne at the bar. Forty minutes later our table was still not ready and we considered heading someplace else.  By the time we were finally seated, both of us were starving.

Once tabled, the bread girl came around with an awesome spread.  Honey wheat, french, cheese sticks…and she had it in generous supply.

Because we were so bent on dinner, we opted out of ordering appetizers.  Although there were some interesting things on the ‘Act One’ menu to choose from like fois gras, wahoo ceviche and baby octopus. We ended up being kind of glad that we had skipped them when our server brought this impressive amuse bouche: fennel emulsion, blood orange and fennel arancini, and leek, fennel and celeriac tempura. It was incredible.

Rachel’s entree was much more reasonably sized this time when compared to what she had at our last girlie dinner.  She had the Berkshire pork jerk belly with cannelini cassoulet, wood smoked bacon, okra in a caybrew (beer) gastrique sauce.

I ordered the seared yellow fin tuna: five pepper spiced, tatsoi, enoki pineapple, white soy and basil tomato see vinaigrette.

Both our dishes came with potato puree and rustic vegetables. Delicious.  All of it.

Despite the astounding main courses, we politely went ahead and asked for our checks.  By this time it was well past 10:30 and we had initially hoped to hit another spot before calling it quits for the evening (in Cayman, the restaurants and bars close at midnight on Saturday.)  I’d furiously been writing all our dishes down and taking pictures and perhaps someone noticed because the next thing we knew, this smashing dessert sampler was on our table next to the bill.  From left to right: cacao covered almonds, dark chocolate and hazelnut saher torte with mint gel, elderflower marshmallow, orange and cinnamon macaron and vanilla and lime…well, my note says ‘patfois.’  Any suggestions?
Seared Yellow Fin Tuna: $34
Berkshire Pork Jerk Belly: $32

All prices in CI (CI $1 = US $1.20)
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  1. the foam thing is taking the island by storm. not sure I like it. verdict is still out. but, it sure looks pretty 🙂

    snot okra, huh?… yeah, those people are missing out!

  2. Is it just me, or are other people sick of 'foam' too? I noticed it cradling your tuna… otherwise, menu looks delicious. Nice seeing okra at a restaurant. Doesn't happen in Australia. People think it tastes like um, snot, but we know better…

  3. Oo, it looks like a gorgeous restaurant – beautifully plated food.

  4. I'd like to find that dessert combination beside my tab!! It all sounds outstanding and makes me want to raid the refrigerator!


  5. It looks and sounds like a fantastic eating experience.

  6. Osetra may not have the speediest service, but they make up for it with the extra perks! Hope Mr. Alberga can keep it going a while.

  7. What a lovely meal and the company was perfect, too :-). Have a great day. Blessings…MAry

  8. …that's the second mustard sammich question I've gotten. I may have to share my coveted gourmet mustard sandwich recipe with the world!

  9. Your dinner looks wonderful. Like the way the dessert was presented, so classy and elegant!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following. I'm following you too. See you soon, Have a nice week!

  10. Petite Fours????
    That's what they look like to me. Apparently you two young ladies had a wonderful dinner. Pity it to so long to get to your table to get started. I laud your patience, not sure I would have been so disciplined.
    Question: Who are you and what have you done with my little girl who used to love Mustard Sandwiches?

  11. What a gourmet dinner! I really love the way the dessert is being presented. Simple and elegant.

  12. 34 bucks CI for tuna? Cripes!
    I don't know what “patrois” could be. Then again, I've no clue what “amuse bouche” or arancini are either…

  13. Mmm that looks yummy!

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